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Shaolin monks treat NBA baller’s sports injuries

I’m a huge fan of alternative medicine, especially the kind that comes from the motherland a.k.a. the Far East. I see an acupuncturist regularly and it has done miracles for all kinds of ailments, even my carpal tunnel stricken hand.

Looks like NBA ballers are catching on to the Chinese medicine trend. Mickael Pietrus, a NBA player from the Phoenix Suns, recently sought treatment for his knee from Shaolin monks in the Henan province of China. He had missed 12 games during an NBA season because of his knee, and I guess that drove him to try more unconventional therapies.

The Shaolin temple where he was treated has its own hospital, which also counts Shaquille O’Neal as one of its more famous patients. The medical establishment at the Buddhist temple has been around for a 1,000 years. Apparently Pietrus’ treatment was a success and he claims that he no longer experiences knee pain.

This sounds pretty amazing, and as an avid proponent of Chinese medicine, I’d love to visit this temple one day!

(Thanks, Hubert!)


Travel shots? You mean, like, tequila?

.Maybe it’s a fob thing, but it has never occurred to me that I might need to take vaccine shots before traveling around Southeast Asia.  I’m going back to fob-land tomorrow, and I’ve always found it curious how people load up on vaccines before traveling to Asia.

I mean, I know that mosquito-transmitted illnesses like malaria and dengue aren’t unheard of, and I’ve had my fair share of food poisoning.  But if I told my parents I was going to get shots for our trip to Malaysia this weekend, they’d look at me like I was crazy.  We’ve been traveling there since I was a little kid, so I’m sure we’ve developed an immunity to most fobby germs.  As my mom would say in Cantonese, “Dai kwun sik sai kwun,” or literally, “Big germ (i.e. people) eats little germ.”

Now, if you’re talking about the other kind of shots, sign me up!

Wanna know what I’ll be doing a LOT of back in the motherland? Okay, a few hints here, here and here!

How I like my instant ramen — al dente!


So I was watching someone make instant ramen the other day, and I was horrified because he was putting the ramen in BEFORE the water started boiling. He was doing it all wrong, like not scrambling the egg before putting it in the soup…well, maybe wrong in my eyes. I’m quite particular about my ramen. I guess we all have different tastes, because Amy prefers to drop her egg and then scramble it like egg drop soup.

I feel that making instant ramen is an art. In fact, I found an expert who knows what he’s doing when it comes to cooking ramen. Toshio Yamamoto, 49, loves instant noodle so much, that he actually blogs about it, vlogs about it, and eats it five days out of a week, according to Boing Boing. From his vlogs on YouTube, seems like the man really knows his ramen. Check it out:

Here’s how I like my ramen, al dente style:

  1. Heat up water until it’s boiling.
  2. Tear packet and put seasoning in.
  3. Put ramen in and shake it around with my chopsticks a little.
  4. Scramble egg well and drop it in.
  5. Season with fish sauce and seasame oil if feeling adventurous.

Note that I never leave my ramen in for too long, because I don’t like it when it’s all overcooked and super soggy! How about you — how do you like your ramen?

I know you like fobby food as much as I do so check out these stories: Japanese dog gives cooking instructions on YouTube, China’s Walmart sells crocodile meat, and Suzie’s revelation about how ostrich meat does not taste like chicken.

Fobby Must-Haves: Yakult, the yummiest bacteria drink

I recently found that my local grocery store sells Yakult. . . yay!  Not only that, but come 2012, Yakult is going to build its very first US factory in Southern California.  I LOVE Yakult and have been drinking these tiny bottles of goodness since I was a kid back in Singapore.  Unfortunately, they only sell the original flavor here — I used to love the multi-flavor packs when I was little.

Yakult’s big selling point is that it’s supposed to be good for digestion.  It’s packed with the friendly probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus casei Shirota, a special strain of live bacteria that a Japanese scientist, Minoru Shirota, discovered back in 1930.

I’ve noticed that Yakult has been airing a cute commercial on TV here recently.  It looks like this delicious fobby health drink is making its way into mainstream America. Holla!


Luxurious or lame: Red wine baths

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of taking baths— I always end up feeling really groggy afterwards.  But it looks like China’s caught onto the red wine bath fad with the opening of its first red wine spa this week in the Fogang county of China’s Guangdong province.

Hmmm… does bathing in wine even have any real health benefits?  I don’t think the antioxidant effects work if you’re just sitting in the wine, right?  At any rate, spas like these are another sign that China’s growing economy is allowing people to afford more luxuries. My question is, how often are they going to change the bath water?


Female fobs live longer than anyone else in the world

Here at Absolutely Fobulous, we obviously think that being a fob is pretty awesome.  But who knew that fobs actually live longer than anyone else in the world!  Not only that, but being a gal increases our average lifespan, too.  Japanese women are expected to live 86.5 years, which puts them at #1 for longevity ratings.  Hong Kong women came in at a close second and are expected to live 86.1 years.

With that in mind, I think I’ll celebrate my peeps’ longevity by working out my arteries with a big bucket of fried chicken and a giving a high-five to my liver with a couple beers.


(Thanks Hubie!)

World Cup hazardous to health, nags HK government

Booze, cigs and gluttony… three things that are synonymous with the watching the World Cup, according to the Hong Kong government.  Last week, Hong Kong issued a health warning to soccer fans, stating that “even though crispy snacks and alcoholic beverages could add to the World Cup festivity, it is important to maintain healthy eating, get sufficient sleep, avoid tobacco or excessive alcohol, and stay within the law in terms of the smoking ban.”

It actually sounds disconcertingly like my mom – drink more water, don’t eat too much fried food, get more sleep!  So for all you soccer fans out there, here’s some loving, motherly/governmental advice:

  • When you feel like smoking, wash your face, do stretching exercises, try deep breathing and drink water to divert your attention from the urge.
  • Limit fatty and sugary snacks (such as potato chips, candy bars and buttered popcorn).
  • Drink plenty of water or light tea.
  • Choose drinks with lower alcohol content. Reduce alcohol content by adding ice.
  • Do not get into rounds. Drink alcohol-free beverages in between.



Little Asian kids addicted to nicotine


kid smoking

There seems a horrific trend showing up in Asia: little kids puffing cigs like jaded smokers when they should be sucking on milk bottles. Remember the video of the cute four-year-old Dong Dong, a resident of the Anhui province in China, who lit his own cigarettes like a pro and guzzled alcohol?

The latest development in this disturbing trend is an Indonesian toddler who was spotted smoking a cigarette in a video that recently went viral. Seeing two-year-old Ardi Riza handle a cigarette with such ease is wrong on too many levels to count. The boy had apparently first tried smoking when he was only 18 months old and is now addicted to puffing two packs a day. The father says that the child has some weight problems due to his unhealthy habit, but the dad still insists that the boy is “healthy.” The parents are being investigated for child abuse right now. It seems like a pretty clear-cut case to me.

Can someone please tell me what is going on? This needs to be stopped NOW.


Next Philippines president refuses to quit smoking

Senator Benigno Aquino, 50, the Philippines president-elect, smokes a pack of cigs a day and he’s not ready to quit anytime soon. Aquino, who will succeed Gloria Arroyo on June 30, insists that he should be free to smoke and wishes to preserve one of the the “few remaining freedoms” he has left. This comes after health activists started campaigning for Aquino to quit his smoking habit in order to set a good example for the rest of the country.

Aquino says:

“I will be coming under a lot of pressure. Should I add another unnecessary pressure? Maybe that might even affect my decisions on what I should do.”

The man is under stress people!


British woman gets fobby Chinese accent from migraine

Who knew migraines could lead to a fob accent? A British woman apparently succumbed to a rare disease known as the Foreign Accent Syndrome after a particularly bad migraine. According to the AFP, FAS reportedly caused “brain damage” in Sarah Colwill, 35, which took away her West Country drawl and left her speaking like a Chinese. The woman has never been to China before. Colwill says the accent is “getting her down” and that she is starting to find it annoying.

Colwill says:

“I moved to Plymouth when I was 18 months old so I have always spoken like a local. But following one attack, an ambulance crew arrived and they said I definitely sounded Chinese.”

Ok, I just watched the video of Colwill and I have concluded that it is very poor Chinese accent. They should rename the condition to Bad Foreign Accent Syndrome. If you want to know what a REAL fob accent sounds like, check out this Korean dude singing Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body.”