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“Liberation Wrapper” helps women eat in ladylike manner

Liberation Wrapper

I admit, I’m not very ladylike when it comes to eating. The last thing I think about is what I look like when I’m about to indulge in food. Also, with foods like jaw-injuring Mega Macs, I don’t see how it’s possible to not look like a beast when eating.

However, in Japan, there’s a growing trend called “ochobo,” which means having a “small and modest mouth.” Because of this,  it is considered rude for women to open their mouths wide in public. Thus, fewer women are buying burgers from Japanese burger chains like Freshness Burger. The chain’s solution to this was to work with an advertising company to create a wrapper that features a picture of a closed-mouthed woman on the front. Women can then use this wrapper to cover their mouths when eating, allowing them to freely open their mouths without being judged.

Ever since the wrapper was introduced, sales of Freshness Burger’s large Classic Burger has increased 213%. Although their sales may have increased, I think this trend creates an unfair restraint for women and the wrappers only encourage the trend.

Food should be equally enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gender. Part of the fun in eating also involves finger licking, slurping, and stuffing your face with large quantities of yummy goodness. Consider me rude or un-ladylike but I won’t be using a wrapper to cover my mouth while I eat!


Chinese create “salad towers” with Pizza Hut salad bars

Salad tower

I must admit, we Asians always take full advantage of the words “free,” “sale,” “deal,” and “buffet.” We’ve heard about the McDonald’s potato parties that went viral after Japan McDonald’s decided to offer a limited-time deal on french fries. Apparently there’s a “healthier” viral trend that’s been going on for awhile at China’s Pizza Hut stores. Because customers are only allowed to go to the salad bar once  (and with only one plate), the solution was to create “salad towers.”

Who would’ve known people could get so creative with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. A Japanese website recently posted a bunch of pictures showcasing these green works of art. Unfortunately, most of the salad bars have since been removed from the Pizza Huts. I’m guessing these teetering towers made the salad bars unsustainable.

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Kim Jong Un gets cast in burger commercial

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.08.15 PM

Remember my cousin, the Kim Jong Un doppelgänger that we wrote about last month?  Well, a major Israeli fast food chain, Burger Ranch, stumbled upon his hilarious pictures and the next thing you know, my cousin Howard is starring in a burger commercial.  The company didn’t seem to mind that my cousin doesn’t speak a lick of Korean, even though he has to yell defiantly into the camera in that language.

Burger Ranch is apparently a pretty huge chain in Israel, competing mainly with McDonald’s Israel.  In 2010, Burger Ranch took over all local branches of its other competitor, Burger King.

Watch the full-length commercial here (no subtitles though), and like his Facebook page here.

Domo toaster makes burnt toast look awesome

I have a tendency to burn my cooking, but this Domo toaster may be the cutest way to scorch food and get away with it.  It’s kind of expensive for a toaster, though.  You’ll have to fork out $49 at Urban Outfitters to get one, and while it’s super cute, you might want to read the mixed reviews first.  Really want an adorable toaster to get you up in the morning?  This Hello Kitty toaster is a little girlier but less pricey!

 Domo Toaster
(Thanks, Tony!)

Lotteria introduces burger for ramen lovers

Ramen burger

I love burgers and I love ramen, but never have I imagined combining them. Japanese burger chain, Lotteria, has joined forces with famous Japanese ramen restaurant, Menya Musashi, to create the unique ramen burger. Instead of your typical beef patty, this carb-overload menu item consists of seasoned ramen noodles that are grilled, topped with BBQ pork covered in sweet brown sauce, and placed between two buns spread with mayo. It comes with a side of fish broth to help wash down this fatty goodness, and the entire meal costs around $6.50.  Not enough? Pay an extra buck to get a second portion with more soup.

This special is available only from May 20 to mid-June. So if you’re in Japan, make sure to bring out your inner fatty and try it!


(Thanks, Fred!)


Best idea ever? McDonald’s potato parties go viral in Asia

French Fry Party

Recently, this picture of Korean kids indulging in a french fry buffet went viral on the internet. The kids ordered $250 worth of fries at their local McDonald’s and piled the fried potatoes over a few tables.

Turns out, the idea of a potato party originated in Japan. Because of a deal in Japan that sold fries for a low 150¥ (or $1.60) from Oct. to Nov. last year, students started organizing potato parties. These gatherings are serious business: attendees will order crazy amounts of fries and are required to eat it all before they get to leave the table. Seems like one of the few occasions when eating your plate clean might be a very bad idea. Here are some of the pics that were tweeted around by Japanese kids:
Japanese potato parties

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Pizza Hut Singapore offers pizza within a pizza

Fast food chains in Asia like to get creative when it comes to creating menu items, such as the Mega Mac. Pizza Hut in Singapore has introduced the Double Sensation as this month’s Christmas special. According to their ad, this pizza concoction consists of “two unique crusts, one stuffed with cheese sausage and another with 3-flavour cheese.”  And if that wasn’t enough, it’s “Topped with succulent smoked chicken and turkey ham and two tantalising sauces-Pepper Alfredo and Salsa.” Now that’s a lot of toppings.

The pies are around $21.75 for a regular-size 10″ and $27.49 for a large 13”. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Singapore. So if you’re in vacationing there this holiday season, be sure to try it out before the end of the month!



(Thanks, David!)

Biggest KFC in the world opens in Azerbaijan

World's biggest KFC

I love me some fried chicken, but this takes it to a whole new level.  In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, KFC opened its world’s largest restaurant.  The fast food chain invested about $3 million Euros into renovating a historic train station, which seats 300 people.  The building, which was part of the  Soviet Union’s first electrified railway system, had apparently become pretty shabby before KFC decided take over.

Check out the interiors below…who knew getting a 10-piece family bucket could be so classy!

World's biggest KFC 2



Fobby must-haves: Sriracha to-go packets

One thing I miss about the McDonald’s and Burger King in Singapore are the packets of chili sauce they include with your meal. As popular as Sriracha is over here in the U.S., I always wondered why packets of Sriracha sauce are not offered at American fast food chains. Well, it looks like I can now conveniently carry packets of Sriracha with me on my next trip to the golden arches.  Asian food company, Lee Kum Kee, now sells individual travel-sized Sriracha packets for $0.10 each! Pair these packets with a “sprayracha” and you’ll always be prepared to give your food that extra spicy kick!


100% Vegetarian McDonald’s opens in India

If you’ve eaten at McDonald’s outside the US, you’ll know that the American chain can be pretty creative with localizing its menu. This month, McDonald’s announced perhaps its most impressive effort to make sure everyone can eat its burgers.  Starting in India, Mcdee’s will launch 100 percent vegetarian restaurants.

“The issue in India is, a vegetarian is a strict vegetarian,” said Rajesh Kumar Maini, head of communications for McDonald’s in India. “There have been instances that I’ve seen where a person who’s vegetarian would not even sit with a person who’s eating non-vegetarian food.”

And so the restaurant is taking the strictest of vegetarians head on.  Apparently, the prime locations for Mickey D’s veggie venture are religious sites.  For example, the chain plans to open at Vaishno Devi, a famous Hindu cave shrine that attracts millions of pilgrims each year.  Nothing like digging into a juicy McAloo Tikki burger after a day of prayer.

In all seriousness, while I realize it’s all in the fast food chain’s plan to dominate every corner of the world, I gotta give the corporate giant credit for its creativity and market research…even if it means my favorite Aloo Tikki (spicy fried potato) has been transformed into a McDonald’s burger.