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Miss Korea contestants creepily all look the same

Human cloning has finally been discovered!  OK, that’s an exaggeration but seriously, there’s something a bit off with this year’s Miss Korea contestants.  South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita according to the Economist, so you do the math when it comes to the picture below.

The photos sparked a fiery debate on Reddit, with users doing some serious bashing on how ubiquitous plastic surgery has become in Korea.  One user wrote, “I live in Korea, and older women complain how girls don’t look Korean anymore because of all the plastic surgery. It’s so common to the point if I meet a girl, I just assume she has had something done. Girls here consider eye surgery just like using makeup.”

Don’t get me wrong, these girls are very pretty.  But it’s uncanny how similar their chin, eyes and nose are.  I’ve actually heard that those three features often come as a “package” at many plastic surgery clinics in Korea.

miss korea contestants plastic surgery

(Thanks, Julie!)


Kim Jong Un’s doppelganger goes grocery shopping

You have to meet my cousin, Howard, who looks like a certain dictator who’s been on the news a lot lately.  He’s definitely got a critical eye when it comes to inspecting the grocery store goods.  Hilarious!

kim jong un impersonator shopping

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Japanese schoolgirls start “Hadouken” photos trend

Remember a couple years ago when we came across the Japanese “floating girl” pictures?  This might be even more awesome.  In Japan, it’s a photo trend among schoolgirls to re-enact Street Fighter’s “hadouken” superpower move.  One person unleashes the imaginary explosion, which totally blasts the other people away.  It’s a hilarious meme, and I’m even starting to see people here in the US doing these poses in their pictures!

Dragon Ball Z photo trend japan

hadouken photo meme japanese high school girls

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iPhone case shaped like a hand? Not creepy at all.

Holy crap, I think I just found the most amazing / creepy gadget ever: the iPhone case shaped like a human hand.  Now you can feel like you’re holding Siri’s hand when you whisper sweet nothings to her.

For $52, you can get this handmade (no pun intended) delight, made out of soft silicone so it feels like a real human.  However, you apparently have to remove the case when taking pictures, since the fingers get in the way.  Also, putting the phone in your pocket makes it look like a zombie is trying to escape out of your butt, as seen in the hilarious picture below.

Get yours here.

hand iphone case

iphone case shaped like hand

hand shaped iphone case

(Thanks, Tony!)


Asian man handles annoying driver like a boss

OK, so we all know Asians don’t have the best reputation for driving. If you go to countries like Vietnam or China, street signs and traffic signals just don’t have any effect on the people behind the wheel. When you’re dealing with bad drivers, it’s hard not to have a little road rage sometimes. Most people honk, yell, swear, or give the lovely finger.

However, the man in this video uses a unique method, which I think is more effective. While I’m not sure why there’s a camera in the car following him, it looks like he was mad that the driver was tailgating him. Watch as he stops his car at the end of the on-ramp, gets out, and just stands there, giving the person behind him a long stare. He then casually gets back into his car and drives off, like a boss!

(Thanks, Danny!)

Tighten your va-jay-jay with this gel

Add this to the list of the most awkward-to-watch commercials.  Indian pharmaceutical company Ultratech has launched its new women’s product, “18 Again,” a gel that apparently “rejuvenates and tightens” your va-jay-jay. God bless the advertising company who clearly tried in earnest to find a non-creepy way to promote this.  However, alas, even Bollywood dance moves and a hilarious “I feel like a virgin” song (nope, not ANYTHING like Madonna’s version) can keep you from cringing as you watch this.

Now here’s my question for you — what’s worse, this thing or the Chinese artificial hymen?

(Thanks, Anousheh!)


WTF: Chinese guy bulldozes through hurdles like a madman

Nothing makes you appreciate the incredible talent of Olympic athletes than a ridiculously horrible amateur.  Watch how this hurdler from Chinese University uses a rather erm, “unconventional” technique during his race.   After he knocks over his first two hurdles, he decides, “Eff this” and bulldozes through the rest of the race like a bonafide crazy person.

This video is a couple years old, but what a great way to get us all fired up for the professional Olympians whom we’ll be watching soon!

Forget match.com, Singapore’s gov’t will hook you up

Single and ready to mingle?  Let the government help you find a girlfriend or boyfriend.  Singapore’s official dating service, ambiguously named the “Social Development Network” or “SDN,”  has been around since 1984 to help single adults get it on.   The SDN offers personals, singles networking events, chatrooms, and discussion forums.  But be warned, it feels kind of like having patronizing parents manage your dating life.  For example, their “Ready to Date” cartoons sound like what you’d tell a geeky, awkward teenager.

But with the country’s plummeting birthrate, Singapore’s pretty shameless when it comes to promoting marriage and babies.  I’ve seen huge billboards promoting picture-perfect scenes of happy families, and the newspaper regularly publishes a “Family” section dedicated to cute baby pictures.

So if you’re single, Singaporean (or a permanent resident), and sick of paying match.com’s monthly fees, then check out SDN!


Chinese guy gets stabbed at ATM, doesn’t blink an eye

Just another day getting stabbed in China, no biggie.  That was the attitude of one man who, after jumping the queue for the ATM, gets stabbed in the shoulder.  The assaulter is another man who looks like he had been waiting in line.  Pissed off, he jumps over the glass booth and swiftly jabs a knife into the line-jumper’s shoulder.  The really incredible part is how the guy at the ATM doesn’t even flinch, and calmly completes his ATM transaction.  When he gets out of the booth, you can see the huge stains of blood on both his jacket and the floor.  WTF.


Borat’s fake anthem played accidentally for Kazakhstan athlete

Talk about awkward!  At a sports event in Kuwait, organizers accidentally played the obscene song from Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” instead of the actual Kazakhstan national anthem.  As you can see from the lyrics in the video below, the song from the movie is totally crude and hilarious.  I’m so impressed that the athlete only smirks at the end of the song, managing to keep a calm face throughout the song.