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How to make the perfect instant ramen

instant ramen with cheese

Instant ramen is the ultimate comfort food. Everyone has their favorite brand of instant ramen as well as their own way of preparing the noodles. I personally like my noodles cooked al dente, with not too much water/broth, and of course, the heavenly egg yolk. I’m a fan of the Thai tom yom style ramen and because I grew up in Singapore, I love instant Malaysian-style mee goreng noodles.

However, I do have a soft spot for Korean instant ramen. One recipe I’ve yet to try involves putting American cheese on top of my ramen. I’ve seen my Korean friends do it and though I found it a bit odd, it seems more appealing after watching Chef Ray Choi, the owner of L.A.’s famous Kogi taco truck, prepare his “perfect” ramen recipe in this video. Word to the wise, don’t watch this video past midnight.

Hungry yet? Get the recipe here!


(Thanks, Debbie!)

Sriracha beef jerky: does it really taste like Sriracha?

Sriracha beef jerky

To be honest, a lot of the Sriracha-inspired products out there, like Sriracha Lay’s chips and Sriracha popcorn, have been pretty disappointing to me. As a diehard fan of Sriracha, I know what Sriracha is supposed to taste like and none of these goodies taste anywhere close to the addicting hot sauce.

It looks likes there’s another Sriracha marketed item out there: Sriracha beef jerky. Marketed as “Sriracha-infused,” you can get yourself a 4 Ounce bag for $10. A bit pricey if you ask me. But it seems like anything “Sriracha” related is overpriced these days. Maybe it’s a better idea to just buy a bottle of Sriracha and douse your favorite foods with it!

Singapore McDonald’s newest smelly treat: durian crunch McFlurry

Durian McFlurry

What I love about McDonald’s in other countries is how they cater to the tastebuds of each country. I really miss the curry chicken McNugget dipping sauce in Singapore as well as the chili sauce packets! For all you durian lovers out there, Singapore McDonald’s just added another yummy (and stinky) dessert to their menu — the durian crunch McFlurry. Although other foods inspired by this pungent fruit, like the durian pizza, don’t sound quite as appetizing, this version actually sounds promising.

For $2.24, you can go get your durian fix in a cup with your order of burgers and fries!

A city made of food

Wow, if this food city were real, I think I’d move there in a heartbeat. Swedish food lab Atelier created this mini society out of food. Check out these awesome photos.



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Lotteria introduces burger for ramen lovers

Ramen burger

I love burgers and I love ramen, but never have I imagined combining them. Japanese burger chain, Lotteria, has joined forces with famous Japanese ramen restaurant, Menya Musashi, to create the unique ramen burger. Instead of your typical beef patty, this carb-overload menu item consists of seasoned ramen noodles that are grilled, topped with BBQ pork covered in sweet brown sauce, and placed between two buns spread with mayo. It comes with a side of fish broth to help wash down this fatty goodness, and the entire meal costs around $6.50.  Not enough? Pay an extra buck to get a second portion with more soup.

This special is available only from May 20 to mid-June. So if you’re in Japan, make sure to bring out your inner fatty and try it!


(Thanks, Fred!)


Fob revelation: chicken feet is a traditional American food?!

chicken feet

I was watching Bizarre Foods America featuring the local cuisine in Charleston, South Carolina and was totally shocked to see some of the dishes they featured: chicken feet, pigs ears, pork trotters…even pig snout!  Whoa whoa whoa…hold up.  What am I doing in San Francisco?  I should be living in the South!

For all foodie snobbery that San Francisco touts, nothing warmed my chicken-heart-loving heart as much as seeing this sweet old African-American granny stirring a big pot of chicken feet.  Then, Andrew Zimmern starts serving out slices of pig ears, a sausage-looking dish made of snout, and a stew of pig trotters.  You don’t even know how much I love pig ears.  They’re so crunchy — the texture is like no other.  These dishes have apparently been around for hundreds of years, dating back to the days of slavery.  Impoverished people would make do with leftover cuts of meat, and turn them into delicious soul food dishes.

I wonder how Southern-style chicken feet compares to my favorite dim sum claws?  Anyone tried it before?

Here are the highlights of the episode — chicken feet part starts at 3:50.

McCafes in France sell Macarons?!

McDonald's macaron

Macarons seem to have taken over cupcakes and fro-yo as the trendy dessert. I am absolutely obsessed with this sweet meringue-based French confectionery. However, for a tiny bite-sized dessert like this, they’re generally quite pricey, typically costing a little over $2 for one piece. Today, I discovered that macarons are sold at the McCafes in France, and they have for some time now!

Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten the opportunity to visit France and try out these “McDonald’s macarons,” but according to this review, they aren’t as flavorful and delicate as the ones you find at high-end macaron stores. But for half the price of what you would normally pay for a macaron, I guess you can’t complain.

Until they decide to bring macarons to the US McCafes, I guess I’ll have to stick to ordering McFlurries and apple pies.

A camera made for food porn enthusiasts

Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve decided that I no longer need a separate digital camera.  Until now.  Introducing the donut camera, complete with chocolate frosting.  I admit this is something I’d buy just for its deliciously cute novelty, but apparently it actually takes pretty good pictures too.  With multiple shooting modes and a variety of sepia tones, the camera’s not bad for $67.

I can just imagine the mind warp that food porn enthusiasts will have while taking pictures with this!

Want one?  Get yours here.

donut doughnut camera

donut camera japan

donut camera pictures


Sriracha Lay’s chips hit stores this week

Sriracha Lay's ChipsI don’t really eat Lay’s chips, but that might change with their new Sriracha flavor coming out this week.  If you haven’t noticed, we AbFob girls love the Vietnamese hot sauce — I mean, Amy even dressed up as it for Halloween!  We’ve heard of Sriracha lollipops and popcorn, and now Lay’s is jumping on the spicy bandwagon.

Lay’s new flavor is one of three finalists in its “Do Us a Flavor” campaign, where people submitted 3.8 million ideas for a new potato chip flavor.  The leading flavors that will hit grocery stores this week are Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles and Garlic Cheesy Bread. 

As part of the campaign, Lay’s will award $1 million or 1 percent of the chip’s 2013 sales (whichever is more) to the person who submitted the winning flavor.

I gotta say, kudos to Lay’s for some pretty creative marketing strategy.  We’re going to have to get Amy to review these chips to see if they’re any better than the disappointing Sriracha popcorn.





Sriracha popcorn. Does it live up to the hype?


It’s no question how much I love Sriracha. I love it so much that I was even Sriracha for Halloween one year. With the growing popularity of this Asian hot sauce, there’s tons of Sriracha-themed products on the market. When I saw Sriracha popcorn was sold online, I knew I had to try it. Fellow Abfob blogger, Emily, decided to get me some for my birthday and here are some of my thoughts on it:

First of all, I think the concept of Sriracha popcorn makes for a great gift. For $5 a bag, it’s an inexpensive and creative gift that anyone would appreciate. However, when it comes to the taste, unfortunately it doesn’t taste much like my beloved condiment. Instead of having the zesty and garlicky kick that Sriracha has, the popcorn tastes closer to Thai sweet chili sauce.  It also wasn’t nearly as spicy as I would’ve liked it to be.

That didn’t stop me from finishing the entire bag though. It doesn’t taste bad, but just don’t expect it to taste like Sriracha. I probably wouldn’t purchase anymore for myself because I don’t crave for it as much as I crave for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. But I think it would still make for a fun gift, especially paired with these other awesome Sriracha items!