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Girl paints Yao Ming portrait with a basketball

Check out this video of Hong Yi a.k.a. Red, a Borneo artist who lives in Shanghai, painting a portrait of Yao Ming by dipping a basketball in red paint and smearing it on a sheet of paper. According to her YouTube page, the nickname Red stems from her Chinese last name Hong, which sounds like the word red in English.  She specializes in painting without a brush and she’s even created a portrait with sunflower seeds, too. Purty cool!

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Forget Arial or Times New Roman, try Leg Hair Font


Not many of us find artistic inspiration from leg hair. But Mayuko Kanazawa, a 20-year-old student at Japan’s Tama Art University, decided black, coarse strands would make for a great font. She came up with the idea when the Department of Design at her school challenged students to create new typefaces without the aid of their computers.

As she was thinking of ideas, she happened to glance at her friend’s hairy limbs when he was complaining of leg pain. That’s when her light bulb went off and Leg Hair Font was born. She then went on to manipulate the strands to create the letters of the alphabet, which I’m sure was a painful experience for the poor guy.

Since then, her font has appeared in an Adidas summer sale ad.  Maybe the late Steve Jobs, who first introduced typography to Mac computers, would be fascinated by Kanazawa’s invention of this wispy and curly-looking typeface. Who knows, maybe we’ll see it alongside Windings in the future.

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Japanese artist carves weird faces on bananas

Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada, 23, takes his banana craft seriously. Carving intricate faces onto the bananas with a toothpick and spoon, he completes one sculpture within 30 minutes, before the banana starts to brown.

Yamada, who is also an electrician, started this fruity project just two weeks ago, and it immediately took off. He has been receiving suggestions for carvings from fans and has created about 11 faces so far, including that of Elvis, Davey Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean, and a dragon. 

He says, “I just use an ordinary toothpick and a spoon from my house. I’m a perfectionist, and a simple design takes about half an hour…They can’t take much longer because then the fruit starts to go brown and I enjoy eating them once the work is done and I’ve taken a photo.”

I love how he eats the banana after he’s done with it — very eco-friendly of him!

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Japanese girl makes floating in the air an art

It sounds silly, but it’s actually really cool to see Natsumi Hayashi “levitating” in these pictures. Basically, the teen photographer jumps and either sets a self timer on her camera or has her friend take a shot of her while she’s mid-air. Taking these floating pictures is no easy feat — she jumps on average about 60 times for each shot, according to her tweet.

Hayashi tells the Daily Mail:

“I got the idea from an English idiom that says ‘to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground,’ which applies to a practical type of person . . . In Japan, we have the exact same idiom. But I am not a practical person at all. Therefore, I try ‘not to have my feet firmly on the ground’ in my self-portrait photos to show my true self.”

Check out some of the cool photos she’s taken and if you want to see more, head on down to her Yowa Yowa Camera Woman Diary. Yowa Yowa means feeble in Japanese.

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Playing with your food never looked so good

After six hours of assembly, the Norwegian Seafood Export Council broke the world record for the biggest sushi mosaic last week at the Shanghai Expo.  The sushi mosaic consisted 8,374 pieces of sushi made from different types of Norwegian seafood, primarily salmon (a whopping 65 pounds of it), but also cod, mackerel and prawns.

Apparently, spectators were allowed to eat the sushi after it was done.  Not sure if I’d want to eat sushi that had been sitting around for six hours, though.

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Anime eyes make Mona Lisa look way cuter

Leonardo da Vinci clearly didn’t know anything about beauty — if he did, he would have realized that Mona Lisa would have looked way cuter with anime eyes.  Good thing Japanese people have invented special photo booths that correct this problem automatically, giving its subjects enormous anime eyes and super pale, blemish-free skin.

Read more about our fobby love for sticky pic photo booths here!


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Period pads a la house slippers!

This takes DIY to the next level — turning Japanese sanitary napkins into slippers you can wear at home. And I thought the cardboard iPad was creative…

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Lego display of the Beijing Olympics

Legos (and Barbie) were my best friends growing up, so I’m especially impressed by the intricacy of these Beijing Olypmics Lego modesl. My own Lego creations were never quite that ambitious as the ones below.

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‘Lucky Drops’ house is not for obese people

When I was growing up, my mom bought all these books about how good interior design could make your tiny home look freakin’ awesome — and not like you’re living in a matchbox. I definitely think I get my fascination for mini architecture from her.  I know I’ve already written about Hong Kong’s 100 square foot apartments and transforming condos, but you gotta see this one.

Below is “Lucky Drops,” a super skinny, cathedral-like home in Japan built on a sliver of land just 40 feet wide.  The exterior wall of the house is made of a metal alloy “skin” just millimeters thick. Japanese architects have really pushed the creative boundaries for small spaces.

“‘Lucky Drops’ was built on an extremely long and narrow space. So light could enter only from the ceiling,” architect Yasuhiro Yamashita says. “All the light comes in from the top. So the whole house becomes like a Japanese paper lantern.”

I think it’s surprisingly beautiful!


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Delicious iPhone covers will leave you hungry

OK, these iPhone covers look great and realistic, but it will seriously give me 24/7 hunger pangs. Not only will it make you break your diet, it will also cost you pretty penny of $43.20. Take your pick from the available choices of bacon and egg, Japanese fried noodle or yakisoba, fried pork cutlet or tonkatsu, and rice with umeboshi or plum.

Get yours, here!