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Singapore McDonald’s newest smelly treat: durian crunch McFlurry

Durian McFlurry

What I love about McDonald’s in other countries is how they cater to the tastebuds of each country. I really miss the curry chicken McNugget dipping sauce in Singapore as well as the chili sauce packets! For all you durian lovers out there, Singapore McDonald’s just added another yummy (and stinky) dessert to their menu — the durian crunch McFlurry. Although other foods inspired by this pungent fruit, like the durian pizza, don’t sound quite as appetizing, this version actually sounds promising.

For $2.24, you can go get your durian fix in a cup with your order of burgers and fries!

McCafes in France sell Macarons?!

McDonald's macaron

Macarons seem to have taken over cupcakes and fro-yo as the trendy dessert. I am absolutely obsessed with this sweet meringue-based French confectionery. However, for a tiny bite-sized dessert like this, they’re generally quite pricey, typically costing a little over $2 for one piece. Today, I discovered that macarons are sold at the McCafes in France, and they have for some time now!

Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten the opportunity to visit France and try out these “McDonald’s macarons,” but according to this review, they aren’t as flavorful and delicate as the ones you find at high-end macaron stores. But for half the price of what you would normally pay for a macaron, I guess you can’t complain.

Until they decide to bring macarons to the US McCafes, I guess I’ll have to stick to ordering McFlurries and apple pies.

Best idea ever? McDonald’s potato parties go viral in Asia

French Fry Party

Recently, this picture of Korean kids indulging in a french fry buffet went viral on the internet. The kids ordered $250 worth of fries at their local McDonald’s and piled the fried potatoes over a few tables.

Turns out, the idea of a potato party originated in Japan. Because of a deal in Japan that sold fries for a low 150¥ (or $1.60) from Oct. to Nov. last year, students started organizing potato parties. These gatherings are serious business: attendees will order crazy amounts of fries and are required to eat it all before they get to leave the table. Seems like one of the few occasions when eating your plate clean might be a very bad idea. Here are some of the pics that were tweeted around by Japanese kids:
Japanese potato parties

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Fobby must-haves: Sriracha to-go packets

One thing I miss about the McDonald’s and Burger King in Singapore are the packets of chili sauce they include with your meal. As popular as Sriracha is over here in the U.S., I always wondered why packets of Sriracha sauce are not offered at American fast food chains. Well, it looks like I can now conveniently carry packets of Sriracha with me on my next trip to the golden arches.  Asian food company, Lee Kum Kee, now sells individual travel-sized Sriracha packets for $0.10 each! Pair these packets with a “sprayracha” and you’ll always be prepared to give your food that extra spicy kick!


100% Vegetarian McDonald’s opens in India

If you’ve eaten at McDonald’s outside the US, you’ll know that the American chain can be pretty creative with localizing its menu. This month, McDonald’s announced perhaps its most impressive effort to make sure everyone can eat its burgers.  Starting in India, Mcdee’s will launch 100 percent vegetarian restaurants.

“The issue in India is, a vegetarian is a strict vegetarian,” said Rajesh Kumar Maini, head of communications for McDonald’s in India. “There have been instances that I’ve seen where a person who’s vegetarian would not even sit with a person who’s eating non-vegetarian food.”

And so the restaurant is taking the strictest of vegetarians head on.  Apparently, the prime locations for Mickey D’s veggie venture are religious sites.  For example, the chain plans to open at Vaishno Devi, a famous Hindu cave shrine that attracts millions of pilgrims each year.  Nothing like digging into a juicy McAloo Tikki burger after a day of prayer.

In all seriousness, while I realize it’s all in the fast food chain’s plan to dominate every corner of the world, I gotta give the corporate giant credit for its creativity and market research…even if it means my favorite Aloo Tikki (spicy fried potato) has been transformed into a McDonald’s burger.


Conan O’Brien becomes Chinese food delivery man

The next time you order food delivery, make sure to tip your delivery man well. He might be Conan O’Brien. In a recent episode, O’Brien decides to take up the job of a Chinese food delivery man in NYC. From Conan’s experience, we can see it’s no easy task to deliver hot lo mein and kung pao chicken to people. He was even turned down by a dissatisfied woman who refused to accept the food from him, claiming that he was not the delivery boy. Talk about a difficult customer!

It’s interesting to compare food delivery services in America versus Asia. In America, Chinese food is a popular delivery or take-out food. However, in Asia, they love American fast food delivery, such as  McDonald’s and KFC. What makes it even better is the 24-hour delivery service offered in Asia. I definitely miss being able to pick up the phone at 3 a.m. to order a  Mega Mac. Unfortunately, with the rising obesity rates in America, I’m not sure 24-hour fast food delivery is a good idea.

(Thanks, Danny!)

China’s McDonald’s offers discounted burgers to men only


You know gender inequality has reached a new level when only men get discounted burgers at McDonalds. As a huge fan of the fast food giant, I was slightly disappointed to hear that China’s McDonald’s will be offering a 50 percent discount on second burgers for guys only, commemorating the introduction of 100 percent pure beef in their burgers (wait, it was never pure beef?). The rationale behind this promotion is that because women and children generally get preferential treatment, it’s the men’s turn to get some extra love.  I don’t know about you, but I think we ladies deserve to taste a 100 percent beef burger at the discounted price, too. The dollar menu ain’t gonna cut it.

For all you dudes out there, the deal will run Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm until June 7th. Just remember to bring back a burger for your girlfriend, wife, sister, and mom.

Fobs love the golden arches because it has a website just for Asian people, and they even hold McWeddings there!

Why ripoff one company, when you can do two?

Whoever coined the phrase “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” obviously doesn’t know anyone anyone from China. I swear the Chinese will make a copycat version of everything. I guess it saves a lot of brain power and time to just ripoff of someone else. This guy, Mike Wong, took the best of both worlds — McDonald’s and Nike — to create the sign for his store. Check it out:

Also, anyone have any idea what the heck “Fast Food Asiatique” is?


For more fobby ripoffs, check out China’s version of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and Mercedes. Be sure to also take a peek at  India’s $35 iPad.

How to make sushi the “fast food” way

Does a chicken nugget and bacon nigiri sound appetizing to you?  How about a Big Mac sushi roll?  Well, that’s what you get when you fuse American fast food with the art of Japanese sushi-making. Watch how the guys from Epic Meal Time create their fast food/sushi concoction.  Is it just me or does it actually look appetizing?

(Thanks, Pat!)

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Domino’s Pizza Japan will pay $31,000 for an hour’s work

Who knew serving pizza could be so lucrative? Domino’s is celebrating it’s 25th year in Japan and they are rolling out a contest in which the winner gets about $31,000 for only one hour’s worth of work in December. Umm, if I were in Japan, I’d totally sign up for this — what a great deal! Further, people who are born on September 30, Domino’s arrival date in Japan, will receive a free pizza on their birthday until they’re 25. Man, why do fast food restaurants in Asia get to have all the fun? First Japan’s Burger King gets all high class with its baller sound booths , then China’s McDonald’s rolls out its McWedding package . . . meanwhile back in the good ol’ States, happy meals are being banned.