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Candy Crush restaurant doesn’t serve crushed candy

It’s always amusing to see when companies in Asia piggyback off the marketing of other brands, especially when they’re totally unrelated.  Apparently the mobile game, Candy Crush, has become pretty popular in Malaysia – so much so that this random restaurant took its name.  And no, they don’t serve crushed candy.  Their sign says their specialty is “bak kut teh,” or pork rib soup.

candy crush restaurant

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A city made of food

Wow, if this food city were real, I think I’d move there in a heartbeat. Swedish food lab Atelier created this mini society out of food. Check out these awesome photos.



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Sriracha Lay’s chips hit stores this week

Sriracha Lay's ChipsI don’t really eat Lay’s chips, but that might change with their new Sriracha flavor coming out this week.  If you haven’t noticed, we AbFob girls love the Vietnamese hot sauce — I mean, Amy even dressed up as it for Halloween!  We’ve heard of Sriracha lollipops and popcorn, and now Lay’s is jumping on the spicy bandwagon.

Lay’s new flavor is one of three finalists in its “Do Us a Flavor” campaign, where people submitted 3.8 million ideas for a new potato chip flavor.  The leading flavors that will hit grocery stores this week are Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles and Garlic Cheesy Bread. 

As part of the campaign, Lay’s will award $1 million or 1 percent of the chip’s 2013 sales (whichever is more) to the person who submitted the winning flavor.

I gotta say, kudos to Lay’s for some pretty creative marketing strategy.  We’re going to have to get Amy to review these chips to see if they’re any better than the disappointing Sriracha popcorn.





Cute Japanese girl devours international foods


If I ever have a daughter, I want her to be exactly like this adorable Japanese girl named Rino. Her mom documents Rino eating homemade meals from various countries, which can all be viewed on their YouTube channel. From Korean bibimbap to Vietnamese pho, she happily savors every dish without any complaints. Just watching her eat makes me hungry! I also love how her mom makes her pronounce the name of each dish before eating. Now that’s one cultured kid!


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Biggest KFC in the world opens in Azerbaijan

World's biggest KFC

I love me some fried chicken, but this takes it to a whole new level.  In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, KFC opened its world’s largest restaurant.  The fast food chain invested about $3 million Euros into renovating a historic train station, which seats 300 people.  The building, which was part of the  Soviet Union’s first electrified railway system, had apparently become pretty shabby before KFC decided take over.

Check out the interiors below…who knew getting a 10-piece family bucket could be so classy!

World's biggest KFC 2



100% Vegetarian McDonald’s opens in India

If you’ve eaten at McDonald’s outside the US, you’ll know that the American chain can be pretty creative with localizing its menu. This month, McDonald’s announced perhaps its most impressive effort to make sure everyone can eat its burgers.  Starting in India, Mcdee’s will launch 100 percent vegetarian restaurants.

“The issue in India is, a vegetarian is a strict vegetarian,” said Rajesh Kumar Maini, head of communications for McDonald’s in India. “There have been instances that I’ve seen where a person who’s vegetarian would not even sit with a person who’s eating non-vegetarian food.”

And so the restaurant is taking the strictest of vegetarians head on.  Apparently, the prime locations for Mickey D’s veggie venture are religious sites.  For example, the chain plans to open at Vaishno Devi, a famous Hindu cave shrine that attracts millions of pilgrims each year.  Nothing like digging into a juicy McAloo Tikki burger after a day of prayer.

In all seriousness, while I realize it’s all in the fast food chain’s plan to dominate every corner of the world, I gotta give the corporate giant credit for its creativity and market research…even if it means my favorite Aloo Tikki (spicy fried potato) has been transformed into a McDonald’s burger.


Subway commercial from 200 BC

Before Jackie Chan, there was Bruce Lee.  And before Bruce Lee, there were these guys — old-school heroes with cat-like reflexes and the best evil laugh ever.  Check out this hilarious Subway commercial, featuring the new lobster sandwich set in drama of feudal China. I doubt Jared a.k.a. The Subway Guy could do a better job selling!

Cold instant ramen will save you money on air conditioning

Having grown up in Singapore, I do miss and appreciate the warm weather in the sunny city-state. However, I’ll be the first one to admit that it can get too hot and humid. Well, for those of you who are suffering in the heat wave but don’t want to rack up your A/C bill, the ingenious Japanese have yet again come up with
a creative solution for summer heat: cold instant ramen.

Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Japan’s most popular instant ramen maker, started marketing cold instant noodles in May. The quick meal is basically cooked instant noodles mixed with a ton of ice. The icy version has its benefits — apparently it makes the noodles chewier (yum! al dente!) and takes the edge off the usual saltiness, says Reuters. This way of making instant ramen tastes the best with Cup Noodle Light, a version with lower calories and oil, according to the spokesman at Nissin.

I actually do enjoy eating cold noodles sometimes, like somen and soba, so I’m not totally adverse to the idea of cold instant ramen. Although I imagine you’d have to eat a lot of cold ramen to beat the heat wave.


How to implode a watermelon with rubber bands

Nevermind how they came up with the idea in the first place — this video is amazing.  The guys on the Korean TV show start by curiously placing the innocuous first rubber band round the watermelon.  As they add more elastic, the melon’s shell starts buckling to the pressure.  Water from the fruit starts seeping from the shell.  Then, finally, after about 1,000 rubber bands, the unfortunate watermelon implodes in all its anticipated glory.  Ka-boom!  Don’t you just love the random humor of Asian TV shows?

Alexander McQueen-inspired dress made of 50k gummy bears

I would have a hard time keeping this dress on.  Stylists Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Murakumi made this killer dress out of 50,000 gummy bears for the debut of Twelv magazine, an online and print publication created for “an audience that has a refined taste but is a bit tired of the usual high-end fashion magazines.” What’s pretty cool about them is they are planning on 12 percent of their sales to charities like the World Food Programme.

Now back to the dress — weighing 220 pounds, the yummy gown was inspired by one of Alexander McQueen’s stunning dresses, and was a tribute to the late fashion designer.

My question is, do they get to eat it after it’s done?


The original dress by Alexander McQueen: