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Chubby Korean baby shows off dance moves

Nothing says “aww” more than a chubby Korean baby shaking her booty to some music. Check this cutie out as she demonstrates that we have nothing on her when it comes to dancing! Gotta love those chubby rolls!

Bacon and mustard Doritos hit stores in Japan


Bacon and mustard Doritos

Most people agree that the Sriracha-flavored Lay’s didn’t live up to its hype, but Frito Lay’s Japan recently released a new flavor of Doritos on April 21: bacon and mustard. The flavor combination sounds intriguing to me. I’ve never imagined eating bacon dipped in mustard, but my guess is it would taste similar to a bacon cheeseburger. Apparently this flavor is supposed to appeal to the more “mature” palettes. I told Emily to get me a bag to try since she’s in Japan now so I guess I will have to wait to find out. If you are in Japan, make sure to grab yourself a bag of these limited potato chips as they are only being sold until August 11, 2014.


Jackie Chan portrait made of 64,000 chopsticks

Jackie Chain chopsticks portrait

When I think of chopsticks, I think of two small wooden sticks used to eat my pho, sushi, ramen, or even spaghetti. But imagine combining 64,000 chopsticks together to create an art masterpiece! Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname ‘Red’, recently worked with Jackie Chan to create a portrait of him using just these disposable bamboo eating utensils. The Malaysian artist-architect spent a month collecting 64,000 chopsticks, in Zhejiang and in Beijing. She then tied them into different bundle sizes with strings, and then hung them on a steel frame to create what she describes as “a tribute to the life, art and cultural significance of Jackie Chan.” Check out her other mind-blowing creations, like her Yao Ming portrait,  here!

(Thanks, Ivan!)

This cheesy and cringe-worthy video is trying to “promote” Singapore

I love Singapore and I always recommend everyone visit at least once to experience its diverse culture, cleanliness, and amazing food. Unfortunately, I think the Singapore Tourism Board deterred some people from visiting after they released a very cringeworthy video aimed to bring tourists from the Philippines to Singapore. Thankfully, the video has been pulled from their site after receiving a lot of negative feedback.

You can still watch the video. However, I must warn you it’s pretty painful. Just wait until you get to the end…


(Thanks, Rob!)

Japanese Starbucks coffee mugs give off trippy illusion

Nendo Starbucks mugs

If you’re a “half glass full” type of person, you just might love these Starbucks coffee mugs designed by Japanese designer, nendo. The mugs have designs at the bottom of them so that when they are turned or stored upside down, they appear to look as if they are actually full with a Starbucks latte, americano, or macchiato. This concept incorporates the company’s philosophy of being fulfilled and having a positive mentality. Unfortunately these awesome coffee holders are only being sold in Japan. I’m jealous of all the Starbucks drinkers over there!


Our favorite Asian renditions of Frozen’s Let it Go

We’ve seen a ton of Let it Go cover songs floating around, but we’d thought we’d share some of our favorites with you guys! My top picks are definitely the Korean and Japanese version just because I love the breathiness of the Kpop singer and I love the voice of May J, the singer who sings the Japanese version.

Listen on repeat our top picks below:




This father-son short film will make you cry

I made the mistake of watching this video at work, and let’s just say the “chopping onions” excuse doesn’t quite work very well in that environment. Below is a short film produced by Viddsee, which is an online media company that focuses on featuring short Asian films and making them accessible to the broader public outside of Asia. The YouTube channel also releases a short film every Thursday. It’s a pretty cool concept and I’m glad more films from Asia are getting the much deserved exposure.

Watch the very touching father-son story below:

Adorable girl learns to say no to strangers

Teaching a kid about stranger danger has never been so cute! The viral video shows a Korean mom teaching her little one to say no to strangers if they ever try to lure her to go eat cookies, ice cream, or go swimming. While she’s tempted to say yes to an unknown person, her mom makes it very clear she must say no. It might take this cutie a few more lessons, but in the meantime we can’t help but admire those huge eyes and pinchable cheeks!

(Thanks, David!)

Sushi pajamas for the sushi lover

Sushi pajamas

If you’re like me, you can never get enough sushi. If you go to bed dreaming of sushi, you’ll love these sushi pajamas! Apparently these jammies are famous among celebrities and was also worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The only downside is these PJs go for a pricey $88. But what’s awesome is, it’s also available in wasabi green!

Angry customer speaks out against nail salon

If you’ve ever been to a nail salon, you’ve probably had that uncomfortable feeling that the nail technicians are talking about you in Vietnamese. Well, most likely they are. Being Viet myself, I can definitely attest to that. Because I don’t look very Vietnamese, there have been times where the lady doing my nails would talk crap about me in Viet, only to be embarrassed when I started speaking to her in Vietnamese, too.

Lisa Pham, a customer from League City, Texas, recently had a bad experience at a Vietnamese nail salon when she walked in and a worker called Lisa “ca map.”  The term means “shark” or “fat fish” and is used to call someone fat in Vietnamese slang. The technician basically announced, “Hey, the fat girl wants a mani and pedi.” Upset, Lisa walked out of the nail salon without saying anything. When ABC interviewed the worker at the salon, she explained that “ca map,” also means someone who spends a lot of money. She also said, “Whenever we work with customers, we barely speak Vietnamese so that way customers don’t feel like we’re talking behind their back.” I call B.S. because I’ve never heard “ca map” used in any other way other than to describe someone as fat. Also, rarely have I been to any nail salon where the workers aren’t talking about their customers in Vietnamese. This is a stereotype that needs to be changed in order for these nail salons to be respected as a professional business.


(Thanks, Victor!)