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Our favorite Asian renditions of Frozen’s Let it Go

We’ve seen a ton of Let it Go cover songs floating around, but we’d thought we’d share some of our favorites with you guys! My top picks are definitely the Korean and Japanese version just because I love the breathiness of the Kpop singer and I love the voice of May J, the singer who sings the Japanese version.

Listen on repeat our top picks below:




This father-son short film will make you cry

I made the mistake of watching this video at work, and let’s just say the “chopping onions” excuse doesn’t quite work very well in that environment. Below is a short film produced by Viddsee, which is an online media company that focuses on featuring short Asian films and making them accessible to the broader public outside of Asia. The YouTube channel also releases a short film every Thursday. It’s a pretty cool concept and I’m glad more films from Asia are getting the much deserved exposure.

Watch the very touching father-son story below:

This Korean girl gets paid 9k a month to eat in front of a webcam

In this episode of what will Asians think of next, we see a trend of webcammers in Korea making bank for just eating in front of the camera.

A Korean woman, 34, who goes by the moniker “The Diva” apparently eats in front of her live video feed every day for three hours and gets paid about $9,000 a month. According to the video, people do it for various reasons — they feel better about eating alone, or it gives dieters relief as it makes them feel that they are are eating as much food as her.. I’m not really sure if I totally agree with the second reason. I think if I were trying to limit my food intake, it’d be torture to watch someone else enjoy a feast.

Apparently, there are 3,000 people participating in these so-called “eating rooms”, some of whom are sponsored by restaurants.

I see you skinny, cute Korean girl eating food, and raise you this guy:

(Thanks, Irene!)

This break dancing Indian kid has more swag than you do

Watch this 8-year-old break it down in a bhangra-meets-breakdancing-meets-gymnastics dance routine for India’s Got Talent. Not quite sure what I think about the crotch-grabbing, but Akshat Singh is definitely the entertainer. All I can say is, he’s more swaggy than Justin Bieber.


Meet the Picasso of bento boxes, Samantha Lee

About a week ago, everyone was talking about Maria Kang, the mom of three who posted a photo showing off her fit body with the caption: “What’s Your Excuse?” However, I’m somehow more impressed with Samantha Lee, a Malaysia-based mom of two, who is painstakingly making the most creative food art for her kids. What’s awesome about her creations is that not only are they truly works of art, but they are totally edible, too! Apparently, she started this project to try and get her kids excited about their meals.

Warning, the photos (taken from her Instagram) you’re about to see may make you feel slightly inadequate even if you aren’t a mom. Now I’m just wondering what the heck am I doing with my time. And get this…Lee doesn’t have any formal culinary training!

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Need a hand with a fake girlfriend?

japanese photographer selfie

Don’t feel sad if you don’t have a partner. In fact, take inspiration from Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushu, who, with the help of makeup and mad contortionist skills, manages to take photos that look like he has a girlfriend. Here’s how you, too, can learn this photo trick.

He puts makeup on his hand and paints his nails for a feminine look.


He also wears a scrunchie to make the hand look more authentic. Fake-Girlfriend-Pics

He then maneuvers himself into a position that’s a perfect angle for a fake girlfriend hand shot.


More photos of his work below.

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When Chinese people get random English tattoos

Western people don’t have the monopoly on random words tattooed onto their body. Apparently, one Asian was spotted with the word “value” on her arm, according to a Redditor who uploaded the image a few weeks ago. It was only a matter of time before this phenomenon hit our friends in the East.

english tattoo

(Thanks, Lu!)

This Russian girl has Barbie’s face and Ken’s muscles

It’s such a dichotomy to see 17-year-old weightlifter Yulia Viktorovna Vins a.k.a. Julia Vins. Her doll-like face is a striking contrast to her rippling muscles. Well, this is definitely one girl who can hold her own if someone gets too fresh with her.

Apparently, it wasn’t her intention to become a professional power lifter when she first started working out — she just wanted to get stronger and become more confident. But it just so happened that she was awesome at the sport.

Julia Vins

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Japanese app gets hot guys to insult you into losing weight

Nenshou app


Sick of your high self-confidence? Want to lose weight the unhealthy way? Then watch out for this to-be-released-in-August Japanese app called Nenshou! For Girls, in which three hot anime guys will insult you into losing weight. While you’re working on your weight loss, you might even be lucky enough to develop a relationship with one of the cuties who has been calling you a fatty. Sigh, the wonders of a dysfunctional romance!

Funny enough, Nenshou!, the male-targeted version of this app, has three hot anime girls cheering guys on and giving them positive reinforcement. Apparently, men prefer encouragement vs. verbal abuse. Go figure.


Better than Disneyland: Japan’s cat island

When I saw photos of Japan’s cat island, my jaw dropped. I thought to myself, this…is what dreams are made of.  It is definitelyway better than any Disneyland I’ve ever been to. Also known as Tashirojima, the tiny island is part of the Miyagi prefecture, and holds a population of about 100 people. Its feline nickname stems from the huge stray cat population, which is four times larger than its doting human population. Check out the awesome photos of the cats below. They are truly livin’ the life on Tashirojima — they get fed fresh fish by the fisherman, and prowl freely around the island. And get this, dogs are banned from this feline haven, too.

cat jumping

cat island

japan cats

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