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Disturbing baby-shaped pears grown in China

Baby shaped pears

I’m ok with butt peaches, but I’m not so sure how I feel about pears grown to look like babies. Somehow biting into one would just seem wrong. Well, this isn’t stopping Chinese farms from growing pears shaped and selling them in the supermarkets. While the pears are still small enough, a mold is clamped onto the fruit and the pear will naturally grow into the mold’s shape. Can’t we just stick to regular-shaped fruits?


When Chinese people get random English tattoos

Western people don’t have the monopoly on random words tattooed onto their body. Apparently, one Asian was spotted with the word “value” on her arm, according to a Redditor who uploaded the image a few weeks ago. It was only a matter of time before this phenomenon hit our friends in the East.

english tattoo

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Durian pizza: Every sensitive smeller’s worst nightmare


I’m quite adventurous when it comes to trying unique food (I’ve tried pig’s brains, BBQ rat, among others), but I’m a little hesitant about this durian pizza, found in Blue & Brown cafe in Shanghai. First of all, it sounds kind of gross to imagine cheese mixed with the sweet creamy flesh of the pungent “king of fruits.” Although maybe it’s more palatable if you see it as a dessert rather than a savory dish.

Shanghaiist reviewed it and described the experience as “scarfing Peeps dipped in balsamic vinegar.” Despite the not-so-stellar review, there are many that beg to differ; after all, the restaurant sells about 70 of these concoctions a day.



Pickpocketing a moving cyclist with chopsticks

Chopsticks are such versatile objects, you can use them to eat food with, pin your hair up, and, yes, pick someone’s pocket. This Chinese guy takes it to another level though — not only is he pickpocketing with chopsticks, he’s also stealing a phone from someone who is cycling!

The thief, who hails from the Henan province in China, turned himself in after pictures of his chopstick theft surfaced in the media. He apparently admitted that he resorted to stealing because he was struggling to raise his 12-year-old kid.
See the pictures below to watch him in action.

Picking up speed.
pickpocket chopstick

Reaching out with chopsticks.
chopstick thief 3








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Tianlang Guan is youngest golfer to ever make Masters Tournament

I don’t know what you were doing at age 14, but Tianlang Guan is proving that even a skinny Chinese kid can make international headlines.  The teenager from Guangzhou, China became the youngest golfer to qualify for The Masters Tournament.  At age 14, he’s literally an 8th grade boy competing amongst men, and many professional golfers much older than him struggle to even get to Guan’s current level.  To put things in perspective, the legendary Tiger Woods didn’t even qualify for the Masters until he was 19 years old.

“It’s frightening to think that he was born after I won my first Masters,” Woods said. “I mean, that’s just frightening.”

It’s pretty interesting watching interviews about Guan, as I would have assumed he attended an expensive sports school (there are many in China).  However, he just goes to a regular middle school in Guangzhou, balancing homework with practicing golf after school.  Golf isn’t a huge sport in China, but Guan’s passion for the sport started at age four when he tagged along with his dad on the golf course.  When he was just six years old, he traveled for his first international competition.  Watch this kid — he’s going to be the next big thing in golf!

Tianlang Guan Tiger Woods

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Transforming ugliness into art: landfills painted as Chinese landscapes

Yao Lu Art



















Who would’ve thought landfills could become works of art? Yao Lu, a Chinese artist and photographer, took pictures of landfills and manipulated the images to look like beautiful Chinese landscapes.

Lu’s work speaks volumes of China’s rapid urbanization and the toll it’s taking on the environment.

landfills chinese landscape

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Conan does a hilarious voiceover for Chinese drama

I’m sure you’ve seen bad English dubbing for foreign films. You know what I’m talking about, the kind where the guy’s mouth keeps moving long after he stops talking.

Conan O’Brien was recently asked to do a voiceover for a popular Chinese drama and he truly lived up to every stereotype for terrible dubbing. Take a look and see for yourself:

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Celine Dion can sing in Chinese?!

It was the Chinese New Year on Sunday and imagine my surprise when I saw a clip of Celine Dion on a TV show in China helping the Chinese ring in the Lunar New Year. The Canadian powerhouse even sang a traditional Chinese song without butchering it. In fact, I think she totally rocked it! Behold the power of Celine:

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7 Types of Masks to Fend Off the Beijing Smog

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And when you’re stuck in Beijing, slowly suffocating from the poisonous smog, you compensate by accessorizing with cute masks…right? Check out the collection of cool masks I found while surfing online:

The furry masks:


The  animal masks for cutesy girls:


The mask with a cool interior:


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Rich Chinese citizens doing the right thing


We see many millionaires and billionaires from China getting flack for doing outrageous things, like that guy who hired a team of people to smash his Lamborghini because he was so upset when he couldn’t get it fixed. So it’s refreshing to read positive pieces about the uber rich.

Recently, Yu Youzhen, a millionaire from Wuhan, was featured in the news because Yu had been working as sanitation worker  since 1998 as a way of setting an example for her children. She wakes up at 3 a.m. daily for work and only gets a day off each week. Yu explains, “I want to set an example for my son and daughter, a person can’t just sit at home and ‘eat away’ a whole fortune.”

The wealthy Chinese do-gooder trend seems to be on a roll. In a much sadder circumstance, a steel wire businessman and billionaire from the Zhejiang province, played the hero only to face a tragic end. Du Guanghua died after diving into a river about three weeks ago to try save an intoxicated employee who fell in accidentally.

Sad, but kinda makes you have a little bit of faith in humanity doesn’t it?