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Ahmed Angel, the real life Blue Steel

Ahmed Angel taken by Pej from Facebook

Sometimes we come across human beings who are simply gems, a cut above the rest of us mere mortals.  Meet Ahmed Angel, an 18-year old from Iraq, who has recently been popping up all over the internet — and no wonder, what with that disarming “Blue Steel” pose (a la Zoolander), perfectly gelled hair, and immaculate airbrushed makeup.  He’s got a treasure trove of photos on his Facebook, and apparently a rapidly growing fan base.

Sure, the title of his YouTube video, “Ahmed Angel is Planet,” doesn’t really make sense.  But after you watch it, you’ll realize that making sense really isn’t the point.


JLo’s “On the Floor” chorus is right out of Bollywood song

I’ve figured out why JLo’s new song “On the Floor” is so damn catchy.  After watching her music video several times, I thought to myself, “Man, that sounds a hell of a lot like some Asian song I heard growing up.”  I did some Googling, and found out…I was right!

Watch the first minute or so of old school Bollywood clip, then watch JLo’s music vid.

The $144 Japanese nose job

When I was a little kid, my fobby mom kept trying to get me to squeeze my nose so I would have a “prettier” schnoz when I grew up.  Clearly, nose job technology has since evolved.  Mom, you should have bought this wonderful contraption for me instead.  And at $144, that’s obviously money well spent, right?


(Thanks, Dunks!)

Other ridic fob inventions?  The Japanese wearable tent, the Chinese shovel for serial killers, and the knee bench for peeing men.

Thai airline hires ladyboy stewardesses, makes girls feel insecure


Equal opportunity work for transsexuals is coming to the Thai airline business. Peter Chan, owner of a new airline called PC Air, wants to start the trend of ladyboy stewardesses because he’s excited about what it would mean for transgender people in Thailand. Chan says that “these people can have many careers – not just in the entertainment business – and many of them have a dream to be an air hostess…I just made their dream come true.”

One of the ladyboys picked to be a stewardess is Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn, who is on the picture to your right. I think this is an awful move, because do we really need more super beautiful women with extremely long legs as flight attendants to make us girls feel less womanly?


Yoji Pop = hip gyrations + fobulosity + Miley Cyrus

OMG. Yoji Pop, you are the reason I still watch American Idol.

Curious about how to get Yoji Pop’s fobulously metro look?  Here’s a breakdown of  must-haves for every fobby dude.

North Korea airs Bend It Like Beckham, a first-ever western film

Not sure why North Korea is all hyped up about this chick-flick from almost 10 years ago, but the country decided to approve a nation-wide screening of Bend It Like Beckham, apparently its first-ever airing of a western-made film.

Arranged by the British embassy, the movie is definitely worlds apart from the shows North Koreans get to watch on the state-run TV.  The communist country’s programming includes “animations, hagiographies of its leaders and images celebrating the country’s army, model farms and model villages.”

Sounds like riveting stuff.

And while North Korea has never struck me as a country that particularly cared about diplomacy, the country apparently aired the film to commemorate its 10-year anniversary of diplomatic ties with the UK.

Or maybe even North Korea can’t resist the hotness of Keira Knightley and Parminder Nagra.










Go figure that this isolated communist country is a little out of sync with the rest of the world.  Read about North Korea’s creepy Facebook and Twitter accounts and Kim Jong Il’s “fashionable” outfits.

Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for a guy

Want more Fobby Xmas must-haves? Inspired by the obsessively well-groomed, truly fobby male, we decided to dedicate this post to him.  Sure, these girly guys may have been termed “herbivores” for their lack of manliness, but if Japanese host boys are sporting immaculately coiffed hair and perfectly plucked eyebrows to impress the ladies, metrosexuality must have some appeal, no?

To get you inspired, here’s a video featuring several clips of Japanese superstar Tayuka Kimura’s ads for Gatsby.  Yes, his flair is almost hilariously metro, but ladies love him in Japan!

1. no! no! electric hair zapper for menFollicles stand no chance against the painless, heated zapping of the no! no!  We’ve covered this wonderful gadget before, and we’ll mention it again because it’s such an awesome, fobby gadget.  I personally love their pink one. $99 at Sephora.

2. Biore Men’s Pore Strips — OK, so giving this might admittedly be like passive-aggressively telling someone  he has bad breath by giving him a piece of gum.  And you obviously wouldn’t give this as a standalone gift.  But as a stocking stuffer, along with a few other manly beautifying products?  Totally works.  $8 and up on eBay.

Read More…

Fobby Xmas must-haves: F.O.B’s Clothing, our fave t-shirt line

Gah, Xmas is just three weeks away!  Not that I don’t love the holiday, but I suck at buying gifts.  So, in dedication to all you gift-dumb folks out there, we’re kicking off our fobby Xmas gift guide.  And, as an Absolutely Fobulous exclusive, we’ve interviewed Massachusetts-based F.O.B’s Clothing to launch the series!

At $15 – $20 each, F.O.B’s Clothing’s t-shirts are catchy yet affordable.  Not just that, but the fob-loving team, affectionately dubbed the F.O.B. Squad, has created more than t-shirts for their community.

Get your friends and family these fobulous t-shirts here!

Plus, check out my webcam chat below with Founder and Creative Director Ricky Orng, 19, and Fashion and Public Relations Director Sopheak Sam, 21.  Yes, it was an online nexus of fobulosity.

.What inspired you to start a clothing line?

Ricky: I was in high school at the time. Me and my friends are artists, we like to draw and we were in a class together.  We joked around, like, this would be cool on a t-shirt.

Then this idea hit me, an epiphany.  I had this quote in my head, “Fobs make the world go round.” I had the shirt made…it started as a small project, and it grew to what it is now.

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Wikileaks? Psh. Now THIS is a scandal (at least Singapore thinks so)

So everyone is talking about Wikileaks.  The NY Times has a whole front page section on it.  BBC’s top story is all over it.  But when I read Singapore’s Straits Times last night, their top story under “Breaking News” was about… (wait for it)… the racy swimming trunks donned by Singapore’s water polo team.

Oh my!  Forget Wikileaks.  Now we’re talking scandal.  Apparently the team was scolded by the Information Minister for the “inappropriate” design that didn’t display the flag in a dignified way.  Ah, the sheer embarrassment of an inconveniently (or strategically?) placed crescent moon.

Oh, Singapore. The country where one must register before “rioting” in their deserted, middle-of-nowhere Speaker’s Corner.  My lovely hometown.  Healthy political debate never took off in this country, probably because the government has created a self-perpetuating cycle of apathy among its citizens.  The government-owned newspaper self-censors many politically provocative issues, so readers either end up not knowing about it or just simply stop caring. In turn, The Straits Times writes what people do want to read – do a quick scan of the “Most Popular” stories this afternoon and you’ll see a traffic accident as a top story. Not to make light of a traffic death, but I’m just fascinated that readers of the national newspaper of such a global hub-city are more interested in local neighborhood-type of news. The Straits Times had a circulation of over 1.44 million daily readers in 2008, so it’s definitely not your mom and pop publication.

Anyway, all this political stuff is, like, totally boring me.  How about them sexy speedos!

Speaking of crotches, crescent moons and everything inbetween, read about Japan’s stinky penis-like “corpse flower,” the “seductive eye contact” of Singapore’s sexy bimbos, and China’s body-painted World Cup models.


Indonesia idol sings his heart out as a man and woman

A friend sent me this YouTube video of Indonesian singer, Hudson Prananjaya.  I’m amazed by the flexibility of his voice and how he alternates between a woman’s (which he calls his alterego Jessica) and man’s persona with such fluidity. Hudson’s performances are being passed around all over the internet, but the talented singer achieved his current fame by participating in Indonesia’s version of American Idol, Indonesia Mencari Bakat.

(Thanks, Hanna!)