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Japanese World Cup fans clean up stadium after loss

There’s always stories of angry fans rioting and trashing cities and stadiums after major game losses. But not all fans are the same. After Japan’s loss in their first World Cup match against the Ivory Coast, instead of throwing a fit, the Japanese fans decided to clean up the stadium instead.

Apparently this isn’t an unusual tradition. Nicknamed the Blue Samurais, Japanese sports fans are known for cleaning up after sporting events at home and have shown the same etiquette at the World Cup in the past. Now how’s that for good sportsmanship?

Japanese fans clean up stadium



Hot Chinese models show World Cup support with body paint

While most World Cup fans sport their favorite team’s jersey or flag, these hot Chinese models decided to show their support by sporting their favorite team’s jersey in the form of body paint.   Check out the rest of the teams here!

World Cup Body Paint

World Cup Body Paint

Search for "nude" and "anime" to reach our blog

Alright, I don’t know what kind of fanbase we’re gathering, but I checked out our blog stats, and the top three search terms that lead people to our blog today are “pregnant anime girls” “Japanese anime girls” and “Japanese pretty nude women.”  Yesterday it was “Japanese boobie snack treat” “lucky mole nose Philippines” and “Hitomi j-pop singer.” I guess this means our audience is pretty diverse.

It’s Suzie’s boobie cake post and pregnant entry that is attracting viewers. Oh, and not to forget Amy’s wonderful piece on the hairy mole.