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Japanese teens lick eyeballs for pleasure

asian eyes

And in other extremely gross news, Japanese teens are licking each other’s eyeballs during their makeout sessions. Apparently, this is causing a breakout in eye infections. This new fad is apparently inspired by some music video by a Japanese band that featured an eyeball-licking scene.

This trend isn’t exactly innocuous — some doctors claim that it can even lead to blindness. Not to mention, you can even catch STDs in your eyes, like eye chlamydia. Ick! I don’t even want to imagine what those photos would look like.

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What Chinese people think of the global wiener size stats

A recently released map confirmed a lot of bias on which country hosts the biggest wieners — East Asian countries were the smallest, coming in at 4.3 inches, while those in Africa, Central and South America boasted the largest wangers.

The ultimate champion (cue “We Are the Champions” song) is the Congolese, who have averaged a hefty 7.1 inches. And the biggest loser,or should I say smallest, is…South Korea, clocking in at 3.8 inches. To our Korean readers: feel free to dispute by commenting below.

The data is taken from a hodgepodge of sources, and the research stems from old data. In other words, it isn’t exactly accurate. I just thought I’d share the funny Chinese netizens reactions.

“To tell the truth, my JJ during cold or nervous situations is not 2 inches,  and even shrinks into my body…only when erect is it 4.7 inches, I am so sad. Looks like this is how it will be my entire life. Life is suffering, I especially believe this saying.”

“Laowai [foreigner] , having nothing better to do, even this has to be compared? What use is a big J8~? When someone else comes to attack you, are you going to say, “Wait, my J8 is big”?”

“We had a contest when we were in studying in university! Seven of us in our dorm, the shortest was 4.3 inches, the longest was 6.7 inches, the thickest diameter was 2 inches, the thinnest was 0.7 inches, the strongest could hang 5 wet towels, while the weakest dropped hanging just 1 towel…”

FYI, JJ or J8 is Chinese cyber speak for the male member.


“Big Love” has got nothin’ on this guy’s 39 wives

This is like that polygamist TV drama “Big Love,” only multiplied by 13.  Ziona Chana, a guy in India, has the world’s biggest family: 39 wives, 94 kids and 33 grandchildren.  And they apparently all snuggle up in one big dorm-like building, which has 100 rooms.

Ziona and his family live in the Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram, where he heads up a 4,000-member religious sect.  And yup, you guessed it, the sect allows men to have as many wives as they want.

“We stay around him as he is the most important person in the house. He is the most handsome person in the village,” said Rinkmini, 35, one of his wives.

Err… yeah.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

Still, before you make any judgmental snickering about weird religious sects, you should probably know I come from a huge-ass family, too — my grandma had 14 kids!  And people wonder about China’s one-child policy…


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Say no to Valentine’s Day, says Malaysia

I know some people despise today’s celebration of all things lovey dovey, but Malaysia’s anti-Valentine’s Day campaign takes it to new level.  Called “Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap,” the government-run campaign warns young people to not observe the day because it could lead to “vice activities.”

Not sure if it’s a just scare tactic, but some states are apparently planning to do hotel checks to stop unmarried couples from getting it on.  Yikes!  Talk about getting caught in an awkward moment.

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim, and the country’s anti-Valentine’s Day campaign goes back to a fatwa, or a religious opinion on Islamic law, issued in 2005.

To have sex, or not to have sex?  Malaysia’s neighbor, Singapore, actually wants people to literally do it like bunnies this year.

Please reproduce like rabbits this year, says Singapore gov’t

Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s the year of the rabbit — you know, the cute little animal that hops around and, oh…has sex like crazy, popping out tons and tons of baby bunnies??  This week, the Singapore prime minister deliberately highlighted the reproductive tendencies of this year’s zodiac animal, in the hopes of inspiring Singaporeans to have more babies.

The country’s fertility rate hit an all time low last year at 1.16 percent.  With the cost of living rising steadily, many couples in Singapore are choosing to have fewer or no kids.

I just think it’s hilarious that Singapore’s government, which comes off as super prudish with all their stiff censorship laws, is now trying to get people to have more sex.


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Pervy Japanese dude + TSA groping = LOL

Remember the good ole days of traveling?  The easy-going days when you didn’t have to check in anything remotely resembling a liquid, or wonder if security just singled you out because you have the same skin color as Mr. Bin Laden, or now worry about being fondled by the TSA guy?  Seems like traveling has gotten so darn complicated.  At least the one good thing about it is that it gives hilarious Japanese TV shows something to poke fun at.

(Thanks Omar!)

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Granny maids bring new fetish to Japan’s maid cafes

Japan’s popular maid cafes seem to expanding to include all types of maids, from “meaty” maids to the “granny” maids who work at Cafe Rottenmeier. This curious cafe recently launched to correspond with Festival/Tokyo, a month-long performing arts festival.

While most maid cafes in Japan feed into the male fantasy of being spoon-fed by young, attractive maids, Cafe Rottenmeier aims to “bring back the classic.”  The waitresses at this establishment range from 24 to 77 years old (although I’m not sure why 24 is the new over-the-hill age), and wear custom-made dresses, wigs, and 19th century European style makeup. It will only be open for a month, so if you have the hots for the elderly, make sure you visit!

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Love hotel iPhone app makes Hong Kong hookups easy

Think of this Hong Kong iPhone app as the Yelp for sleazy sex motels.  Apparently, love hotels can be hard to find because they’re deliberately discreet.  Well, clandestine couples — such as cheating spouses and dating teens who still live with their parents — can now easily find a secret spot to get it on using the Hong Kong Hourly Hotel Guide.  The app is free, but it’s only in Chinese.


Penis-like, rancid-smelling “corpse flower” in full bloom

Twenty years in the making, the world’s biggest flower is finally in full bloom in Tokyo’s Koishikawa Botanical Gardens.  The flower is called the titan arum, Greek for “giant penis.”  Back in the day, Victorian women were prohibited from viewing the pornographic flower.  And if that weren’t enough to get your heart racing, the massive phallic plant also smells like rotting meat and rancid cheese.  Pretty kinky stuff.

Still, the flower only lives for three days and blooms every 20 or so years, so thousands of people are flocking to the gardens to catch rare a glimpse.  It’s native to Indonesia and is currently considered endangered.


Singaporean director thrives in censored city, debuts in Cannes

Can art flourish in a society where censorship is an everyday occurrence?  Maybe.

This month, Boo Junfeng, the 26-year old director from Singapore, premiered his film “Sandcastle” at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sure, getting into Cannes is an achievement for any independent filmmaker, but it’s remarkably so when you consider the censorship laws Singaporean artists must work around.  Still, for artists in Singapore – where the government owns all forms of media – working around the country’s censorship laws can be challenging and, some would say, stifling.  While the country boasts about its annual film festival, past films featuring terrorism, gay Muslims, and sex fetishes have been nixed.  And last year, Singapore ranked 159 in the Freedom of the Press rankings (to give perspective, Iraq beat Singapore by three points).

What’s ironic, however, is that Singapore recently injected more than US$1 billion into its arts infrastructure, building massive arts institutions like the Esplanade (also dubbed “the durian” for its appearance) and the gorgeous downtown campus for La Salle College of the Arts.

Personally, I think that Singapore is still being characteristically mechanic about its strategy to improve its arts scene.  But, with Boo’s recent achievement at Cannes, it looks like the country’s investment might actually be paying off.

Check out the film trailer below.  “Sandcastle,” Boo’s first feature-length film, is about a boy’s coming-of-age as he uncovers revelations about his family’s history that “shake his sense of identity.”