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Need a hand with a fake girlfriend?

japanese photographer selfie

Don’t feel sad if you don’t have a partner. In fact, take inspiration from Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushu, who, with the help of makeup and mad contortionist skills, manages to take photos that look like he has a girlfriend. Here’s how you, too, can learn this photo trick.

He puts makeup on his hand and paints his nails for a feminine look.


He also wears a scrunchie to make the hand look more authentic. Fake-Girlfriend-Pics

He then maneuvers himself into a position that’s a perfect angle for a fake girlfriend hand shot.


More photos of his work below.

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Japanese app gets hot guys to insult you into losing weight

Nenshou app


Sick of your high self-confidence? Want to lose weight the unhealthy way? Then watch out for this to-be-released-in-August Japanese app called Nenshou! For Girls, in which three hot anime guys will insult you into losing weight. While you’re working on your weight loss, you might even be lucky enough to develop a relationship with one of the cuties who has been calling you a fatty. Sigh, the wonders of a dysfunctional romance!

Funny enough, Nenshou!, the male-targeted version of this app, has three hot anime girls cheering guys on and giving them positive reinforcement. Apparently, men prefer encouragement vs. verbal abuse. Go figure.


Better than Disneyland: Japan’s cat island

When I saw photos of Japan’s cat island, my jaw dropped. I thought to myself, this…is what dreams are made of.  It is definitelyway better than any Disneyland I’ve ever been to. Also known as Tashirojima, the tiny island is part of the Miyagi prefecture, and holds a population of about 100 people. Its feline nickname stems from the huge stray cat population, which is four times larger than its doting human population. Check out the awesome photos of the cats below. They are truly livin’ the life on Tashirojima — they get fed fresh fish by the fisherman, and prowl freely around the island. And get this, dogs are banned from this feline haven, too.

cat jumping

cat island

japan cats

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World’s cutest otter will get you a drink from the vending machine

You will definitely want to buy a drink from this vending machine once you see this cute lil’ otter bringing you a drink from it. I’m not exactly sure where you can find him, but apparently he lives in a seaworld-type place in Japan, according to the description in the YouTube video.

(Thanks, Nadia!)


Japanese teens lick eyeballs for pleasure

asian eyes

And in other extremely gross news, Japanese teens are licking each other’s eyeballs during their makeout sessions. Apparently, this is causing a breakout in eye infections. This new fad is apparently inspired by some music video by a Japanese band that featured an eyeball-licking scene.

This trend isn’t exactly innocuous — some doctors claim that it can even lead to blindness. Not to mention, you can even catch STDs in your eyes, like eye chlamydia. Ick! I don’t even want to imagine what those photos would look like.

(Thanks, Nadia!)


Japan’s underground bicycle garage is awesome

Walking around San Francisco, I often see parked bicycles with their front wheels missing — the result of all too common bike thefts.  That’s why Japan’s automatic underground garages are seriously awesome.  Not only does the ingenious urban technology save a ton of ground-level space, but it also keep your two-wheelers safe from predators.  You gotta watch how it works in the video below.  I love how the system just sucks in your bicycle and takes it into what looks like a sci-fi cave!

5 reasons to slap on a pound of makeup to turn into a gyaru

One of Japan’s claim to fame is easily the gyaru, a type of subculture in Japan that has both men and women dressed to the nines; that is, if they were going to some sort of fashionable barbie slash anime character ball. Simply, it’s every beauty and fashion trend you know, done to the extreme. The word gyaru comes from the Japanese pronounciation of “gal,” but this special society isn’t just for women — plenty of men do it, too. I may sound derisive of it, but I actually think it’s really cool and just another example of the creativity thrumming in the young people in Japan.

Here are some pretty convincing reasons you should become a gyaru:

5) Because a regular hair weave ain’t got nothing on a on a gyaru’s do.

See the ashy blond locks curled to oblivion, the pouf that will make Bridget Bardot tear her hair out in frustration because she will never reach this epic poufiness perfection, and the frippery bits of lace, faux pearls, and ribbons weaved in and out of the locks.



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Anyone up for some cat sushi?

We generally expect to see raw fish on top of rice when it comes to sushi  But what if you take an animal that eats fish, and put it on top of rice?! Mind. Blown. Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts has brought that intriguing concept to the masses by selling prints of neko-sushi for $407 each on their site.


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Lotteria introduces burger for ramen lovers

Ramen burger

I love burgers and I love ramen, but never have I imagined combining them. Japanese burger chain, Lotteria, has joined forces with famous Japanese ramen restaurant, Menya Musashi, to create the unique ramen burger. Instead of your typical beef patty, this carb-overload menu item consists of seasoned ramen noodles that are grilled, topped with BBQ pork covered in sweet brown sauce, and placed between two buns spread with mayo. It comes with a side of fish broth to help wash down this fatty goodness, and the entire meal costs around $6.50.  Not enough? Pay an extra buck to get a second portion with more soup.

This special is available only from May 20 to mid-June. So if you’re in Japan, make sure to bring out your inner fatty and try it!


(Thanks, Fred!)


Turning your morning coffee into a piece of art

latte cat

Never thought I’d see 3D latte art. This coffee kitty was created by Kazuki Yamamoto, a 26-year-old from Osaka, Japan. He posts his latte art creations regularly on his twitter account and he’s apparently far from the only one to surface from Japan. Although we do have latte artists here in the US, the Japanese designers take it to another level with the 3D features and the intricate designs.

Check out more of his cool work!

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