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Former Apprentice star, Nicole Chiu’s advice on getting your dream job

Back in the fall, we blogged about Nicole Chiu as the next star on The Apprentice. We were sad to see her get fired from the show, but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her next career move.  Nicole is now a trademark attorney and hosts a radio segment on the side. Before her legal career, the California native was a Miss LA Chinatown pageant princess and the youngest to be elected to the board of directors of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in LA. Read on to find out about her life after The Apprentice and her advice on landing your dream job!

How Asian was your upbringing?

My mom is white and my dad is Chinese American.  What was interesting about my experience on The Apprentice is that I was the token Asian.  They asked us to submit pictures and I had submitted pictures of me with both my parents, and of course they didn’t use those because it would be obvious that my mom is white.

My dad said I can do anything I wanted to when I grew up, but within certain boundaries.  I did theater all through high school and thought I wanted to major in drama in college. I actually went to audition when I was applying to colleges and my dad didn’t understand that.  My parents are both attorneys.  My birth announcement that my parents put out literally said “A new addition to the firm.”

What’s your fobbiest trait?

I drink a coconut everyday.  But, traditionally my friends have made fun of me because there are certain things about me that are very white—I have never owned a rice cooker.  It’s moments like that, where my Asian American friends are like wow, you totally are a white person.

What is your dream job?

I am looking into something along the lines of legal correspondent work. I don’t mean that in terms of Nancy Grace or some other predominantly white woman or man.  I want to create my own sphere. For me, that would mean a combination of Lisa Ling and SuChin Pak from MTV, except talking about the law and making it more interesting and skewed to minorities, women and young people.  We need to break boundaries and create our own careers and our niche.  There hasn’t been an Asian on The View since Lisa Ling and I’d love to put the smack down on Elisabeth Hasslebeck.

Why did you choose to do The Apprentice?

I’ve always taken things that people don’t think are traditional door openers and made them into opportunities for myself.  The big way I got my foot through the door as a community leader down in LA was through pageants.  Anyone who is going to be successful must master the art of the spinning anything and taking advantage of every opportunity, even if it looks non-traditional.  As women and minorities, we have to look for those unique opportunities even more.  When I put myself out there The Apprentice, yes, it was a risk but I had the faith in myself that I can spin anything.

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Donald Trump says China is our enemy

While most high-ranking business people I’ve talked to speak highly of China’s rise in economic power, Donald Trump says the Chinese “are not our friends. These are our enemies.”  Regarding Hu Jintao’s recent visit, Trump says that if he were the president, he would not be taking China’s leader to “fancy steak dinners.”  Chinese people “are not people that understand niceness,” he says.  Check out Trump’s anti-China rant here.

I’m all for having our own opinions, but Mr. Trump might want to get his facts right first. For example, Trump is totally incorrect when he says repeatedly that the US is the highest taxed country in the world. Um, has he ever talked to anyone in Europe? Norway taxes people close to 50 percent, for instance.  The US actually has one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

Anyway, I’d pay BIG money to see an all-out battle between Donald Trump and Gao Xiqing, the dude who manages $200 billion of China’s $2 trillion in US dollar holdings and told us to “Be Nice to the Countries who Lend Your Money” (awesome article, BTW. Must read.)  FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!









We fobs aren’t the only ones talking about China’s economy these days.  Forbes voted Hu Jintao as the #1 most powerful guy in the world, Warren Buffet says you should move to Asia for your kids, and even “The Office” had a China episode.

Apprentice contestant, Nicole Chiu, the Asian Ivanka Trump?



I completely admire strong women who possess brains, beauty, and personality. With that said, I already know who I’m rooting for on this season’s “The Apprentice”.  27-year-old Nicole Chiu, graduated cum laude from the University of California, Irvine and received her J.D. from Loyola Law School. Not only does she have the brains, but she also currently holds the title of Miss Los Angeles, and placed 4th runner-up at the Miss California USA 2008. Because she was miserable as an attorney, she decided to leave her law firm job and pursue her other dreams.

Hmm…as an attorney-to-be, I’m not sure if this is deterring or motivating.

Update: I guess she’s can’t be my favorite anymore since she’s been voted off the show.

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