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Kim Jong Un gets cast in burger commercial

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.08.15 PM

Remember my cousin, the Kim Jong Un doppelgänger that we wrote about last month?  Well, a major Israeli fast food chain, Burger Ranch, stumbled upon his hilarious pictures and the next thing you know, my cousin Howard is starring in a burger commercial.  The company didn’t seem to mind that my cousin doesn’t speak a lick of Korean, even though he has to yell defiantly into the camera in that language.

Burger Ranch is apparently a pretty huge chain in Israel, competing mainly with McDonald’s Israel.  In 2010, Burger Ranch took over all local branches of its other competitor, Burger King.

Watch the full-length commercial here (no subtitles though), and like his Facebook page here.

Kim Jong Un’s doppelganger goes grocery shopping

You have to meet my cousin, Howard, who looks like a certain dictator who’s been on the news a lot lately.  He’s definitely got a critical eye when it comes to inspecting the grocery store goods.  Hilarious!

kim jong un impersonator shopping

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Japanese schoolgirls start “Hadouken” photos trend

Remember a couple years ago when we came across the Japanese “floating girl” pictures?  This might be even more awesome.  In Japan, it’s a photo trend among schoolgirls to re-enact Street Fighter’s “hadouken” superpower move.  One person unleashes the imaginary explosion, which totally blasts the other people away.  It’s a hilarious meme, and I’m even starting to see people here in the US doing these poses in their pictures!

Dragon Ball Z photo trend japan

hadouken photo meme japanese high school girls

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Conan does a hilarious voiceover for Chinese drama

I’m sure you’ve seen bad English dubbing for foreign films. You know what I’m talking about, the kind where the guy’s mouth keeps moving long after he stops talking.

Conan O’Brien was recently asked to do a voiceover for a popular Chinese drama and he truly lived up to every stereotype for terrible dubbing. Take a look and see for yourself:

(Thanks, Lu!)

“One pound fish” the next hot club song?

Meet Muhammad Shahid Nazir, aka “the one pound fish man” from Lahore, Pakistan.  I honestly can’t tell if I love or loathe his Bollywood-inspired crooning, which has skyrocketed him from selling fish at the Queens Market in London to becoming an internet sensation.  He’s even made an appearance on The X Factor, has a top-40 hit on iTunes, and landed a record deal with Warner Music (check out his hilarious R&B remix below).

“One Pound Fish” just might become the next crazy song you hear while dancing at the club.  Watch this video and you’ll be fighting with yourself not to start singing it: “Come on ladies, come on ladies; one pound fish. Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish…”



Snuggle with strangers for a fee at a Tokyo cuddle club

Just when you thought you’ve heard everything, Japan surprises us yet again with another quirky specialty shop called Soineya that sells cuddles for a fee.

Customers pay for the chance to literally sleep with one of the female workers, with the option of choosing different sleep durations. And it’s apparently not a cover-up for a prostitution place because all the paid bed partner will do is cuddle with her client. However, you can also add on premium services such as giving the woman a foot massage, having her look at you, change her clothing, and getting a pet on your head. Add all the services up, and it’s just like getting a girlfriend for the night! Albeit a costly one.


How to watch a movie in India

In America, there’s usually an announcement played before a movie reminding people to turn off their phones and refrain from being loud during a movie. But based on this clip of a crowd of movie-goers, it seems to be the opposite in India.

The audience is hysterically jumping, screaming, and throwing confetti as they watch the action film. It’s almost as if the scene was actually happening in front of them. One person hilariously commented, “Hopefully everyone turned off their cellphones before the movie. Would be so disruptive.”

It’s also interesting to see how the movie culture in India is. As another viewer said, ”This reminds me of when I went to see Paranormal activity in theaters. A group of guys in front of me were basically doing this when it was night, cheering every time the time was fast forwarding and screaming and jumping around and hugging each other when it slowed down.”

Now I really want to watch a movie in India!

(Thanks, David!)

Singapore’s National Day makes people want to have sex (and make babies!)

The most romantic holiday of the year is traditionally Valentine’s day. But in Singapore, there’s another holiday that will get couples hot and heavy — and that’s August 9, National Day. It’s the day Singapore officially declared independence from Malaysia in 1965. It was naturally a very groundbreaking moment in the island’s history, and who knew it would inspire Singaporean couples to procreate in years to come? Mentos Singapore created this awesome rap music video “to celebrate not just National Day, but National Night too — and help give our population spurt it so desperately needs.” Oh yeah, and if you’re in a friends with benefits relationship or you’re unemployed, don’t bother watching the video. The blurb in the YouTube video says, “Only financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships should participate.”

Nice try guys, but the over-the-top lyrics makes it hard to take the message seriously. Some classic lines:

  • “I’ll take your breath away like a sonic boom”
  • “It’s National Night, so let’s make fireworks ignite.”
  • “Like a government scholar, I want to cram real hard.”
  • “I want to tap you all night like an EZ link card.” (EZ link cards are basically smart cards that are used to pay for public transportation. It’s akin to the Clipper Card in San Francisco.)
  • “I’m a patriotic husband, you’re my patriotic wife, let me book into your camp and manufacture life.”
  • “Let’s put a bao in your oven.”

(Thanks, Sara!)

How to implode a watermelon with rubber bands

Nevermind how they came up with the idea in the first place — this video is amazing.  The guys on the Korean TV show start by curiously placing the innocuous first rubber band round the watermelon.  As they add more elastic, the melon’s shell starts buckling to the pressure.  Water from the fruit starts seeping from the shell.  Then, finally, after about 1,000 rubber bands, the unfortunate watermelon implodes in all its anticipated glory.  Ka-boom!  Don’t you just love the random humor of Asian TV shows?

WTF: Chinese guy bulldozes through hurdles like a madman

Nothing makes you appreciate the incredible talent of Olympic athletes than a ridiculously horrible amateur.  Watch how this hurdler from Chinese University uses a rather erm, “unconventional” technique during his race.   After he knocks over his first two hurdles, he decides, “Eff this” and bulldozes through the rest of the race like a bonafide crazy person.

This video is a couple years old, but what a great way to get us all fired up for the professional Olympians whom we’ll be watching soon!