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Singapore’s National Day makes people want to have sex (and make babies!)

The most romantic holiday of the year is traditionally Valentine’s day. But in Singapore, there’s another holiday that will get couples hot and heavy — and that’s August 9, National Day. It’s the day Singapore officially declared independence from Malaysia in 1965. It was naturally a very groundbreaking moment in the island’s history, and who knew it would inspire Singaporean couples to procreate in years to come? Mentos Singapore created this awesome rap music video “to celebrate not just National Day, but National Night too — and help give our population spurt it so desperately needs.” Oh yeah, and if you’re in a friends with benefits relationship or you’re unemployed, don’t bother watching the video. The blurb in the YouTube video says, “Only financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships should participate.”

Nice try guys, but the over-the-top lyrics makes it hard to take the message seriously. Some classic lines:

  • “I’ll take your breath away like a sonic boom”
  • “It’s National Night, so let’s make fireworks ignite.”
  • “Like a government scholar, I want to cram real hard.”
  • “I want to tap you all night like an EZ link card.” (EZ link cards are basically smart cards that are used to pay for public transportation. It’s akin to the Clipper Card in San Francisco.)
  • “I’m a patriotic husband, you’re my patriotic wife, let me book into your camp and manufacture life.”
  • “Let’s put a bao in your oven.”

(Thanks, Sara!)

How to implode a watermelon with rubber bands

Nevermind how they came up with the idea in the first place — this video is amazing.  The guys on the Korean TV show start by curiously placing the innocuous first rubber band round the watermelon.  As they add more elastic, the melon’s shell starts buckling to the pressure.  Water from the fruit starts seeping from the shell.  Then, finally, after about 1,000 rubber bands, the unfortunate watermelon implodes in all its anticipated glory.  Ka-boom!  Don’t you just love the random humor of Asian TV shows?

WTF: Chinese guy bulldozes through hurdles like a madman

Nothing makes you appreciate the incredible talent of Olympic athletes than a ridiculously horrible amateur.  Watch how this hurdler from Chinese University uses a rather erm, “unconventional” technique during his race.   After he knocks over his first two hurdles, he decides, “Eff this” and bulldozes through the rest of the race like a bonafide crazy person.

This video is a couple years old, but what a great way to get us all fired up for the professional Olympians whom we’ll be watching soon!

Rihanna’s “We Found Love”: Bangkok Version

At first, this music video seems like just a funny spoof of Rihanna’s hit song, featuring a transgendered girl and her Thai boyfriend.  But watch on and you’ll realize that while it’s totally hilarious seeing a Bangkok-ified version of the MV, the end somehow feels more dark and intense than the original.  I just returned from a trip to Thailand, I have to say the video really captures the grit of city life in that country.  Kudos to Trasher, Bangkok for making a video that’s ripped off but absolutely original at the same time.


Rihanna’s original vid:

(Thanks, Marisse!)

Borat’s fake anthem played accidentally for Kazakhstan athlete

Talk about awkward!  At a sports event in Kuwait, organizers accidentally played the obscene song from Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” instead of the actual Kazakhstan national anthem.  As you can see from the lyrics in the video below, the song from the movie is totally crude and hilarious.  I’m so impressed that the athlete only smirks at the end of the song, managing to keep a calm face throughout the song.


Conan gets revenge on his Chinese copycats

If you think Chinese people creating US knock-offs is funny, then Conan’s video below proves that copying the Chinese might be even funnier.  After recently discovering that the opening credits to his show had been shamelessly ripped off by a Chinese show called “Da Peng,” Conan decided to take matters into his own hands.  If you’ve ever watched a Chinese or Japanese talk show, this will seriously crack you up!


(Thanks, Mom!)

Rent a boyfriend for Chinese New Year

Thought it was ridic how Chinese companies rented white people?  Well, as Chinese New Year approaches, women in China are renting boyfriends to bring home to show their parents.

Anyone who’s been to a Chinese New Year reunion knows relatives can be pretty blunt with awkward and totally unanswerable questions like, “When are you getting a boyfriend?” or “Why aren’t you married yet?”  To stave off these familial interrogations, some Chinese women have rented temporary boyfriends on shopping websites such as taobao.com.

Rates are apparently pretty competitive, starting at about US$240 per day.  On top of that, the woman also pays for transportation and lodging.  But lest you worry that you’re hiring a creeper, sex is (usually) clearly stated as out of the question.

Sounds like a crazy plan for getting a trophy bf, but it’s true that many of my Asian girlfriends get a lot of flack from their family for being single!


German man’s “fob revelations” on YouTube are hilarious

I’m sure you guys know our “Fob Revelation” series, where we muse on such topics as discovering what a “spork” is or the actual meaning of a “douchebag.”  Turns out, a German DJ named Flula Borg a.k.a. DJ Flula shares our sentiments about weird Americanisms.  His amazingly hilarious videos capture him (often chilling in a car) pondering the meanings of American idioms such as “shooting fish in a barrel”, “shoot the sh*t” and “party pooper.”

Watch his video on the meaning of “balls to the wall” (fob confession: I actually didn’t know what this idiom meant either!).

(Thanks, Katie!)

Hardcore karaoke stars sing in solo rooms

Love karaoke?  Well, if you’re truly a hardcore singer then you’ll love these solo karaoke rooms.  Popping up in Japan and China, these small booths are perfect for those who want to practice their pitch alone.  According to a big karaoke chain in Japan, 18% of its customers are solo singers.  And it’s not just because they’re microphone hogs–many singers sing alone to practice before a big karaoke party, while others are housewives who just want to belt it out on a weekday afternoon.

I spotted solo karaoke rooms while I was traveling in China.  They were about the size of an old-school telephone booth, and you could actually record your vocals on a CD.  Gotta love how Asians take karaoke to a whole new level.

Clueless about karaoke?  Read our do’s and don’ts on karaoke etiquette


Fake police car slows traffic in China

Look closely.  Drivers in China are slowing down instinctively after seeing what looks like a highway patrol car.  But after passing by the vehicle, it turns out it’s actually just a cardboard cutout placed on the side of the road!  The cutouts even have a solar-powered flashing light to make it look super realistic.  The point is to reduce speeding by making drivers think that cops are close.

Love it or hate it, you gotta admit it’s kind of amazing how people in China can figure out a cheap way to get the job done!