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Snuggle with kitties at Japan’s cat cafes

Wish you could come home to a cat, but your landlord won’t allow it?  Well, in Japan, “cat cafes” give animal lovers a place to pay for petting time.  Cats’ Time Cafe, for example, is one of many feline-friendly establishments in Osaka, catering to people who live in apartments that don’t allow pets.  For a fee of $9 per hour, you can spend some quality time with your furry friends.  Studies have shown that stroking pets reduces stress, so it’s no wonder that cat cafes are gaining popularity.

Our resident kitty lover, Emily, has actually been to one in Japan.  “It was extremely clean,” she says. “You can sit on a table, sip on coffee, and pet a cat while having a conversation with your partner.  I think it’s a pretty fun date place as long as you’re not allergic!”

Personally, I’m allergic to felines so these cafes would be my hell.  But apparently, there are also dog cafes!


5 cat videos to watch when you’re outsourcing your work to China

flying cat

By now, everyone has probably heard about “Bob” the programmer who got in trouble for outsourcing his job to China. “Bob,” a man in his 40s, was making six figures and paying programmers in Shenyang a fifth of his salary while sitting back at work surfing Reddit and watching cat videos. Yes, you heard right, cat videos. If you’re puzzled at how much time he whiled away watching felines on the web, you obviously haven’t been introduced to the wonderful (and addicting) world of cat videos. Here is sampling of what you’re missing out on. Warning: you will lose hours once you get started on them.

The cutest thing ever — a kitty munching on watermelon:

Maru, the cat that adores boxes:

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Baby red panda has the cutest freak out

Seriously, this might just be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Watch a clueless baby red panda freak out in response to the zookeeper stomping his foot.

Daww! Baby pandas play on a slide

There are very few things cuter than baby pandas playing on a slide as the video will attest to below. Watching this video just makes me want to grab all of them up for some cuddling!

Don’t mess with this gangsta Japanese cat

If I were ever in a fight, I’d want this badass cat to back me up. Watch this video of a Yakuza cat sitting at a table with his beer, cigs, edamame, and gyoza laid out for him on the table. I love the perpetual, “So what’s it to ya…” expression on his face.

(Thanks, Lu!)

Baby panda rice balls are too cute to eat



I can eat freshly cooked white rice on its own — it’s so comforting.  But look at this adorable panda sushi made of rice balls.  They are way too cute to eat!  Pretty impressive how much they look like baby pandas, especially if you compare them to adorable, mini fluff balls featured in the video below.



Real Madrid battles 109 Chinese kids

Even for this world renown soccer team, fending off 109 little Chinese kids for a ball is no easy feat.  In celebration of Real Madrid’s 109th anniversary, the team hosted a soccer match against 109 Chinese kids in Guangzhou, China.  Real Madrid won 2-1, but you gotta admit, these cute kids put on a pretty good fight.  It’s pretty funny to watch the professional athletes try to maneuver the soccer ball, only to be thwarted by a swarm of little people running madly after it!

(Thanks, Hubie)


Sweet and fobby: man proposes to girlfriend in panda suit on bullet train

This takes the cake for the fobbiest proposal ever! A Chinese guy dons a panda suit and tries to woo his girlfriend with flowers on the Beijing to Shanghai high speed train and succeeds in freaking her out. When he takes off the mask, his girlfriend looks relieved and playfully smacks him on the chest saying he scared her. Then, the guy in the panda suit gets on one knee and gives the most romantic speech, asking her to marry him and let him be her panda (I’m guessing it’s probably some inside joke). The girl cries while the guy’s declaring his love for her while the crowd cheers on chanting the words, “Da ying! Da ying! Da ying!” which translates to agree in Mandarin.

And they call it panda loooveeee.

Smuggled from Bangkok: illegal cute overload

If cuteoverload.com had a section for illegal baby animals, this would be tops.  Last week, authorities in Thailand caught a guy trying to smuggle baby leopards, panthers, a bear and monkeys…in his suitcases.  The animals, apparently all drugged, were headed for Dubai.  The smuggler was a 36-year old United Arab Emirates citizen, and was trying to fly first class with suitcases packed with baby endangered species.

Poor baby animals, separated from their mommas — these pics will make your heart melt!

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Japanese kids smash Americans in Little League World Series

Breaking the U.S.’ five-year winning streak, Japan won the championship today in the Little League World Series.  After weeks of battling against the national teams of other countries, Japan finished the tournament undefeated.

For those of you who aren’t big baseball fans, the Little League World Series is a baseball championship for kids aged eleven to thirteen.  Originally including only U.S. teams, the championship is now a worldwide event and is televised on ESPN.

I’m not that into baseball, but I’ve actually really enjoyed watching the Little League World Series — the kids are so cute!  Good job, team Japan!!


(Thanks Hubie!)