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Disturbing baby-shaped pears grown in China

Baby shaped pears

I’m ok with butt peaches, but I’m not so sure how I feel about pears grown to look like babies. Somehow biting into one would just seem wrong. Well, this isn’t stopping Chinese farms from growing pears shaped and selling them in the supermarkets. While the pears are still small enough, a mold is clamped onto the fruit and the pear will naturally grow into the mold’s shape. Can’t we just stick to regular-shaped fruits?


China sells sexy panty peaches

sexy peaches

In an effort to capitalize on the upcoming Qixi Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, fruit venders in China are throwing sexy underwear on their peaches to give the illusion of plump butts. While some might think it’s a vulgar idea, I think it’s a cute and hilarious idea that is different from the typical chocolates and flowers people usually give to their significant others.

These cheeky peaches aren’t cheap. A box go for $80, but apparently they are reported to be “the juiciest, most delicious peaches on earth.”

(Thanks, Victor!)