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Singapore gov’t fails at yet another commercial

Oh Singapore, you’ve definitely given us a lot of material to work with over the years. In this latest case of good-intentions-gone-wrong, the government produced this commercial in order to get people to kick their gambling habits. Now that the island city-state has a casino (it opened its first one in 2010), it’s upping its local efforts to convince its citizens about the ills of gambling.

Maybe they should’ve waited until after the game was over, because the sad boy in the commercial who talked about his father gambling all his savings away on Germany, should now be a very happy boy after Germany’s win on Tuesday. One YouTuber commented, “His dad is probably like, “WHAT I TELL YA BITCH!?”

This cheesy and cringe-worthy video is trying to “promote” Singapore

I love Singapore and I always recommend everyone visit at least once to experience its diverse culture, cleanliness, and amazing food. Unfortunately, I think the Singapore Tourism Board deterred some people from visiting after they released a very cringeworthy video aimed to bring tourists from the Philippines to Singapore. Thankfully, the video has been pulled from their site after receiving a lot of negative feedback.

You can still watch the video. However, I must warn you it’s pretty painful. Just wait until you get to the end…


(Thanks, Rob!)

This father-son short film will make you cry

I made the mistake of watching this video at work, and let’s just say the “chopping onions” excuse doesn’t quite work very well in that environment. Below is a short film produced by Viddsee, which is an online media company that focuses on featuring short Asian films and making them accessible to the broader public outside of Asia. The YouTube channel also releases a short film every Thursday. It’s a pretty cool concept and I’m glad more films from Asia are getting the much deserved exposure.

Watch the very touching father-son story below:

Singapore’s National Day makes people want to have sex (and make babies!)

The most romantic holiday of the year is traditionally Valentine’s day. But in Singapore, there’s another holiday that will get couples hot and heavy — and that’s August 9, National Day. It’s the day Singapore officially declared independence from Malaysia in 1965. It was naturally a very groundbreaking moment in the island’s history, and who knew it would inspire Singaporean couples to procreate in years to come? Mentos Singapore created this awesome rap music video “to celebrate not just National Day, but National Night too — and help give our population spurt it so desperately needs.” Oh yeah, and if you’re in a friends with benefits relationship or you’re unemployed, don’t bother watching the video. The blurb in the YouTube video says, “Only financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships should participate.”

Nice try guys, but the over-the-top lyrics makes it hard to take the message seriously. Some classic lines:

  • “I’ll take your breath away like a sonic boom”
  • “It’s National Night, so let’s make fireworks ignite.”
  • “Like a government scholar, I want to cram real hard.”
  • “I want to tap you all night like an EZ link card.” (EZ link cards are basically smart cards that are used to pay for public transportation. It’s akin to the Clipper Card in San Francisco.)
  • “I’m a patriotic husband, you’re my patriotic wife, let me book into your camp and manufacture life.”
  • “Let’s put a bao in your oven.”

(Thanks, Sara!)

Singapore’s $800k gold medal tops payout list

Nevermind the fact that Singapore has never actually won an Olympic gold.  The tiny island’s $804,010 prize (S$1 million) for an Olympic gold medal will definitely keep Singaporeans trying!

This week, Singaporean Feng Tianwei won bronze for table tennis, awarding her a cool $201,000.  Not a bad National Day present for Feng (today is Singapore’s birthday!).  Silver medalists would get about $402,000.  The money comes from the Singapore government’s Multi-Million Dollar Awards Programme, which doles out big bucks for anyone who wins a medal for the country.

Still, while the US by far doesn’t have the biggest payout for Olympic medals, American athletes are more likely to make mega moola from sponsorships.  Michael Phelps, for instance, has an endorsement with Nike that’s apparently worth $50 million.

Maybe it’s for that reason that the top four highest payouts for an Olympic gold medal are all Asian.  Check out the list below — I guess these South East Asian countries really want some gold!

Top 4 countries with highest payouts for an Olympic gold medal

1. Singapore — $804,010

2. Philippines –  $340,900

3. Malaysia – $307,000

4. Thailand – $300,000


(Thanks, Hubie!)


Forget match.com, Singapore’s gov’t will hook you up

Single and ready to mingle?  Let the government help you find a girlfriend or boyfriend.  Singapore’s official dating service, ambiguously named the “Social Development Network” or “SDN,”  has been around since 1984 to help single adults get it on.   The SDN offers personals, singles networking events, chatrooms, and discussion forums.  But be warned, it feels kind of like having patronizing parents manage your dating life.  For example, their “Ready to Date” cartoons sound like what you’d tell a geeky, awkward teenager.

But with the country’s plummeting birthrate, Singapore’s pretty shameless when it comes to promoting marriage and babies.  I’ve seen huge billboards promoting picture-perfect scenes of happy families, and the newspaper regularly publishes a “Family” section dedicated to cute baby pictures.

So if you’re single, Singaporean (or a permanent resident), and sick of paying match.com’s monthly fees, then check out SDN!


S’porean maid adds period blood to boss’s coffee

And in the latest news from the sunny island of Singapore, a domestic helper recently got in trouble for adding her menstrual fluids to her boss’s coffee. The 24-year-old Indonesian maid, who goes by the name Jumiah, had been working for her 38-year-old male boss for a year in the Choa Chu Kang neighborhood when the event occurred. She apparently tried to ask for a transfer after working for her employer for about one and a half months, but her request was denied. Jumiah apparently thought that adding period blood to his coffee would cause him to treat her better (not sure how that would work). Meanwhile, her boss will probably never be able to look at a cup of coffee in the same light.

The first question that came to mind was how the heck could he tell what was in the coffee? One disgusting hypothesis: the texture of the coffee was off and when he spat it out, he figured out what it was. Or perhaps, she simply told him.

Johnnie Walker whisky sells for $198,500 in Singapore

There’s Black Label, Blue Label…and then there’s Diamond Jubilee.  In Singapore, a limited edition whisky made by Johnnie Walker has hit the shelves to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne in England. Only 60 bottles were made, and something tells me that although each bottle costs $198,500, these bottles will get snapped up.

Singapore is the ninth most expensive city in the world, and has the world’s highest concentration of millionaires.  Last year, a Chinese businessman dished out $198,500 for a bottle of rare 62-year-old Dalmore single malt at  Singapore’s Changi Airport Duty Free store.

Apparently, the special blend of whisky has a “velvet texture, the refreshing bitter perfume of spices, pools of soft fruits as it flows down the throat,” according to the Whisky Advocate blog.


Study confirms what we already know: S’pore women are materialistic

We’ve already mentioned that luxury brands say Asia is their best market, so I’m not really surprised by a study done by the Singapore Management University, which concluded that Singaporean women are materialistic. Um hello, we could’ve told you that!

The study, published mid last year, found that the Singapore women polled ranked a guy’s social status is their top priority, followed by kindness, then a lively personality. As for the American participants, the women valued kindness the most, then looks, and then a guy’s social standing.

Personally, I really feel that the Singapore culture is definitely a lot more materialistic than where I live right now — San Francisco. I don’t know what it is, but I know Suzie said she felt the same way, too. I feel like in Singapore, it’s all about whether you’re driving the new beemer, whereas in SF, that hybrid car is way cooler because you’re saving the environment. I just don’t think people here feel the need to show off their wealth or care a lot about reaching the upper echelons of society. Suzie and I have talked a lot about this and we thought perhaps the SF culture is due to the very pervasive influence of the idea that in America, you can achieve anything you want with hard work and meritocracy. And that seems to be more admirable than simply being born wealthy.

But hey who knows, the results are probably skewed because of the city where the women were polled. The study pulled data from women in Illinois, and the results might’ve been different if they polled women in LA. And I do know S’porean women who aren’t materialistic.

OK, enough with being serious. Here are some funny comments from Singaporean readers regarding the study:

“This is total truth
We say Singapore girls look for 4 Cs or 5 Cs
C – Cash
C – Credit Card
C – Condo
C – Car
C – Company”

“Dumb. think so much for what, don’t get married la, save tons of worries.”

“Hey this is like totally shocking news. I really didn’t know! Who would’ve thought that? And recently I found out water is wet.”

“S’pore girls materialistic?
Fully agree;
Not only materialistic, but also choosy,
hoping to net a Big Fish.
In the end, most of them catch only
the ikan billis (dried anchovies), and decide to give up.
Not surprising many are left behind.”

Can’t afford that Prada bag? Get the paper version.

Living in Singapore, I’ve totally seen ladies walking down the street proudly toting their Gucci bag.  Not the purse, the paper carrier.  Seems odd, but I guess it’s a status statement that these ladies can afford to shop at designer stores.  In China, fake designer paper bags have become the next trend in counterfeit fashion.  Going for only 79 cents or up to $6.30, cheapskate fashionistas can sport their favorite designer brands in the form of a paper baggie.

I know this trend sounds ridiculous, but it doesn’t surprise me at all.  I’ve said before that I’m convinced Asia is way more brand-conscious than the US, and this just proves my point that when it comes to wearing designer clothes, it’s often not about style, but the name.