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Disturbing baby-shaped pears grown in China

Baby shaped pears

I’m ok with butt peaches, but I’m not so sure how I feel about pears grown to look like babies. Somehow biting into one would just seem wrong. Well, this isn’t stopping Chinese farms from growing pears shaped and selling them in the supermarkets. While the pears are still small enough, a mold is clamped onto the fruit and the pear will naturally grow into the mold’s shape. Can’t we just stick to regular-shaped fruits?


This awesome dress will guarantee your personal space on the subway

Personal Space Dress

I’ve never been very touchy feely, so a packed train isn’t exactly my idea of fun. I need my personal space, and that’s why I think this clever dress, designed by Kathleen McDermott, is pure genius! When someone gets into your space, the skirt of the dress will start expanding, forcing the space-offender to move away. Yay!

This dress is part of an artistic series of DIY wearable electronics called Urban Armor which aims to help women take control of their personal and public space. Watch the video below to see the dress in action.

Urban Armor# 2: The Personal Space Dress from Kathleen McDermott on Vimeo.


This cheesy and cringe-worthy video is trying to “promote” Singapore

I love Singapore and I always recommend everyone visit at least once to experience its diverse culture, cleanliness, and amazing food. Unfortunately, I think the Singapore Tourism Board deterred some people from visiting after they released a very cringeworthy video aimed to bring tourists from the Philippines to Singapore. Thankfully, the video has been pulled from their site after receiving a lot of negative feedback.

You can still watch the video. However, I must warn you it’s pretty painful. Just wait until you get to the end…


(Thanks, Rob!)

Need a hand with a fake girlfriend?

japanese photographer selfie

Don’t feel sad if you don’t have a partner. In fact, take inspiration from Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushu, who, with the help of makeup and mad contortionist skills, manages to take photos that look like he has a girlfriend. Here’s how you, too, can learn this photo trick.

He puts makeup on his hand and paints his nails for a feminine look.


He also wears a scrunchie to make the hand look more authentic. Fake-Girlfriend-Pics

He then maneuvers himself into a position that’s a perfect angle for a fake girlfriend hand shot.


More photos of his work below.

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Japanese teens lick eyeballs for pleasure

asian eyes

And in other extremely gross news, Japanese teens are licking each other’s eyeballs during their makeout sessions. Apparently, this is causing a breakout in eye infections. This new fad is apparently inspired by some music video by a Japanese band that featured an eyeball-licking scene.

This trend isn’t exactly innocuous — some doctors claim that it can even lead to blindness. Not to mention, you can even catch STDs in your eyes, like eye chlamydia. Ick! I don’t even want to imagine what those photos would look like.

(Thanks, Nadia!)


Ahmed Angel, the real life Blue Steel

Ahmed Angel taken by Pej from Facebook

Sometimes we come across human beings who are simply gems, a cut above the rest of us mere mortals.  Meet Ahmed Angel, an 18-year old from Iraq, who has recently been popping up all over the internet — and no wonder, what with that disarming “Blue Steel” pose (a la Zoolander), perfectly gelled hair, and immaculate airbrushed makeup.  He’s got a treasure trove of photos on his Facebook, and apparently a rapidly growing fan base.

Sure, the title of his YouTube video, “Ahmed Angel is Planet,” doesn’t really make sense.  But after you watch it, you’ll realize that making sense really isn’t the point.


Pickpocketing a moving cyclist with chopsticks

Chopsticks are such versatile objects, you can use them to eat food with, pin your hair up, and, yes, pick someone’s pocket. This Chinese guy takes it to another level though — not only is he pickpocketing with chopsticks, he’s also stealing a phone from someone who is cycling!

The thief, who hails from the Henan province in China, turned himself in after pictures of his chopstick theft surfaced in the media. He apparently admitted that he resorted to stealing because he was struggling to raise his 12-year-old kid.
See the pictures below to watch him in action.

Picking up speed.
pickpocket chopstick

Reaching out with chopsticks.
chopstick thief 3








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Psy’s new video,”Gentleman,” already has millions of views

After Psy took over the world with Gangnam Style, I figured it would be hard for him to create any song after that would live up to the same hype. He recently released a video for his new song, “Gentleman” which also has a catchy tune, although I’m not sure if it’s as addicting as Gangnam Style. The video is also quirky with a lot of “WTF” moments, like him undoing girls’ bikini tops and taking a bite out of animal intestines wrapped around his neck. Our favorite “yellow-suit” character from the Gangnam Style video also appears in Gentleman.

As for the main dance move, it isn’t as physically exerting as the horse-riding move, but it involves some hip action similar to the one done in the elevator scene from Gangnam Style. I admit, I’ve already caught myself swaying my hips while watching Gentleman. The lyric, “I’m a mother-father gentleman,” is also repeated throughout the song, which I’m sure is meant to sound a lot like an English profanity.

The YouTube video was released on Psy’s official account on April 13, and it already has over 30 million views! Do you think it will surpass Gangnam Style?

Kim Jong Un’s doppelganger goes grocery shopping

You have to meet my cousin, Howard, who looks like a certain dictator who’s been on the news a lot lately.  He’s definitely got a critical eye when it comes to inspecting the grocery store goods.  Hilarious!

kim jong un impersonator shopping

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iPhone case shaped like a hand? Not creepy at all.

Holy crap, I think I just found the most amazing / creepy gadget ever: the iPhone case shaped like a human hand.  Now you can feel like you’re holding Siri’s hand when you whisper sweet nothings to her.

For $52, you can get this handmade (no pun intended) delight, made out of soft silicone so it feels like a real human.  However, you apparently have to remove the case when taking pictures, since the fingers get in the way.  Also, putting the phone in your pocket makes it look like a zombie is trying to escape out of your butt, as seen in the hilarious picture below.

Get yours here.

hand iphone case

iphone case shaped like hand

hand shaped iphone case

(Thanks, Tony!)