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Say cheers to Taiwan’s new hello kitty beer!

Hello Kitty beer

The Hello Kitty craze just never gets old. You’re also never too old to love the mouthless feline, especially when there’s beer branded with the adorable cartoon cat. Sanrio recently licensed the Hello Kitty brand to Taiwan Tsing Beer Company to produce lower alcohol volume flavored beers. While the beer comes in a variety of enticing flavors including peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, banana, reviewers describe it tasting like “Fanta with a beer aftertaste,” and “Sprit(e) on the front end…Bud Light on the back end.”

So if you’re a beer connoisseur, this might not be the drink for you. But who can resist the colorful, cute packaging?


(Thanks, Thai!)

Domo toaster makes burnt toast look awesome

I have a tendency to burn my cooking, but this Domo toaster may be the cutest way to scorch food and get away with it.  It’s kind of expensive for a toaster, though.  You’ll have to fork out $49 at Urban Outfitters to get one, and while it’s super cute, you might want to read the mixed reviews first.  Really want an adorable toaster to get you up in the morning?  This Hello Kitty toaster is a little girlier but less pricey!

 Domo Toaster
(Thanks, Tony!)

What it’s like to fly Hello Kitty class

I’m crazy about all things Hello Kitty, so imagine my delight when I discovered the plane I was flying on from Tokyo to Taipei was the famed Hello Kitty plane we talked about two years ago. Just so you can have a glimpse of what it was like, I took photos from start to finish!

Check-in counter:

hello kitty check-in counter















My airplane ticket:

hello kitty plane ticket















The tail end of the plane as I was boarding:

Back of Hello Kitty Plane















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Fake braces a fashion trend for Asian teens


Although crooked teeth are trendy in Japan, teens in places like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are now embracing the “brace face” look. Apparently kids are spending over $100 for the black-market fashion braces to give off the impression that they can afford the expensive orthodontic procedure. The most popular designs are Mickey Mouse, and of course, Hello Kitty.

However, the Thai government has been cracking down on the illegal vendors as the faux braces have caused the death of a 17-year-old who got a thyroid infection, which progressed to fatal heart failure due to poor quality braces. Another teen died from braces purchased at an illegal open-air stall. There have also been reports of parts of poorly manufactured dental appliances coming loose and creating a choking hazard. Some even contained lead. Anyone caught selling this new fashion accessory in Thailand can be imprisoned up to six months in addition to receiving a $1,300 fine.

I think I’ll stick to less-risky and more flattering fashion trends. I wouldn’t want to pay for food getting stuck between my wires and having to eat porridge every time I got my braces tightened.


Get your teeth cleaned at “Hello Dentist”

I’m not a fan of going to the dentist. The drills scare me and the bleak white walls and florescent lights never put me at ease when I’m about to get my teeth pulled out. But imagine walking into a dentist office painted in pink and decked out in Sanrio characters. Yes, the Hello Kitty brand has made it into the dental industry.

Last month, the Heart Dental Clinic opened in Tokyo’s Koto-ku. The clinic is adorned in Hello Kitty wallpaper, and contains heart-shaped seats, Kitty pictures, and even a heart-shaped restroom sink. Not only is this a great marketing scheme, but it aims to make visits to the dentist much more enjoyable for young patients.

I wonder if they give out free Hello Kitty toothbrushes!


(Thanks, Thai!)

Hello Kitty cigarettes and men’s underwear

Today is Hello Kitty’s birthday, and I decided to search the web for unique Hello Kitty products to honor the mouthless cat. I was not disappointed when I clicked through the posts on Hello Kitty Hell. Obviously, the love for Hello Kitty is universal and very potent. Take a look at some of the weirder ones below.  I actually don’t think the men’s underwear looks that bad, but it might be just me seeing as I’m the biggest Hello Kitty fan.

Hello Kitty cigarettes:

Hello Kitty men’s underwear:


Hello Kitty chainsaw for the fobby lumberjack/serial killer

I can’t decide which the demographic the makers of this Hello Kitty chainsaw were trying to target — fobby lumberjacks or serial killers. Either way, it’s obviously a niche market. I can’t seem to find out where you can actually buy this piece of feminized equipment, so I’m assuming this is a one-of-a-kind product. All I can say is, despite my great propensity for Hello Kitty, I think I’ll skip the chainsaw.


Move over Virgin, Hello Kitty is now boarding

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough Hello Kitty, try jet-setting on a Hello Kitty airplane. Taiwanese airline, EVA airways is launching its Hello Kitty aircraft this October to commemorate its 20th anniversary. Everything from the  boarding passes, meal trays, baggage tags and the flight attendants’ aprons will be Hello Kitty themed.

Additionally, the campaign has hopes of increasing travel between Taiwan and Japan after the massive earthquake and tsunami. Hello Kitty is more than just a cute character, it’s bringing the world together!

(Thanks, New Heights!)


If you’re not yet sick of Hello Kitty, check out the Hello Kitty mansion, glasses,  braces, tattoo, and toaster!

I wish I was hipster (or fobby) enough to wear these glasses!

I admit I’d look like a total dumbass wearing these, but omg they are so cute!  I stumbled on these while trolling on 8Asians’ awesome tumblr and the fob in me totally melted when I saw them.  If you’re hipster enough (or if you’re an accidental Chinese hipster like these folks) to sport these Hello Kitty inspired frames, get them on Etsy for $24.80 here.


Snooki loves Hello Kitty as much as I do!

She’s more guidette than fob, but she and I share the same love for the most hated/loved Sanrio character of all time — Hello Kitty! I spotted a ton of Hello Kitty paraphernalia among Snooki’s Twitter pics and that just makes me love her even more. I want her Hello Kitty bag!

“Boyfriends shirt + Wine in a Hello Kitty cup = #winning
“Goin shoppin with my kitty bag *”