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Chubby Korean baby shows off dance moves

Nothing says “aww” more than a chubby Korean baby shaking her booty to some music. Check this cutie out as she demonstrates that we have nothing on her when it comes to dancing! Gotta love those chubby rolls!

Adorable girl learns to say no to strangers

Teaching a kid about stranger danger has never been so cute! The viral video shows a Korean mom teaching her little one to say no to strangers if they ever try to lure her to go eat cookies, ice cream, or go swimming. While she’s tempted to say yes to an unknown person, her mom makes it very clear she must say no. It might take this cutie a few more lessons, but in the meantime we can’t help but admire those huge eyes and pinchable cheeks!

(Thanks, David!)

Say cheers to Taiwan’s new hello kitty beer!

Hello Kitty beer

The Hello Kitty craze just never gets old. You’re also never too old to love the mouthless feline, especially when there’s beer branded with the adorable cartoon cat. Sanrio recently licensed the Hello Kitty brand to Taiwan Tsing Beer Company to produce lower alcohol volume flavored beers. While the beer comes in a variety of enticing flavors including peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, banana, reviewers describe it tasting like “Fanta with a beer aftertaste,” and “Sprit(e) on the front end…Bud Light on the back end.”

So if you’re a beer connoisseur, this might not be the drink for you. But who can resist the colorful, cute packaging?


(Thanks, Thai!)

Adorable video captures woman proposing to boyfriend of 8 years

Vicky Wang certainly changed the traditional rules of marriage proposal when she decided to pop the question to her boyfriend, Justin Law. However, this wasn’t the first proposal attempt for the couple. Her boyfriend had asked her twice prior but unfortunately he was drunk the first time and the second time just wasn’t the right timing for Vicky.

Well, third time is definitely the charm! This tear-jerking video captures the cute moment where Vicky surprises her boyfriend at a school he attended as a boy in his hometown of Vancouver. Although Vicky intended on proposing, this didn’t stop her beau from getting down on one knee and popping the question with a ring. Congrats to the newly (and finally) engaged couple!


(Thanks, Enza!)

World’s cutest otter will get you a drink from the vending machine

You will definitely want to buy a drink from this vending machine once you see this cute lil’ otter bringing you a drink from it. I’m not exactly sure where you can find him, but apparently he lives in a seaworld-type place in Japan, according to the description in the YouTube video.

(Thanks, Nadia!)


Domo toaster makes burnt toast look awesome

I have a tendency to burn my cooking, but this Domo toaster may be the cutest way to scorch food and get away with it.  It’s kind of expensive for a toaster, though.  You’ll have to fork out $49 at Urban Outfitters to get one, and while it’s super cute, you might want to read the mixed reviews first.  Really want an adorable toaster to get you up in the morning?  This Hello Kitty toaster is a little girlier but less pricey!

 Domo Toaster
(Thanks, Tony!)

Nerdy Asian guy transforms himself into pretty cosplay girl


So we all know,  a lot of Asian girls have a unique talent for transforming themselves with makeup. Apparently, perfect makeup skills isn’t limited to girls — some guys can do it even better. Would you believe the beautiful girl pictured above  is this dude?

cospay guy

This cosplayer has been getting a lot of attention on Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter), as well as comments that he’s cuter than most girls. I might have to steal a few makeup tricks from him!


(Thanks, Danny!)


Snuggle with kitties at Japan’s cat cafes

Wish you could come home to a cat, but your landlord won’t allow it?  Well, in Japan, “cat cafes” give animal lovers a place to pay for petting time.  Cats’ Time Cafe, for example, is one of many feline-friendly establishments in Osaka, catering to people who live in apartments that don’t allow pets.  For a fee of $9 per hour, you can spend some quality time with your furry friends.  Studies have shown that stroking pets reduces stress, so it’s no wonder that cat cafes are gaining popularity.

Our resident kitty lover, Emily, has actually been to one in Japan.  “It was extremely clean,” she says. “You can sit on a table, sip on coffee, and pet a cat while having a conversation with your partner.  I think it’s a pretty fun date place as long as you’re not allergic!”

Personally, I’m allergic to felines so these cafes would be my hell.  But apparently, there are also dog cafes!


Japanese boy and his French Bulldog are adorably inseparable


No one to snuggle with on Valentine’s Day? No worries! If you have a pet at home, sometimes they’re the best cuddle buddies. Tasuku and his French Bulldog, Muu, are not only insanely cute, but also are living proof that dogs really are man’s best friend!

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5 cat videos to watch when you’re outsourcing your work to China

flying cat

By now, everyone has probably heard about “Bob” the programmer who got in trouble for outsourcing his job to China. “Bob,” a man in his 40s, was making six figures and paying programmers in Shenyang a fifth of his salary while sitting back at work surfing Reddit and watching cat videos. Yes, you heard right, cat videos. If you’re puzzled at how much time he whiled away watching felines on the web, you obviously haven’t been introduced to the wonderful (and addicting) world of cat videos. Here is sampling of what you’re missing out on. Warning: you will lose hours once you get started on them.

The cutest thing ever — a kitty munching on watermelon:

Maru, the cat that adores boxes:

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