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This awesome dress will guarantee your personal space on the subway

Personal Space Dress

I’ve never been very touchy feely, so a packed train isn’t exactly my idea of fun. I need my personal space, and that’s why I think this clever dress, designed by Kathleen McDermott, is pure genius! When someone gets into your space, the skirt of the dress will start expanding, forcing the space-offender to move away. Yay!

This dress is part of an artistic series of DIY wearable electronics called Urban Armor which aims to help women take control of their personal and public space. Watch the video below to see the dress in action.

Urban Armor# 2: The Personal Space Dress from Kathleen McDermott on Vimeo.


Biggest KFC in the world opens in Azerbaijan

World's biggest KFC

I love me some fried chicken, but this takes it to a whole new level.  In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, KFC opened its world’s largest restaurant.  The fast food chain invested about $3 million Euros into renovating a historic train station, which seats 300 people.  The building, which was part of the  Soviet Union’s first electrified railway system, had apparently become pretty shabby before KFC decided take over.

Check out the interiors below…who knew getting a 10-piece family bucket could be so classy!

World's biggest KFC 2



Virtual subway store lets you shop while waiting for train



For all you busy people out there, grocery shopping is probably at the bottom of your to-do list (along with laundry). Well, for those living in South Korea, your life just got easier. Homeplus, a South Korean/British discount retail chain jointly owned by Samsung and Tesco, has put these awesome virtual supermarkets in subway stations around South Korea. Feel like grilling up some rib-eye steak for dinner? Just scan the QR code beneath your selection of meat using your smartphone, and your order will be sent directly to your house. Order in the morning and your items will be delivered to you by the afternoon. No worries if your train is delayed, that just gives you more time to shop! The only downside? No food samples.

Check out the video below of the innovative technology (the subway part starts at 0:48).

Thailand, where markets and train tracks co-exist

The one thing I remember most about Thailand when I visited awhile ago was the market located right next to the train tracks. It’s unbelievable to see the market vendors setting up shop next to a safety hazard. I was terrified, but the locals seemed unfazed.  And the occasional train passing by an inch away from them didn’t seem to affect their sales. More importantly, none of the fruits and vegetables they sold got damaged (although they were probably covered in exhaust).

Honestly, if a market was set up next to a train track anywhere else in the world, liability lawsuits would skyrocket. If you want to know what Asian precision is, check out the video of Bangkok’s Maeklong Market below!

(Thanks, Danny!)

Fobs really test their limits when it comes to taking safety precautions. Viets tangle their power lines and don’t use traffic lights, and the  Chinese burn paper on the street.

What’s the most random thing you’d use to decorate a hotel room?

How about a train set?  Check out this Japanese hotel room in Akihabara, furnished with a sweet model train set that features a mini Tokyo Tower and surrounding neighborhoods. Also included is the famous hot springs resort area, Hakone. If you’re too lazy to tour the city, I guess you could just stay in the room and inspect the miniature model.


Suffocation to be expected on daily train ride to work in Japan

Below is a snapshot of what you would have to face going to work everyday in Japan.


Man breaks record pulling bus with his hair

British citizen Manjit Singh, 59, broke a world record on Thursday, pulling a double-decker bus 69 feet 6 inches by ribbons tied to his hair.  The bus weighed a hefty 8.5 British tons (19,040 lbs).  He tried to break the same record earlier using his ears, but failed. Apparently there was an estimated 200,000 people who attempted to break records yesterday to honor the fifth annual Guinness World Records Day on November 12. Speaking of which, my friend Mike actually broke a Guinness world record last year in Japan for traveling longest distance by train in a 24-hour period!


Used train tickets create art masterpieces

I spotted the Mona Lisa and several other great works of art reduced to a used-train-ticket-jigsaw-puzzle at the Kansai International Airport months ago. Inspired by the classics, these pieces are made entirely from tickets from the Namba-Nankai train line, which is a train line that starts at Namba and travels south towards the airport. Err, any cultured readers out there who can tell me the name of this great work of art below? I cut off the painting’s name with my great photography skills when I snapped a shot of it.