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China sells sexy panty peaches

sexy peaches

In an effort to capitalize on the upcoming Qixi Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, fruit venders in China are throwing sexy underwear on their peaches to give the illusion of plump butts. While some might think it’s a vulgar idea, I think it’s a cute and hilarious idea that is different from the typical chocolates and flowers people usually give to their significant others.

These cheeky peaches aren’t cheap. A box go for $80, but apparently they are reported to be “the juiciest, most delicious peaches on earth.”

(Thanks, Victor!)


How to implode a watermelon with rubber bands

Nevermind how they came up with the idea in the first place — this video is amazing.  The guys on the Korean TV show start by curiously placing the innocuous first rubber band round the watermelon.  As they add more elastic, the melon’s shell starts buckling to the pressure.  Water from the fruit starts seeping from the shell.  Then, finally, after about 1,000 rubber bands, the unfortunate watermelon implodes in all its anticipated glory.  Ka-boom!  Don’t you just love the random humor of Asian TV shows?

Fobby must-haves: Chinese fruit cakes

Confession: I am really, really terrible at baking.  I blame it on the fact that in Asia, most kitchens aren’t equipped with ovens.  The first time I used an oven was after I moved to the US, since my college dorm room had an oven.  I happily tried to bake banana bread for my boyfriend.  I successfully ended up with a nice little banana brick.

Despite the lack of ovens in most Asian kitchens, there’s something I’ve realized:  Chinese fruit cakes are effing uhh-mazing.  I admit the decoration is usually a little on the fobby side, but it’s the only kind of cake I like (I’m not a big cake fan).  It’s so soft, light, not too sweet, and topped with fresh fruit.  Drool.

If you haven’t tried a Chinese fruit cake yet, Yelp “Chinese cake bakery” in your local neighborhood.  You’ll thank me later!

Portable watermelon cooler/heater keeps summer fruit delicious

Ever thought to yourself, “Boy, if only I could cart around a watermelon while keeping it refrigerated at the same time”?  Well, have I got the perfect contraption for you.  I present to you another consummation of Japanese genius: the portable watermelon cooler.


The Marugoto Tamachan is a cart that has a built in cooler and heater.  (Because there’s nothing more delicious than hot watermelon.  Well, except maybe Japanese salty watermelon Kit Kats.)  The gadget costs $230.

I’m not sure how I have coped without one of these.


(Thanks Kyle!)

Mutant pears shaped like Buddhas

Eating pears can now be a sacred experience with Buddha-shaped fruit grown by a Chinese farmer Gao Xianzhang. Gao, who hails from Hexia, China, spent 6 years honing this special technique and says his religious fruits, going for US$8 each, are flying off the shelves. Now the question is, what’s the market for Jesus-shaped apples?



Salty watermelon Kit Kats satisfy fob's sweet tooth

Growing up, my parents always served watermelon with tiny dish of salt on the side.  At the time, this practice boggled me–why in the world would you want to put salt on something that was meant to be sweet?   Still, I mustered the courage to test this myself, and, to my surprise, found that a sprinkle of salt made the watermelon sweeter.

Watermelon kitkat

A few skeptical friends have dismissed my “salt on watermelon” habit as just another one of my weird eating rituals.  Well, I recently came across a bag of Watermelon and Salt Kit Kats at my local Japanese market.  Looks like this trend seems to be popular enough to be incorporated into Kit Kat flavors!

While I don’t completely understand the science behind how salt makes watermelon sweeter, I’ve noticed it’s a common practice in South East Asian countries to serve salt with tropical fruits, such as sprinkling salt on pineapple, or salty/sour plum powder on guava.

Next time you eat watermelon, try the salt sweetener trick!