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Japanese app gets hot guys to insult you into losing weight

Nenshou app


Sick of your high self-confidence? Want to lose weight the unhealthy way? Then watch out for this to-be-released-in-August Japanese app called Nenshou! For Girls, in which three hot anime guys will insult you into losing weight. While you’re working on your weight loss, you might even be lucky enough to develop a relationship with one of the cuties who has been calling you a fatty. Sigh, the wonders of a dysfunctional romance!

Funny enough, Nenshou!, the male-targeted version of this app, has three hot anime girls cheering guys on and giving them positive reinforcement. Apparently, men prefer encouragement vs. verbal abuse. Go figure.


iPhone case shaped like a hand? Not creepy at all.

Holy crap, I think I just found the most amazing / creepy gadget ever: the iPhone case shaped like a human hand.  Now you can feel like you’re holding Siri’s hand when you whisper sweet nothings to her.

For $52, you can get this handmade (no pun intended) delight, made out of soft silicone so it feels like a real human.  However, you apparently have to remove the case when taking pictures, since the fingers get in the way.  Also, putting the phone in your pocket makes it look like a zombie is trying to escape out of your butt, as seen in the hilarious picture below.

Get yours here.

hand iphone case

iphone case shaped like hand

hand shaped iphone case

(Thanks, Tony!)


Bathing girl iPhone cover is perfect for perverts

I can imagine the looks this Japanese iPhone cover of a nude girl in a bath ($31) would receive in public. It’s definitely not something you want to carry around. But I have to say, there is one feature that could possibly make this worthwhile. The bathing beauty’s head doubles as stand for your iPhone!

See how it works after the jump.

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iPhone 5 ice cream, anyone?

If you can’t wait for the arrival of the new iPhone 5, satisfy your cravings with this popsicle inspired by the much anticipated Apple gadget. Sold in Shenyang of the Liaoning Province in China, the cool treat actually looks quite delicious. However, I’m disappointed it’s in the shape of the company’s logo and not the actual smartphone. Apparently, the Shenyang industrial and Commercial Bureau claims it isn’t copyright infringement because Apple didn’t register the iPhone trademark in the food sector.


Siri’s Chinese is not bad, but she stays mum about Tiananmen

Chinese Siri might not have the smooth, sultry voice of her English counterpart, but Apple’s virtual assistant is now fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.  However, one topic she apparently can’t seem talk about is the Tiananmen Square incident.  According to the Wall Street Journal, some users have been testing Siri’s limits on free speech with questions such as, “Do you know about the Tiananmen incident?” Her answer: “I couldn’t find any appointments related to ‘Do you know about Tiananmen.'”  Hmmm.

Rephrasing the question doesn’t seem to help, either.  “What happened on June 4, 1989?”  Siri’s response is even more off: “I’m sorry, the person you are looking for is not in your address book.”

In fact, Chinese Siri can’t even seem to give directions to Tiananmen Square.  Siri does have issue with navigation to other locations that are less politically sensitive, but perhaps Apple’s just being extra careful to not ruffle any Chinese feathers?


China’s “iPhone” ignites fire, cooks food

A lawyer in Singapore once told me that fighting trademark infringement in China  is like playing a game of “whack-a-mole” — as soon as you’ve killed one sucker, another one pops up.  On that note, may I present China’s latest “iPhone,” that takes the form of a locally-made gas stove.  Who needs apps when you’ve got flames?  The Chinese characters on the stove even translate as “apple.”  Officials in Wuhan seized 681 stoves, which not only claimed to have been manufactured by Apple China Limited, but apparently also lacked safety precautions.

This comes after Apple won a battle this week against Proview, a Taiwanese company who claimed that it had called first dibs on the “iPad” trademark.  A court in Shenzhen initially said that Apple didn’t have rights to the name, but the US company is now appealing that decision. I can’t imagine how much money Apple must spend on legal costs for China alone.

(Thanks, Dunks!)

Love hotel iPhone app makes Hong Kong hookups easy

Think of this Hong Kong iPhone app as the Yelp for sleazy sex motels.  Apparently, love hotels can be hard to find because they’re deliberately discreet.  Well, clandestine couples — such as cheating spouses and dating teens who still live with their parents — can now easily find a secret spot to get it on using the Hong Kong Hourly Hotel Guide.  The app is free, but it’s only in Chinese.


Smart mirror takes multitasking to a new level

Forget buying an iPhone or iPad.  If  I had $7,700 to blow, I would totally get myself this Cybertecture Mirror which would allow me to check my Facebook, keep track of “that time of the month,” and read the news. . . all while brushing my teeth and doing my makeup. This high-tech mirror, created by Hong Kong-based firm, James Law Cybertecture International, will be available next Summer but you can start pre-ordering this December. Another excuse for women to take longer to get ready!


Steve Jobs clone found in Hong Kong

Steve Jobs has a Chinese evil twin!  Check out this presentation by Steve Jobs’ clone for the new MTR Mobile subway app.  He’s even got Jobs’ signature quirks down — the hand gestures, the “one more thing” line, gulping bottled water, and, of course, the outfit.


(Thanks Dunks!)

Okinawa lures visitors with iPhones



Now this is what I call a travel deal. Starting October, 2010, visitors to Okinawa, Japan will be given an iPhone to use for the duration of their stay in Okinawa. Set up by the Okinawa tourist office this two-year experiment will give the airport 100 iPhones, and various hotels and restaurants with another 200 iPhones, to be made available for tourists to borrow. I wonder if use of the phone includes free long distance roaming charges?