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Miss Korea contestants creepily all look the same

Human cloning has finally been discovered!  OK, that’s an exaggeration but seriously, there’s something a bit off with this year’s Miss Korea contestants.  South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita according to the Economist, so you do the math when it comes to the picture below.

The photos sparked a fiery debate on Reddit, with users doing some serious bashing on how ubiquitous plastic surgery has become in Korea.  One user wrote, “I live in Korea, and older women complain how girls don’t look Korean anymore because of all the plastic surgery. It’s so common to the point if I meet a girl, I just assume she has had something done. Girls here consider eye surgery just like using makeup.”

Don’t get me wrong, these girls are very pretty.  But it’s uncanny how similar their chin, eyes and nose are.  I’ve actually heard that those three features often come as a “package” at many plastic surgery clinics in Korea.

miss korea contestants plastic surgery

(Thanks, Julie!)


Japanese find beauty in “bagel heads”

Bagel head

When I think of bagels, I think of delicious carbs topped with cream cheese, not something I’d want my forehead to look like. However in Japan, there’s a trend to inject saline into your forehead and form it into the shape of a bagel. I couldn’t help but cringe watching the video demonstrating the procedure. It almost looks like a scene from a creepy sci-fi movie.

The bagel forehead creating process is pretty simple: “Technicians insert a needle into the forehead and inject about 400 cc of saline to create a forehead-sized blob. The practitioner then places his or her thumb into the blob to create the indentation.”  Luckily, the saline injections only last about 16 hours before the body absorbs it. This is probably not a beauty trend I would want to see become permanent.


Miss Philippines beatboxes like a champ

Although we’re stoked about Miss China winning the Miss World competition, I’m kind of disappointed that Miss Philippines didn’t place higher given the Southeast Asian’s unique talent.

Quenerich Rehman, 23, kept the audience in suspense when she was introduced by the judge as having “the first ever performance of this type in Miss World.” Her beatboxing talent was not mentioned and the audience was in for a surprise when she broke into beats after singing a slow ballad. She even beatboxed to Usher’s “Yeah” and Cali Swag’s “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

Other hopeful pageant contestants need to up their game. I want to see more out-of-the-box performances — perhaps a rap or even a comedic act.


Miss China crowned Miss World 2012

It looks like China is dominating in many categories now, including beauty. This past weekend, Miss China, Yu Wenxia, was crowned Miss World 2012 which was hosted in Ordos, China. She beat out Sophie Elizabeth Moulds of Wales (first runner-up) and Jessica Michelle Kahawaty of Australia (second runner-up).

Wenxia, 23, is currently a music student and hopes to become a music teacher.  She is China’s second Miss World winner. Yay for Chinese beauties!


(Thanks, Danny!)

The 43-year-old Japanese mom who doesn’t age

I want to look like Masako Mizutani, a 43-year-old Japanese mom, when I grow up. This ageless beauty actually has two kids,  a 20-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son. Nagoya-based Mizutani was discovered when she applied for a competition held by aJapanese fashion magazine that was seeking models. As you can imagine, the judges were really surprised when they discovered her age.

Bear in mind that it takes a lot of work for Mizutani to preserve herself — she spends at least five hours a day on her beauty routine. So ladies, take care of your skin if you want to follow in her footsteps!

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Snail slime: Better than botox?


You know that slimy trail that snails leave as they slide across the ground?  Well, put that stuff on your face and apparently your acne, wrinkles, and scars will improve dramatically.  In Asia, snail creams have become the hottest phenomenon in beauty products. A Korean company, It’s Skin, recently launched a hugely successful product called “Prestige Cream d’escargo.” Able C&C, which owns the Korean beauty brand Missha, came out with their own snail cream last June.  In fact, since I moved back to Singapore last month, I’ve been bombarded daily by Facebook ads for “Snail Street: No. 1 Snail Cream in Japan.”

Obviously, I couldn’t help but click on this bizarre ad.  Here’s what I’ve learned about our slithering friends: You wouldn’t have realized it, but snail slime has incredible regenerative qualities — it’s what allows snails to regenerate their own shells when they get injured in the wild.  Snail creams started in 1980 when a Chilean family had a snail farm, and the farmers noticed how soft their hands were, and how quickly cuts healed without any scars.  The eldest son was a doctor, and did research on snail secretions.  Turns out, their snails produced a slime that could heal human skin.  Snail creams started selling in Europe years ago, but only recently has it become really popular in Asia.

Honestly, I’m torn.  I’m utterly curious, but even talking about snails makes me cringe.  I shudder at the thought of their slimy antlers feeling their way through the ground.  Ick.

What do you think — would you try this?  A jar of the cream costs about $43 here, if you’re brave enough to buy it!


Single eyelids are sexy!

There’s been lots of talk about the recent CNN video interviewing a 12-year-old Korean girl who underwent surgery to change her single eyelids to double. It’s pretty disturbing to see girls go under the knife at such a young age.  But it’s even more scary to know that it’s their own mothers pressuring them to do so. Asian girls have taken extremes to make their eyes look bigger, from eyelid tape, to circle lenses, to using toothpicks to “scratch” in a double eyelid. In my opinion, Asian girls should be proud of their single eyelids! At least they’re less prone to eye wrinkles. Celebrities like Soo Hee from the Wondergirls and Han Ji Hye both look gorgeous with their single eyelids.

Now let me ask you this, would you rather look like these single eyelid beauties:


I think I prefer the Asian au naturale eyes over the artificially-created “possessed” eyes.

Can’t we be happy with our Asian traits? We love to rock the A-cups too!

5-year-old makeup guru the next Michelle Phan

Nothing beats getting makeup advice from an adorable 5-year-old! This cutie is following the footsteps of internet makeup guru, Michelle Phan. She has created her own makeup YouTube channel to talk about all the pretty lipsticks and eye-shadows in her (or her mom’s) makeup collection. I love how she introduces a facial soap bar and says, “Dogs can eat this!” She even knows the color mauve — pretty skilled for a 5-year-old I must say.

Want more fobby makeup advice? Try the do-it-yourself vibrating mascara technique. Just don’t freak the guys out.

The $144 Japanese nose job

When I was a little kid, my fobby mom kept trying to get me to squeeze my nose so I would have a “prettier” schnoz when I grew up.  Clearly, nose job technology has since evolved.  Mom, you should have bought this wonderful contraption for me instead.  And at $144, that’s obviously money well spent, right?


(Thanks, Dunks!)

Other ridic fob inventions?  The Japanese wearable tent, the Chinese shovel for serial killers, and the knee bench for peeing men.

Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for a guy

Want more Fobby Xmas must-haves? Inspired by the obsessively well-groomed, truly fobby male, we decided to dedicate this post to him.  Sure, these girly guys may have been termed “herbivores” for their lack of manliness, but if Japanese host boys are sporting immaculately coiffed hair and perfectly plucked eyebrows to impress the ladies, metrosexuality must have some appeal, no?

To get you inspired, here’s a video featuring several clips of Japanese superstar Tayuka Kimura’s ads for Gatsby.  Yes, his flair is almost hilariously metro, but ladies love him in Japan!

1. no! no! electric hair zapper for menFollicles stand no chance against the painless, heated zapping of the no! no!  We’ve covered this wonderful gadget before, and we’ll mention it again because it’s such an awesome, fobby gadget.  I personally love their pink one. $99 at Sephora.

2. Biore Men’s Pore Strips — OK, so giving this might admittedly be like passive-aggressively telling someone  he has bad breath by giving him a piece of gum.  And you obviously wouldn’t give this as a standalone gift.  But as a stocking stuffer, along with a few other manly beautifying products?  Totally works.  $8 and up on eBay.

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