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Ahmed Angel, the real life Blue Steel

Ahmed Angel taken by Pej from Facebook

Sometimes we come across human beings who are simply gems, a cut above the rest of us mere mortals.  Meet Ahmed Angel, an 18-year old from Iraq, who has recently been popping up all over the internet — and no wonder, what with that disarming “Blue Steel” pose (a la Zoolander), perfectly gelled hair, and immaculate airbrushed makeup.  He’s got a treasure trove of photos on his Facebook, and apparently a rapidly growing fan base.

Sure, the title of his YouTube video, “Ahmed Angel is Planet,” doesn’t really make sense.  But after you watch it, you’ll realize that making sense really isn’t the point.


Miss Korea contestants suspiciously photoshopped

There was a lot of buzz going around a couple of weeks ago about how the Miss Korea contestants all look the same. Many believe the contestants all went to the same plastic surgeon. But recent “before” photos of the contestants came out showing them with less makeup and glam, and looking different from each other, causing people to think that maybe the contestants were photoshopped and not the product of plastic surgery. Do you think it’s plastic surgery, makeup, photoshop, or a combination?

Miss Korea contestants without makeup

Check out the rest of the contestants!

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How Singapore Airlines stewardess’ stay hot while flying

Singapore Airlines stewardess

Being an iconic “Singapore Girl,” doesn’t just involve learning the safety and emergency procedures. Training to be a stewardess for the airline requires perfecting makeup, hair, walking down the aisle, and most importantly, looking hot and learning to constantly smile. Apparently, the ladies are required to keep their hair buns no wider than 2.8 inches and their eyelashes must be curled to a certain length!

While some may argue that the training these gals are required to go through is a bit over the top, wouldn’t you rather spend a 12 hour flight being served by good looking women with awesome customer service? Unfortunately, most of us are probably more used to moody, less-attractive flight attendants who get mad if you ask for more than one bag of peanuts.

Check out the video to see what it takes to be a hot Singapore Airlines girl!


Eggs laid by hens eating kimchi, a new fobby diet fad?

My buddy sent me a picture of this Korean product the other day—eggs laid by hens eating kimchi. At first I got excited thinking I could make myself some breakfast with a spicy kick of the Korean fermented cabbage. But looking closer at the packaging, it says “no kimchi flavor.” So what’s the point of buying these eggs? Apparently they contain Lactobacillus, a bacteria found in fermented foods and helps strengthen your immunity.

Although I’m bummed I can’t have kimchi-flavored eggs, I’m impressed at the hens that can tolerate the hot Korean goodness!

(Thanks, Richard!)

Fobby must-haves: Sriracha to-go packets

One thing I miss about the McDonald’s and Burger King in Singapore are the packets of chili sauce they include with your meal. As popular as Sriracha is over here in the U.S., I always wondered why packets of Sriracha sauce are not offered at American fast food chains. Well, it looks like I can now conveniently carry packets of Sriracha with me on my next trip to the golden arches.  Asian food company, Lee Kum Kee, now sells individual travel-sized Sriracha packets for $0.10 each! Pair these packets with a “sprayracha” and you’ll always be prepared to give your food that extra spicy kick!


Miss China crowned Miss World 2012

It looks like China is dominating in many categories now, including beauty. This past weekend, Miss China, Yu Wenxia, was crowned Miss World 2012 which was hosted in Ordos, China. She beat out Sophie Elizabeth Moulds of Wales (first runner-up) and Jessica Michelle Kahawaty of Australia (second runner-up).

Wenxia, 23, is currently a music student and hopes to become a music teacher.  She is China’s second Miss World winner. Yay for Chinese beauties!


(Thanks, Danny!)

Sriracha lollipops are the new “hot” candy

As we know, Sriracha is a fobby must-have. But for serious Sriracha addicts, SF candy company, Lollyphile, has introduced their Sriracha lollipops to their unique candy collection, which also includes flavors such as absinthe and bourbon.  If you’re familiar with the Atomic Fireball candy, the Sriracha lollipops apparently offer a unique twist to the hot sweet.

Hmm, would it be gross if I tried dissolving one into a bowl of pho?  


(Thanks, Louie!)

Fobby must-haves: Sriracha sauce

OK, so who doesn’t love this spicy and tangy sauce? Whenever I need to give my food a boost of flavor, I can always rely on my handy bottle of Sriracha to give it that extra kick. In fact, I love it so much, I even dressed up as Sriracha last Halloween.

Manufactured by Huy Fong Foods, Sriracha is made out of red jalapeños, garlic powder, sugar, salt and vinegar. Inspired by the popularity of Heinz ketchup, David Tran, founder of Huy Fong Foods, decided in the early 1980s to create his own version of a traditional Asian chili sauce. The sauce was then born in Los Angeles and named after a town in Chonburi Province, Thailand, known for the original version of this chili sauce.

It started off mainly as an added ingredient in in Vietnamese pho, but now can be found in most food joints as a condiment equivalent to ketchup. I’ve found myself using it on pizza, spaghetti, eggs, and even mac & cheese! Not only is it used as a condiment, but also a cooking ingredient too. Because I love to cook, I decided to search recipes that incorporate this amazing flavor-booster and came across an article listing 10 ways to cook with it. So whether you’re craving Asian fish tacos or “firecracker” shrimp, try out these mouth-watering recipes!


Learn Mandarin the sexy way (NSFW)

Let’s face it, learning a language gets harder the older you get, especially Mandarin. Many of us enroll in classes, purchase Rosetta Stone, or even watch children’s shows in the language we’re trying to learn. Well, Mandarin just got easier to learn with the help of a site called Sexy Mandarin.  The site features free videos of provocative and scantily clothed girls (a.k.a your instructor) reciting Mandarin phrases. Caution, your lessons may get steamy!

(Thanks, Danny!)

North Korea airs Bend It Like Beckham, a first-ever western film

Not sure why North Korea is all hyped up about this chick-flick from almost 10 years ago, but the country decided to approve a nation-wide screening of Bend It Like Beckham, apparently its first-ever airing of a western-made film.

Arranged by the British embassy, the movie is definitely worlds apart from the shows North Koreans get to watch on the state-run TV.  The communist country’s programming includes “animations, hagiographies of its leaders and images celebrating the country’s army, model farms and model villages.”

Sounds like riveting stuff.

And while North Korea has never struck me as a country that particularly cared about diplomacy, the country apparently aired the film to commemorate its 10-year anniversary of diplomatic ties with the UK.

Or maybe even North Korea can’t resist the hotness of Keira Knightley and Parminder Nagra.










Go figure that this isolated communist country is a little out of sync with the rest of the world.  Read about North Korea’s creepy Facebook and Twitter accounts and Kim Jong Il’s “fashionable” outfits.