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Adorable video captures woman proposing to boyfriend of 8 years

Vicky Wang certainly changed the traditional rules of marriage proposal when she decided to pop the question to her boyfriend, Justin Law. However, this wasn’t the first proposal attempt for the couple. Her boyfriend had asked her twice prior but unfortunately he was drunk the first time and the second time just wasn’t the right timing for Vicky.

Well, third time is definitely the charm! This tear-jerking video captures the cute moment where Vicky surprises her boyfriend at a school he attended as a boy in his hometown of Vancouver. Although Vicky intended on proposing, this didn’t stop her beau from getting down on one knee and popping the question with a ring. Congrats to the newly (and finally) engaged couple!


(Thanks, Enza!)

Beautiful video showcases cross-cultural love

News on TV can be pretty depressing, with stories of ethnic conflict and ongoing warfare. Thankfully, stories about cross-cultural relationships, such as AJ’s and Natalie’s, give us hope for humanity.  This mini-documentary shows two people from totally different worlds, defying the odds for the sake of love.

My favorite part is when AJ explains to his Chinese mom that his British-Spanish girlfriend, Natalie, is vegetarian.

“My mom’s first reaction was: ‘OK, she can eat chicken.’  I said, ‘No, no chicken.’  So she replied, ‘OK, fish then?”

In all seriousness, I gotta give props to Natalie for not only living in China as a vegetarian (not easy!) but for also mastering Mandarin (she busts out in Chinese at 4:35).

Film maker Jason Lee Wong created this as part of a series 10 mini-documentaries for the European Union in China.  Check out his other videos here.


Why more Asian guys aren’t dating White girls

If you ever wonder why you don’t see more Asian guys coupling up with White girls, wonder no more! This mini documentary by a USC student and another student from the Communication University of China, gives insight into this phenomenon. It’s not sexual prowess, says one Chinese woman, because out of all her ex-boyfriends, the best one in bed was a Chinese guy from college.

Some of the guys in the video cite cultural differences as a barrier. One even says that he started to date a White girl at work, but it didn’t go well once he realized that she didn’t get his references to wuxia (Chinese fiction about martial artists) and the fiercely competitive college entrance exam in China or gaokao.

Another big cultural difference is the attitude towards dating. During a group discussion, the female Chinese interviewee says that in America, there are three distinctive steps of romance — dating, relationship, and marriage. She says that in China, people only start dating with marriage in mind. The group then jokingly (and maybe half seriously?) cites a famous Chairman Mao quote in unison: “When one loves another without considering marriage as the goal, it’s sexual harassment.”

My thoughts on the matter is that you’re always going to face cultural barriers if you date out of your race. My parents certainly did — my dad is Chinese but born and raised in the Philippines, while my Japanese mom was born and raised in Japan. Maybe that’s not as big of a gap as someone from Western culture dating an Asian, but I still think it’s a matter of embracing those differences. Both just need to have an open mind towards each other. But I guess having different marriage expectations can definitely be a hurdle. Still, I wonder why you see more Asian women dating White guys than vice versa. What do you think?

Reasons why I love Vietnam

I recently saw this music video by Antoneus Maximus titled, “I Love Vietnam.” I was prepared for another cheesy Viet rap video but I’m actually quite impressed! I’ve been to Vietnam over a dozen times, and the video really captures its beauty and the many ways it has changed since the war. On top of that, the video makes Vietnam look totally hip and cool, which I agree with!

One thing that gets to me is when some Vietnamese Americans tell me they refuse to visit Vietnam because they believe that Vietnam is undeveloped and poor. If anything, it’s modernizing fast but still retains its rich culture. So if you haven’t visited Vietnam, I highly suggest you go!

Here are my top five reasons for why I love Vietnam:

  1. You can get delicious banh mi or a bowl of pho for less than $1 on the streets.
  2. You feel like you’ve conquered Mt. Everest after successfully crossing the hectic streets.
  3. Bargaining is welcome at the markets. In fact, it’s an admirable skill.
  4. Transportation is never an issue. Just hop on the back of a moped.  Hopefully you won’t be joined by five other people.
  5. The people are totally laid back, friendly, and know how to have fun (and I’m not just saying this because I’m Viet!).

(Thanks, Mike!)

Rent a boyfriend for Chinese New Year

Thought it was ridic how Chinese companies rented white people?  Well, as Chinese New Year approaches, women in China are renting boyfriends to bring home to show their parents.

Anyone who’s been to a Chinese New Year reunion knows relatives can be pretty blunt with awkward and totally unanswerable questions like, “When are you getting a boyfriend?” or “Why aren’t you married yet?”  To stave off these familial interrogations, some Chinese women have rented temporary boyfriends on shopping websites such as taobao.com.

Rates are apparently pretty competitive, starting at about US$240 per day.  On top of that, the woman also pays for transportation and lodging.  But lest you worry that you’re hiring a creeper, sex is (usually) clearly stated as out of the question.

Sounds like a crazy plan for getting a trophy bf, but it’s true that many of my Asian girlfriends get a lot of flack from their family for being single!


10,000 hopefuls (and their moms) attend Shanghai’s matchmaking fair

Last week, Shanghai held its first matchmaking event, a massive singles mixer attracting 10,000 eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.  In true fobby fashion, the event encouraged parents to attend and support their single daughters and sons.  In fact, an additional 4,000 family members  attended, with moms and dads busily jotting down stats and phone numbers that were posted at the fair.  Some parents were even more eager, talking directly with prospective “candidates.”  Don’t you just love fobby parents?

“My son just works in his unit or stays at home,” one parent said. “He has no time to come, so I came and got some information to help him find a girlfriend.”

I can only imagine what kinds of candidates my Asian mom would come up with if she were my dating agent!


Beijing school teaches girls how to get a sugar daddy

Call them gold diggers, but these girls are just being opportunistic.  After all, besides the US, China has more billionaires than any other country…and Beijing has more millionaires than any other city in China.  The students of Beijing’s Moral Education Center for Women offers a 30-day program that teaches girls how to woo a super rich husband.

The course itself isn’t cheap either — with it’s $3,000 price tag, I guess you’ve gotta look at it as an “investment.”  The girls learn “techniques to make them more attractive, from how to put on make-up in the most flattering way to how to spot a liar by looking at his facial expressions.”  Apparently, a number of wealthy guys have already approached the school looking for partners, and the school says it’s already matched 30 couples that ended up tying the knot.

Hmmm, wonder if more people would sign up if Wendi Murdoch was teaching one of the classes.

(Thanks Hubie!)



Sweet and fobby: man proposes to girlfriend in panda suit on bullet train

This takes the cake for the fobbiest proposal ever! A Chinese guy dons a panda suit and tries to woo his girlfriend with flowers on the Beijing to Shanghai high speed train and succeeds in freaking her out. When he takes off the mask, his girlfriend looks relieved and playfully smacks him on the chest saying he scared her. Then, the guy in the panda suit gets on one knee and gives the most romantic speech, asking her to marry him and let him be her panda (I’m guessing it’s probably some inside joke). The girl cries while the guy’s declaring his love for her while the crowd cheers on chanting the words, “Da ying! Da ying! Da ying!” which translates to agree in Mandarin.

And they call it panda loooveeee.

For Japan with Love…

Tomorrow, Friday March 18th, we’ll be joining over 1,000 bloggers in observing a day of silence for Japan. The earthquake and tsunami has deeply affected us at AbFob emotionally, since we grew up in Asia and know many people who live in Japan.  Amy and Emily have both lived in Japan, and Emily has family there, so watching the tragedy continue to unfold has been deeply heart wrenching.

We urge you to please join us in helping the disaster relief for people who have lost their homes and loved ones.  Japan, we are thinking and praying for you.  Click below to help, and if you’re looking to make individual donations make sure to read these tips for donating smartly.

How to nab yourself a rich Chinese sweetheart


Gold diggers are always looking for fresh new targets, and what better sugar daddy/mommy to snag than from China? After all, the communist country seems like a cash cow. Who holds the most US debt? China. Which country is the second largest economy? China (sorry Japan!). Which country is going to be the largest buyer of luxury goods come 2020? China. I think you’re getting the point by now.

You have to keep in mind though, Chinese millionaires and billionaires are a unique breed so you might have to employ a different mindset and tactic. Mina Hanbury-Tension, author of “Shanghai Girls: Uncensored & Unsentimental: How to Marry Up & Stay There,” spills some juicy tips about the new rich in China.

  • Be prepared to accept 10 girlfriends if you want to snag a rich husband. Alternatively, you can opt to be a mistress, which Mina says has its perks. For example, you might get a free car, apartment, and credit card from your wealthy lover.
  • If you want to catch a second generation rich kid (someone who inherited the wealth), the best way to do it is gain the approval of his parents, so they can influence his decision. The second generation guy or fuerdai is a hard one to seal the deal with because he’s going to be used to tons of women, even celebrities, throwing themselves at him.
  • If you want to get with a sugar momma, which there is apparently an abundance of, you need to be somewhat accomplished. But, no worries, she won’t expect you to be as rich as she is. Play the game, and be attentive without being a pushover.
  • An MBA is a way to the heart of your gazillionaire loves, because they’ll need your worldly experience when they’re traveling overseas. Lack of Western polish and English skills that aren’t up to par means vulnerability.

I’m always confused when I hear about guys who want to have more than one girlfriend. I mean 10 girlfriends = 10 times more headaches, right?

All you single women should head to China, there will be 24 million single Chinese men by 2020. And if you’re set on trapping…err…I mean dating your own Chinese Mark Zuckerberg, join the match.com for Chinese millionaires.