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Lady busts some crazy moves to Psy’s “Gentleman”

So we all know Psy is notorious for his quirky and addicting dance moves. However, this lady just looks plain crazy when dancing to his song, “Gentleman.” I’m not sure if she’s competing in a dance-off or if she’s just randomly bustin’ out some freaky moves, but it’s quite entertaining to watch. Though I must admit, I was afraid she’d pull a muscle or break a bone.

Psy’s new video,”Gentleman,” already has millions of views

After Psy took over the world with Gangnam Style, I figured it would be hard for him to create any song after that would live up to the same hype. He recently released a video for his new song, “Gentleman” which also has a catchy tune, although I’m not sure if it’s as addicting as Gangnam Style. The video is also quirky with a lot of “WTF” moments, like him undoing girls’ bikini tops and taking a bite out of animal intestines wrapped around his neck. Our favorite “yellow-suit” character from the Gangnam Style video also appears in Gentleman.

As for the main dance move, it isn’t as physically exerting as the horse-riding move, but it involves some hip action similar to the one done in the elevator scene from Gangnam Style. I admit, I’ve already caught myself swaying my hips while watching Gentleman. The lyric, “I’m a mother-father gentleman,” is also repeated throughout the song, which I’m sure is meant to sound a lot like an English profanity.

The YouTube video was released on Psy’s official account on April 13, and it already has over 30 million views! Do you think it will surpass Gangnam Style?

Hip hop, Asian farmer-style

Never thought mixing the styles of hip hop and an Asian rice farmer would look and sound so cool. Norwegian dance group, Quick Crew, definitely did a good job in their interpretation of combining the vastly different worlds. There isn’t much information on the crew so I’m not sure what ethnicity these dancers are, but their names sound Indian.

Taiwanese strippers dance for the dead

OK, not to sound morbid or anything but what better way to make the deceased happy than with a little striptease? In Taiwan, people “appease the wandering spirits” by having strippers perform pole dances and strip teases at the religious festivals held in honor of those who have passed away. Apparently, this practice is nothing new or outrageous in Taiwan. The only difference now from back then is that actual full stripping is illegal due to the laws enacted against full nudity in the 1980’s.

Of course, the topic of funeral strippers is controversial. The middle and upper class men in Taiwan have complained that continuing this practice will harm public morality. However, those in the industry see themselves as talented performers who are hired to lighten the mood at these events.


(Thanks, Miles!)

Gangnam style makes way to Filipino prison

It was only a matter of time before the infamous Filipino inmates busted out their horse-riding moves and performed Gangnam Style. Although soaked from the rain, they executed the dance flawlessly and looked like they had a  lot of fun doing it! I’m sure there could be worse punishments than having to learn Gangnam Style while you’re locked up.

Justin Bieber rumored to do US remake of Gangnam Style

In recent Gangnam Style news, the craze has spread internationally, catching the attention of none other than Mr. Bieber himself. Korean media reported that PSY, the Korean hip-hop singer behind Gangnam Style, left for Los Angeles this week to meet US pop star Justin Bieber to discuss collaboration opportunities.

It’s still too early to know when, and if this collaboration will happen. However, I’m curious whether the teen pop idol will come out with something more suited for his “cool” image, or will he let his inner goofiness out. Either way, I hope it will be better than Hyuna’s version!


(Thanks, Chen!)

PSY releases 2nd version of Gangnam Style

If you’ve had enough of the original Gangnam Style, PSY just released a second version of the infamous song. However, this rendition features the Korean pop-idol, Hyuna, singing the main verses instead. Hyuna played PSY’s fantasy girl in the first video.

Honestly, the first thing that came to mind when I heard this version was, why does she sound like Pikachu? And although the dance moves are the same, it’s missing the random “WTF” craziness that only PSY, himself, can portray. After watching this version, I immediately went back to watch the original one. Nothing compares!

(Thanks, Danny!)

Cebu Pacific flight attendants dance to Christmas safety demo

Let’s be honest, how many of us actually listen to the airplane safety demonstrations when we fly? Well, if you fly Cebu Pacific, you’ll definitely be paying close attention to these cute flight attendants who decided to choreograph their safety demonstration to Mariah Carey’s, “All I Want for Christmas is You.” I’m sure everyone on this flight remembered to buckle up.

Whether you’re jet-setting on cool flights like this one or just spending time home with your family, the Abfob girls would like to wish you guys safe travels and a Merry Christmas!


(Thanks, Jim!)

Fob revelation: how to do the electric slide


So it’s wedding season, and there’s one thing I’m not looking forward to at the next reception I’m attending — doing the electric slide on the dance floor.  Until I moved to the US, I had no idea this dance even existed!  Macarena?  No problem.  Electric slide?  Cue to me standing on the dance floor, awkwardly and unsuccessfully trying to follow the person in front of me. It was pretty obvious that I was the only person who didn’t know the moves to this line dance by heart. Clearly, I missed out in learning how to get my slide on!


Gangsta Japanese girl gone cute

Nothing’s more intriguing than a girl who who can sport the “don’t mess with me” attitude but then woo men with her cute, innocent mannerisms *cue fobby pose*. This Japanese girl practicing her sword slashing skills is the epitome of that. She’s surely bad ass, but make sure you wait for her cute celebratory dance in the end.

(Thanks, Danny!)

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