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Chinese man swallows diamond — turns out it’s fake

A crazy diamond saga in Sri Lanka has taken an unexpected twist.  Last week, a Chinese man, Chou Wan, was arrested in Sri Lanka after he swallowed a 1.5 carat diamond at a gem fair.  Well, after authorities gave the guy laxatives and dug through his poop, experts then discovered the rock was a fake.  Apparently, there was another Chinese dude with Chou who is now suspected to have the real diamond, worth $13,000.

All I gotta say is, I would hate to be part of that diamond “excavation” team!  Blech!


(Thanks, Hubie!)



Potty training, Singapore style

I’m not sure why, but apparently people in Singapore have a bad habit of going to the loo and not flushing afterwards.  CNN wrote a short piece about the “humorous” toilet propaganda launched last week by the Restroom Association of Singapore.

The campaign, called LOO (Let’s Observe Ourselves) @ Heartlands, will be handing out specially-designed toilet tissues with toilet-flushing messages. They also plan to hand out fridge magnets, car stickers and souvenirs with similar messages.  It’s all in the effort to make Singapore’s public toilets cleaner — right now, about 30 percent of public toilets meet the association’s three-star rating.

(Thanks, Yi Ding!)

Fobs have their own unique way about toilets.  Read about female urinals in China, a Japanese machine that turns office paper into toilet paper, the knee bench for peeing men, and the amazing poop deodorizer.


Tibetan mastiff costs Chinese couple $600,000

This dog is living the high life — a Chinese couple forked out more than half a million for the pet and carted it home in a fleet of 20 Mercedes cars. It seems Tibetan mastiffs, considered a holy animal to the Chinese, is a popular pet for the newly rich in China. It’s common for millionaires to spend anywhere from tens of thousands to over $100,000 for the large shaggy, black-haired mammal. The Tibetan mastiff, which weighs from about 130 to 150 lbs, is known as the “guardian dog of the former Himalayan kingdom of Tibet” and “the original source of many large dog breeds today,” according to MSNBC.

The only negative I see with having large dogs is picking up their huge pieces of poop, and I can only imagine the size of the mastiff’s poop.

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Chinese pigs get inked by Wim Delvoye

I was on YouTube the other day and couldn’t help but notice that one of the “suggested videos” for me was “Tattooed Pigs.” While I’m not sure why I was suggested such a video (maybe my frequent searches for bacon recipes and Hello Kitty tattoos), I couldn’t help but watch it. To my fascination, the video showed contemporary Belgian artist, Wim Delvoye,  tattooing shaved pigs in Beijing, China.

Originally from Belgium, Delvoye is a neo-conceptual artist most known for his unconventional and often shocking creations.  Take for example his “shit machine” named Cloaca, which essentially recreates the digestive process and turns food into well. . . poop.  In addition to creating poop machines, Delvoye has also pursued the art of pig tattooing.  He initially started by tattooing the skin of pigs he obtained from slaughterhouses and later on transitioned to tattooing live pigs.  He reasons that by placing small drawings onto the pigs and letting the animals grow, he essentially increases the pigs’ value both physically and economically.

In order to tattoo a pig, Delvoye says that they “sedate it, shave it and apply Vaseline to its skin.”  Sounds pretty simple huh? Delvoye focuses many of his tattoo designs on Disney characters, but his drawings also include the Louis Vuitton monograms and Baroque art with holy virgins.  It’s not often that we see pigs walking around with Disney princesses tattooed to them.

After establishing a reputation for his work in China, Delvoye moved there to set up a couple of pig farms dedicated to pursuing his passion for pig tattooing. According to Delvoye, the farms consist of “a farm manager, people who care for the pigs, a professional fly swatter, four female tattoo artists, a skinner and a tanner. It’s all very costly.”  However, he certainly makes up for his production costs because his work can go for nearly £106,000 or around $138,569.  His work has appeared in various art exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai.

While pigs, Disney characters, and tattoos don’t typically go together, Delvoye definitely knows how to make a pig look gangster.  Check out the video showing these pigs getting inked!


Filipino coffee from poop sells at a whopping $227 per pound

Addicted to that perfect cup of joe?  Well, consider this the caviar of coffees.  And, ironically, it comes from poop. Selling at $227 per pound, the world’s most expensive coffee isn’t picked from trees; it is sifted from the poop of the civet, a furry catlike animal from Southeast Asia.  The animal digests coffee cherries, fermenting the beans with its stomach acids and enzymes.  The result is a coffee brew with a deliciously smooth, chocolaty and non-bitter taste.

The civet coffee business is an increasingly lucrative one.  In fact, “fake” civet coffee is not unheard of.  Vie Reyes, founder of Manila-based company Bote Central, once unknowingly bought regular coffee beans that were glued to unidentified animal dung.

“I washed it,” she told the NY Times. “But the glue wouldn’t come off.”

Yikes.  Still, reading the NY Times article left me totally curious, so obviously I had to Yelp “civet coffee.”  Looks like there’s a really good place in the Bay Area called Bean Street Coffee that sells civet coffee.  But I’ll have to save up for it… it’s $40 a cup!

civet coffee

Read more about civet coffee here.


Fob researchers put panda poop to good use

Kudos to three fobby scientists from Kitasato University for discovering that giant panda poop bacteria can reduce more than 90 percent of kitchen waste. The bacteria extract converts the refuse into water and carbon dioxide. Fumiaki Taguchi, Song Guofu, and Zhang Guanglei were presented with an Ig Nobel prize (parody of the Nobel prize) this year for their efforts.

At the Ig Nobel ceremony, which was held in Harvard, 72-year-old Taguchi said he initially guessed that panda poop might have a special kind of bacteria due to the mammals’ ingestion of large volumes of bamboo. Isn’t poop great? It serves all kinds of purposes, from burgers to keeping our environment green!



Scrub yourself with some poop

Feel like rubbing yourself clean with some brown poo? Check out the gifts I got for my friends at Donki while I was in Tokyo: Poop-shaped soap!



Another must-have toilet accessory!

In light of our recent poop and toilet related posts, I couldn’t help but showcase another ingenious Japanese invention: toilet deoderizer drops!  Put one drop into the toilet bowl before you drop the smelly monster, and your stall neighbor will think you’re one of those few people who poo roses. MBNsKPOD

Conveniently pocket-sized and for just US$4.58, you can keep this handy in your purse along with your toilet flusher gadget. You will never poop in shame again! Get it here.

Thanks @chowm for showing me this!

Update: Added in the price of these smelly-no-more babies!

Ooey gooey poop burger

Japan is way ahead of its peers in edible poop research. In 1993, they found a way to turn poop into meat substitute, thanks to scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda from the Environmental Assessment Center in Okayama.

Ikeda created and named the “shit burger” which is made out of soy, protein extracted from poop, and steak sauce essence. The substitute costs 10 to 20 times than real meat because of the amount of money that went into the research.



Fine Dining in Taiwan's Toilet-Themed Restaurant

Although Japan is reigning king of all things poop-related, it seems Taiwan might have us beat here.


Take a look at their “Modern Toilet” restaurant. The chairs are basically toilet seats, you get a toilet roll in place of table napkins, and delicious, steaming hot pot is served in mini toilet bowls. Oh, and you can also drink from mini urinals!

But their piece-de-resistance has to be their chocolate soft-serve poop ice cream, served in squat toilet bowls.