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Asians and their love affair with cameras

I don’t know how cameras made its way into our culture, but we Asians have some sort of obsession with taking and being in pictures. We love all forms too — sticker photos, webcam pictures, phone snapshots, and more — you name it. Check out this YouTube video that kinda sums up our love of photos:

(Thanks, Lu!)

Last-minute Xmas gifts for the fobby mom & dad

It’s that time of year again when we’re all scrambling to figure out what to get our hard-to-please Asian parents. If you’ve already exhausted the list from last year, here are some new ideas that hopefully won’t end up being re-gifted by your parents. You better hurry up because Christmas is just around the corner!

1. Battle Hymn of the Tiger MotherI gave my mommy this book for her birthday and she actually loved it, claiming that it’s like reading a biography of herself. Whether or not you consider your mother a “Tiger Mom,” Amy Chua’s story is one many Asian mums can probably relate to and enjoy.  $17.13 at Amazon.com.

2. Thick Asian blanketYou’re not a true fob unless your family owns one of these mega thick blankets that usually have a “naturesque” print on it. Although they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing blankets, they’re super warm and comfortable (and not to mention heavy). This is the perfect gift for the cold winter. $64.00 and up at Imported Blankets (or your nearest Asian mall).

3. Korean drama seriesAsian parents will sit in front of the TV for hours if you get them started on a Korean drama series. Don’t worry if they aren’t Korean, these drama series usually come in subtitles or dubbed in your language of choice. Make sure you include a box of tissues for the often occurring scene where a character ends up losing the love of his life to a fatal disease.

4. Hot pot setA family that eats together, stays together. Encourage your parents to throw a hot pot party with this handy set which can be used to cook fishballs, tofu, beef, veggies, or whatever your family likes to put in their hot pot.  $79.99 at Amazon.com (or alternatively you can find a cheaper one at an Asian supermarket).

5. Water boilerFobby parents always need hot water, whether it’s for their tea, instant ramen, or to simply kill off the bacteria in tap water. Ditch the old tea kettle and get your parents this high-tech Zojirushi vaccum electric hybrid water boiler. $199.99 at Target.

6. Asian TV channel subscriptionGetting your parents to watch”Jersey Shore” or “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” with you might not be the best idea. Instead, contact your local cable operator to subscribe to an Asian channel such as CCTV, KOAM, or SBTN. You can also start watching these channels to brush up on your language skills!

7. Grandchildren—If you’re an Asian son/daughter, you probably know how it feels to be constantly nagged about getting married so that your parents can become a grandparents before they reach the age of 80. So if you’re married and have yet to put some buns in the oven, give your mama and papa the priceless gift of being a grandparent!

Chinese woman wears full-body swimsuit for sun protection

Don’t freak out. It’s just a fob in a swimsuit. If you’re deathly afraid of the sun as most fobs are, you might want to invest in a full-body swimsuit like the one this Chinese lady is wearing. Nicknamed the “Swimsuit Frogman” by Chinese netizens, the sun-hating woman is apparently from Qingdao, China. Many speculate that this ingenious man-made swimsuit was created to protect her fair skin from the harmful UV rays as well as from the jellyfish stings.

I’m just wondering how long it takes to peel the swimsuit off.


Best website ever: FMyChinaLife.com


FMyLife.com? Pshhh, that’s old news. You want know what’s really hot? FMyChinaLife, the Chinese version of the famous user-generated FML blog. As usual, someone in China pirated the concept, but this time the copy might be better than the original.

I just spent about an hour going through entries and chuckling to myself. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Today, on the bus I saw a man carrying a leg of lamb in a bag. The butcher had not managed to get all of the fur off of the leg. FMCL
  • Last year, on New Years Eve, my friends and I went clubbing. It was a good night, I was dancing with two beautiful Chinese, and we even kissed. Before it was midnight 2011, I discovered my Windows phone was gone, and so were the girls. FMCL
  • Last week, I started a new job at a Chinese company, making me the only foreigner there. Unfortunately, my first name (David) is the same as my boss’s English name. To avoid confusion, I will now be called “Little David.” FMCL
  • Today, the new security guard at my apartment wouldn’t let me in and told me my apartment doesn’t exist (I’m black). FMCL
  • Recently, our washing machine wouldn’t power on. The engineer came around to install a new circuit board. After five hours, and two more engineers coming to help him out, he said he needed to get another new board. He left the washing machine spewing cables and never came back. We had to buy a new one. FMCL
  • Today, the entrance door to my building quit working so I went to the manager’s office and informed him of the situation and that it needed to be fixed. The manager replied, “That’s not my problem. That’s the door’s problem.” FMCL
  • Today, my foreign bank informed me that the money I transferred had been held up because of a issue at the destination bank in China. When asked, the destination bank in China said, “what money?” FMCL

I think the reason why FMyChinaLife trumps its American counterpart is that these situations are so typical of China and there is an endless stream of ridiculous anecdotes. You know that these people aren’t really offended or hurt, it’s just something they’re resigned to because of their choice to live in the developing nation. That’s China for you!

(Thanks, Ananth!)

The fobby way of taking pics when you’re traveling solo

Traveling by yourself is a great way of exploring new cities.  But the problem with that is, taking pictures becomes a hassle, especially if you want to be in the shots. You’ll have to approach strangers and have a modicum of faith that they won’t run off with your camera. It’s kind of tough to have that sort of trust when you’re in unknown terrain, but worry no more! There is a solution to this tricky problem. Just observe the Chinese woman in the image below:


Update: Not engineer-savvy enough to make your own camera mount? You can buy one here!

AbFob girls to speak at BANANA bloggers’ conference!

Hey HEY!  We’re excited to invite you, our awesome readers, to join us at BANANA 2, the national gathering of Asian-American bloggers at LA’s CBS Studios.  And yes, we will be speaking on a panel!  We’re super excited and honored to share our fobby perspective — check out the blurb on our panel below.  Whether you’re a fellow blogger or avid blog-reader, we’d LOVE to meet you there!

Bananas, Twinkies, Coconuts & a lot more: The rainbow of the AAPI blogosphere

Creator: Gil Asakawa (of Nikkei View)
Panelists: Emily Nakano Co and Suzanne Leung (of Absolutely Fobulous), Erica Johnson (of Hapa Voice), & Daigo Fujiwara (of Japanese Ball Players & Boston Globe Red Sox Podcast)

The Asian American blogosphere (as represented in the richness of Banana’s panels) covers a lot of ground, from the political to the whimsical, from foodies to Asian pop fanatics to bloggers that focus on specific communities. AAPI blogs can be about the Asian experience or exclusively about the Asian American experience. There are even blogs by Asian Americans that have nothing to do with Asian American culture, values or identity. What does it mean to be an Asian American blogger?

Register here to attend!  And check out the full line-up of panels, speakers and break-out sessions here.

Yoji Pop = hip gyrations + fobulosity + Miley Cyrus

OMG. Yoji Pop, you are the reason I still watch American Idol.

Curious about how to get Yoji Pop’s fobulously metro look?  Here’s a breakdown of  must-haves for every fobby dude.

Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for a girly fob

Now that you’ve figured out what to get your fobby parents and your metro fobby guy friend, what should you give that sticky pic-obsessed, Hello Kitty-loving, girly fob in your life? Wonder no more! Read on to see gifts that will rock her peace sign-filled world.

Cell phone bling kit — There’s nothing fobbier than a blinged out cell phone crammed with crystals, Hello Kitty heads, plastic flowers, and more. Get your girly fob her own Hello Kitty Princess Decoden Perfect Kit ($23) so she can have a piece of fobulousity wherever she goes!

Samantha Thavasa bags — Although fobs love their Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Chanel totes, there’s also another pricey brand that Japanese gals are crazy about and it’s called Samantha Thavasa. I swear these stores are everywhere in Japan and the company has branched into jewelry as well. These bags are a wee bit too fobby for my taste, what with the uber kawaii design, but the American branch seems to tone down the cutesy-ness. The fobby gal in your life would love this Samantha Thavasa fuschia tote ($485)!

IQQU beauty products — This line of beauty products was created by YouTube star and makeup guru, Michelle Phan. Not only are we a fan of her makeup tutorials but we love that her products beautify us the fobby way.  Our personal favorites are the Jasmine Rice Scrub ($15) and the Red Kabuki Brush ($23.99).

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Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for a guy

Want more Fobby Xmas must-haves? Inspired by the obsessively well-groomed, truly fobby male, we decided to dedicate this post to him.  Sure, these girly guys may have been termed “herbivores” for their lack of manliness, but if Japanese host boys are sporting immaculately coiffed hair and perfectly plucked eyebrows to impress the ladies, metrosexuality must have some appeal, no?

To get you inspired, here’s a video featuring several clips of Japanese superstar Tayuka Kimura’s ads for Gatsby.  Yes, his flair is almost hilariously metro, but ladies love him in Japan!

1. no! no! electric hair zapper for menFollicles stand no chance against the painless, heated zapping of the no! no!  We’ve covered this wonderful gadget before, and we’ll mention it again because it’s such an awesome, fobby gadget.  I personally love their pink one. $99 at Sephora.

2. Biore Men’s Pore Strips — OK, so giving this might admittedly be like passive-aggressively telling someone  he has bad breath by giving him a piece of gum.  And you obviously wouldn’t give this as a standalone gift.  But as a stocking stuffer, along with a few other manly beautifying products?  Totally works.  $8 and up on eBay.

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How I like my instant ramen — al dente!


So I was watching someone make instant ramen the other day, and I was horrified because he was putting the ramen in BEFORE the water started boiling. He was doing it all wrong, like not scrambling the egg before putting it in the soup…well, maybe wrong in my eyes. I’m quite particular about my ramen. I guess we all have different tastes, because Amy prefers to drop her egg and then scramble it like egg drop soup.

I feel that making instant ramen is an art. In fact, I found an expert who knows what he’s doing when it comes to cooking ramen. Toshio Yamamoto, 49, loves instant noodle so much, that he actually blogs about it, vlogs about it, and eats it five days out of a week, according to Boing Boing. From his vlogs on YouTube, seems like the man really knows his ramen. Check it out:

Here’s how I like my ramen, al dente style:

  1. Heat up water until it’s boiling.
  2. Tear packet and put seasoning in.
  3. Put ramen in and shake it around with my chopsticks a little.
  4. Scramble egg well and drop it in.
  5. Season with fish sauce and seasame oil if feeling adventurous.

Note that I never leave my ramen in for too long, because I don’t like it when it’s all overcooked and super soggy! How about you — how do you like your ramen?

I know you like fobby food as much as I do so check out these stories: Japanese dog gives cooking instructions on YouTube, China’s Walmart sells crocodile meat, and Suzie’s revelation about how ostrich meat does not taste like chicken.