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Sailormoon actresses are too old and fat, viewers complain

Growing up, I always dreamed of becoming a Sailor Moon, aside from becoming an attorney of course. Who wouldn’t want to fight evil forces with some moon prism power and then fall in love with a mysterious man who calls himself Tuxedo Mask?  However, my dreams were recently tainted after I saw this commercial for a a new Sailor Moon show in Hong Kong that brings the famous Japanese anime show to life.

The live version just doesn’t quite give Sailor Moon that glamorous effect as the animated version. Apparently, this commercial has received much criticism from the Chinese, who took offense to the ages of the actors as well as the weight of one of them. I find it amusing that the commercial depicts three of the “Sailor Scouts” eating Dim Sum, served by Tuxedo Mask.  I guess some things are better left animated.


Japanese toilets can assess your poo

This futuristic toilet can check your blood pressure, take your temperature, analyze your urine sample and email the results straight to your doctor.  In addition, who wouldn’t want a toilet that plays your favorite song while you do your business?

Japan, the leader in toilet technology, never fails to impress me with their “smart” toilets.  When I lived in Japan, I loved the heated toilet seats in the winter, but ever since I moved from Japan, it looks like the toilet technology has significantly improved! I guess I’ll have to live with the traditional non-heated, manual flush toilets found in America. Check out the video demonstrating the wonders of the Japanese toilet!

Fob revelation: Umbrellas are not beauty tools

Yes, you heard right my fellow fobs. People here do not use umbrellas, elbow-length gloves, or huge sun hats that block vision in order to stay fair. Instead, they buy fake tanners, roll around in the sun, and stare curiously at people who carry umbrellas on a sunny day.

My mom has always lectured me to put on sunscreen or cover up before I become *gasp* tanned. As a dutiful Asian daughter, I listened and I’m kind of glad I did. Protecting myself from the sun has saved my skin from its aging effects. But that’s just my own preference. I know my fellow fobbers Suzie and Amy do enjoy being tanned and actively seek the sun to maintain their luminous tan.

I could go into a detailed analysis of Asia’s traditional ideal of “white is beautiful” versus the Asian American “tanned is hot” preference…but I think I’ll leave that as food for thought for you guys.

This post was inspired by our favorite ramen skirt girl, Mai Truong. Here is a picture she took while in Hawaii.

Mai says:

“Every summer, hundreds of thousand of Japanese make their way down to the most isolated archipelago in the world to enjoy the beautiful beaches  and to soak up some sun…well minus the last part. Everywhere I turned I see ladies in floppy hats and arm warmers! I know how Asian adorn pale skin, but come on, you’re in Hawai’i! I had to take a picture and send it to you guys.”

Interested in reading more about the differing beauty ideals? Read about how 100 lbs is the ideal weight in Asia.

Bear cub frightened by baby lion

This is so mean, but it’s so cute! Check out this Japanese baby bear being frightened by a lion cub and a monkey. It’s guaranteed to make you go “aaawwww!”

(Thanks, Pearl!)

Cooking with dog improves culinary skills

Cooking with DogIt’s not what you think it is.  Yes, I’m Vietnamese and yes, we do have a reputation of turning dogs into culinary delights, but my love for dogs surpasses my curiosity for trying “exotic” foods.

Instead, I’ve been obsessed with a YouTube channel literally called “Cooking with Dog.” It’s a fantastic Japanese cooking show on YouTube that shows you how to make your favorite Japanese dishes ranging from Nabeyaki Udon to Katsudon.   And of course, no cooking show would be complete without a narrating poodle.

How many bananas can you stack around a monkey?

That’s exactly the goal of another crazy Japanese game show that involves competing to see how much food can be stacked on top of an animal before the food topples over.  I would feel tortured if I were one of those animals! Pizza to me is like a banana to a monkey. I don’t know how long I would last if someone stacked hundreds of slices of pizza around me and forbade me to eat them.

(Thanks, Vanessa!)

Sushi pillows will look great on my new couch

sushi pillow

I’m so hungry I could eat a sushi pillow.  These $45 to $60 sushi pillows come in flavors such as salmon, shrimp and fish eggs. If you’re as hungry as I am, you can get your own, here!



Guy pranked into thinking he was in a real-life horror movie

Check out this poor Japanese guy almost bursting into tears when being tricked into thinking that the scenes from horror movies like “The Ring” were becoming a reality. Japanese TV shows are definitely what I miss when I’m back in the states. It doesn’t get any better than this…

(Thanks, Tim!)

Cute Japanese girl makes a phone call

This is why I am determined to raise my kids to speak Japanese.  This girl is too cute!  If you can’t get enough of her cuteness, check out the other videos her dad has captured of her on her YouTube channel!

Japan’s creepy scarecrows look like horror movie characters

Eeps, these scarecrows are going to scare away pests AND people. The schoolgirl scarecrow and the torsoless heads look like they would fit in some Japanese horror film like “The Ring” or “Ju-on.”