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Tighten your va-jay-jay with this gel

Add this to the list of the most awkward-to-watch commercials.  Indian pharmaceutical company Ultratech has launched its new women’s product, “18 Again,” a gel that apparently “rejuvenates and tightens” your va-jay-jay. God bless the advertising company who clearly tried in earnest to find a non-creepy way to promote this.  However, alas, even Bollywood dance moves and a hilarious “I feel like a virgin” song (nope, not ANYTHING like Madonna’s version) can keep you from cringing as you watch this.

Now here’s my question for you — what’s worse, this thing or the Chinese artificial hymen?

(Thanks, Anousheh!)


Chinese artificial hymen will re-virginize you for $30

Now you too can get a made-in-Japan piece of hymen for $29.90 at Gigimo, a Chinese sex toy company. It comes in a little plastic packet, and it apparently spurts realistic blood. There has been a big outrage over the product in Egypt, a predominantly Muslim country where pre-marital relations can get you slayed in an honor killing. Some prominent religious figures are demanding the government intervene and prevent the import of this product.

Get yours here, if you must.