This break dancing Indian kid has more swag than you do

Watch this 8-year-old break it down in a bhangra-meets-breakdancing-meets-gymnastics dance routine for India’s Got Talent. Not quite sure what I think about the crotch-grabbing, but Akshat Singh is definitely the entertainer. All I can say is, he’s more swaggy than Justin Bieber.


Seahawks vs.49ers game explained by Taiwanese animators

So it looks like Americans aren’t the only ones super pumped for this weekend’s NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks! The Taiwanese animators who are famous for their unusual interpretation of American news stories, decided to give us their take on the rivalry between the Niners and Hawks which involves super gluing toilet seats, sharks, and a firing squad. I moved to San Francisco from Seattle so I’m going to be safe and not say which team I’m rooting for. But regardless of who you’re cheering for this weekend, check out this hilariously crazy video!

(Thanks, Pat and Victor!)

Is bun bo hue the new pho?

Homemade bun bo Hue
There’s no doubt pho is pretty amazing. Not only is it yummy, but it also is the best remedy for hangovers and colds. I love pho, but there’s one Vietnamese noodle soup I love even more than pho, and that is bun bo hue. Maybe it’s because our family always had pho on a regular basis and so it doesn’t seem as “special” to me now. Or maybe it’s because I recently found out my grandma used to deliver bun bo hue to the last emperor of Vietnam, which I find pretty freakin’ cool. But when it comes down to it, I’m a bigger fan of the taste of bun bo hue over pho.

This dish originated from the city of Hue in central Vietnam and the broth is made by simmering beef bones and beef shank together with lemongrass, which creates a flavorful broth that combines spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors. A spicy kick is usually added to the end with some chili paste. Also, instead of the flat rice noodles found in pho, bun bo hue uses the round cylindrical rice noodles. Load it up with some beef shank, oxtail, and pig’s knuckle and you got yourself a complete bowl.

I’ve been noticing that bun bo hue has been growing in popularity at Viet restaurants now. I’m not sure if it will ever be as popular as pho but I know I will always have a spot in my stomach for each!

Sriracha Apocalypse approaching: shipments halted until mid-January

Empty Sriracha bottle

Just as we thought things couldn’t get any worse, the California Department of Public Health has begun enforcing stricter guidelines for Huy Fong Foods, which means  not allowing any more shipments of Sriracha until mid-January. This is because the Department of Public Health now requires the sauces must be held for at least 30 days before they can be shipped to food distributors and wholesalers. Not only will the supply of Sriracha be affected, but other sauces produced by Huy Fong like Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek will also be subjected to the same guidelines.

Damon Chu, president of wholesale Asian food supplier Giant Union quoted, ”We have already received more than 30 angry phone calls today,” Chu said. “It drives me crazy because this is the first time we have been in this situation.” He claims that aims his company could lose about $300,000 in sales due to the halt in supply.


Voices of Haiyan give voice to those affected by typhoon

Children hold signs asking for help and food along the highway, after Typhoon Haiyan hit Tabogon town

It’s been almost a month since the devastating Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been as much coverage on this catastrophe as compared to others, and it continues to dwindle as time passes. However, the people of the Philippines continue to need support and aid to help them rebuild. In order to spread awareness about this disaster and give a voice to the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan, Emily, our good friend Sara, and I decided to start an ongoing blog called Voices of Haiyan where personal accounts, stories, and photos related to the typhoon can be shared. By sharing these stories, our goal is to spread awareness around the world about the impact of Typhoon Haiyan on the lives of these people.

In addition, we have teamed up with Doctors Without Borders to raise our goal of $1000 by Dec. 15, 2013 that will go towards setting up mobile clinics, inflatable hospitals and addressing the psychological impact of the disaster. Please support our efforts by visiting our fundraising page. The good news is, we’re already more than halfway towards our goal and we aim to surpass it!

Please help us spread the word, and we thank you in advance for your support and donations. You can also visit our Facebook page to share any inspiring stories you may have.  Together, we can all help bring hope to those in need this holiday season!

Judge rules Sriracha factory must shut down

Sriracha factory

I refused to believe this day would come. The world just loves Sriracha too much for this to happen. But this morning, I woke up to learn the sad news. Judge Robert H. O’Brien ruled on Tuesday that the factory making this beloved hot sauce must partially shut down. While the judge acknowledged there was “lack of credible evidence” to link the complaints of breathing trouble and watery eyes to the factory, he said that the odor that could be “reasonably inferred to be emanating from the facility” is, for residents of Irwindale, “extremely annoying, irritating and offensive to the senses warranting consideration as a public nuisance.”

While the case could go to trial, lets all pray that they reach a settlement and our fear of Sriracha shortage will be no more! In the meantime, I’ll probably need to find recipes to make my own Sriracha, just in case.


How to make the perfect instant ramen

instant ramen with cheese

Instant ramen is the ultimate comfort food. Everyone has their favorite brand of instant ramen as well as their own way of preparing the noodles. I personally like my noodles cooked al dente, with not too much water/broth, and of course, the heavenly egg yolk. I’m a fan of the Thai tom yom style ramen and because I grew up in Singapore, I love instant Malaysian-style mee goreng noodles.

However, I do have a soft spot for Korean instant ramen. One recipe I’ve yet to try involves putting American cheese on top of my ramen. I’ve seen my Korean friends do it and though I found it a bit odd, it seems more appealing after watching Chef Ray Choi, the owner of L.A.’s famous Kogi taco truck, prepare his “perfect” ramen recipe in this video. Word to the wise, don’t watch this video past midnight.

Hungry yet? Get the recipe here!


(Thanks, Debbie!)

“Liberation Wrapper” helps women eat in ladylike manner

Liberation Wrapper

I admit, I’m not very ladylike when it comes to eating. The last thing I think about is what I look like when I’m about to indulge in food. Also, with foods like jaw-injuring Mega Macs, I don’t see how it’s possible to not look like a beast when eating.

However, in Japan, there’s a growing trend called “ochobo,” which means having a “small and modest mouth.” Because of this,  it is considered rude for women to open their mouths wide in public. Thus, fewer women are buying burgers from Japanese burger chains like Freshness Burger. The chain’s solution to this was to work with an advertising company to create a wrapper that features a picture of a closed-mouthed woman on the front. Women can then use this wrapper to cover their mouths when eating, allowing them to freely open their mouths without being judged.

Ever since the wrapper was introduced, sales of Freshness Burger’s large Classic Burger has increased 213%. Although their sales may have increased, I think this trend creates an unfair restraint for women and the wrappers only encourage the trend.

Food should be equally enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gender. Part of the fun in eating also involves finger licking, slurping, and stuffing your face with large quantities of yummy goodness. Consider me rude or un-ladylike but I won’t be using a wrapper to cover my mouth while I eat!


Ramen cake isn’t really made of ramen

Ramen cake

For ramen lovers out there, you have the ramen burger and the fancy $100 bowl of soupy noodle goodness, but I bet you haven’t tried a ramen cake yet! Don’t be mistaken though, the ramen cake isn’t really made out of the ingredients of the popular Japanese dish. While there are various recipes, these cakes are usually made out of a combination of pudding, cream, and jelly is used to imitate the broth.

Just looking at pictures of these creative sweets makes me actually crave an actual bowl ramen because of how detailed and real they look! They go for around $14 and even come in different types like shio or “salt” ramen.

The one thing I would miss about eating this is not being able to slurp!

Eaten ramen cake


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Neighbors can’t handle the heat of Sriracha, sues hot sauce-maker


Most of us love Sriracha, but probably not the residents of Irwingdale, CA. They recently filed a lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods, the company that makes this addicting hot sauce, complaining their eyes and throats are getting irritated from the fumes being emitted from the 655,000-square-foot factory. A neighbor complained, ”Every morning it smells like chili powder. It’s irritating.”

As a die-hard lover of Sriracha, I think the residents are just being weaksauce. If I was in that situation, I’d wish for the fumes to condense into Sriracha rain. Free Sriracha for everyone right?

Currently, the city is asking a judge to halt production until the company proposes a plan to address the issue. Better stock up on those shiny red and green bottles just in case, or else be prepared to eat your food *gasp* Sriracha-less.