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Happy 3rd Birthday AbFob! We lookin’ good!

It’s time.  After three years of AbFobbing, we were in much need of a facelift.  So without further ado, drumroll please, may we proudly introduce you to the brand spanking new look of AbFob!  What better way to celebrate our birthday than to get all snazzed up, right?

We’re super excited about our fresh new design, which we have been working on for the past two months.  Huge thanks to our ever-patient developer, Jason Zhai.  So, whattaya waiting for?  Poke around our new site and let us know how you like our new website!

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S’porean maid adds period blood to boss’s coffee

And in the latest news from the sunny island of Singapore, a domestic helper recently got in trouble for adding her menstrual fluids to her boss’s coffee. The 24-year-old Indonesian maid, who goes by the name Jumiah, had been working for her 38-year-old male boss for a year in the Choa Chu Kang neighborhood when the event occurred. She apparently tried to ask for a transfer after working for her employer for about one and a half months, but her request was denied. Jumiah apparently thought that adding period blood to his coffee would cause him to treat her better (not sure how that would work). Meanwhile, her boss will probably never be able to look at a cup of coffee in the same light.

The first question that came to mind was how the heck could he tell what was in the coffee? One disgusting hypothesis: the texture of the coffee was off and when he spat it out, he figured out what it was. Or perhaps, she simply told him.

Study confirms what we already know: S’pore women are materialistic

We’ve already mentioned that luxury brands say Asia is their best market, so I’m not really surprised by a study done by the Singapore Management University, which concluded that Singaporean women are materialistic. Um hello, we could’ve told you that!

The study, published mid last year, found that the Singapore women polled ranked a guy’s social status is their top priority, followed by kindness, then a lively personality. As for the American participants, the women valued kindness the most, then looks, and then a guy’s social standing.

Personally, I really feel that the Singapore culture is definitely a lot more materialistic than where I live right now — San Francisco. I don’t know what it is, but I know Suzie said she felt the same way, too. I feel like in Singapore, it’s all about whether you’re driving the new beemer, whereas in SF, that hybrid car is way cooler because you’re saving the environment. I just don’t think people here feel the need to show off their wealth or care a lot about reaching the upper echelons of society. Suzie and I have talked a lot about this and we thought perhaps the SF culture is due to the very pervasive influence of the idea that in America, you can achieve anything you want with hard work and meritocracy. And that seems to be more admirable than simply being born wealthy.

But hey who knows, the results are probably skewed because of the city where the women were polled. The study pulled data from women in Illinois, and the results might’ve been different if they polled women in LA. And I do know S’porean women who aren’t materialistic.

OK, enough with being serious. Here are some funny comments from Singaporean readers regarding the study:

“This is total truth
We say Singapore girls look for 4 Cs or 5 Cs
C – Cash
C – Credit Card
C – Condo
C – Car
C – Company”

“Dumb. think so much for what, don’t get married la, save tons of worries.”

“Hey this is like totally shocking news. I really didn’t know! Who would’ve thought that? And recently I found out water is wet.”

“S’pore girls materialistic?
Fully agree;
Not only materialistic, but also choosy,
hoping to net a Big Fish.
In the end, most of them catch only
the ikan billis (dried anchovies), and decide to give up.
Not surprising many are left behind.”

AbFob girls to speak at BANANA bloggers’ conference!

Hey HEY!  We’re excited to invite you, our awesome readers, to join us at BANANA 2, the national gathering of Asian-American bloggers at LA’s CBS Studios.  And yes, we will be speaking on a panel!  We’re super excited and honored to share our fobby perspective — check out the blurb on our panel below.  Whether you’re a fellow blogger or avid blog-reader, we’d LOVE to meet you there!

Bananas, Twinkies, Coconuts & a lot more: The rainbow of the AAPI blogosphere

Creator: Gil Asakawa (of Nikkei View)
Panelists: Emily Nakano Co and Suzanne Leung (of Absolutely Fobulous), Erica Johnson (of Hapa Voice), & Daigo Fujiwara (of Japanese Ball Players & Boston Globe Red Sox Podcast)

The Asian American blogosphere (as represented in the richness of Banana’s panels) covers a lot of ground, from the political to the whimsical, from foodies to Asian pop fanatics to bloggers that focus on specific communities. AAPI blogs can be about the Asian experience or exclusively about the Asian American experience. There are even blogs by Asian Americans that have nothing to do with Asian American culture, values or identity. What does it mean to be an Asian American blogger?

Register here to attend!  And check out the full line-up of panels, speakers and break-out sessions here.

Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for a girly fob

Now that you’ve figured out what to get your fobby parents and your metro fobby guy friend, what should you give that sticky pic-obsessed, Hello Kitty-loving, girly fob in your life? Wonder no more! Read on to see gifts that will rock her peace sign-filled world.

Cell phone bling kit — There’s nothing fobbier than a blinged out cell phone crammed with crystals, Hello Kitty heads, plastic flowers, and more. Get your girly fob her own Hello Kitty Princess Decoden Perfect Kit ($23) so she can have a piece of fobulousity wherever she goes!

Samantha Thavasa bags — Although fobs love their Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Chanel totes, there’s also another pricey brand that Japanese gals are crazy about and it’s called Samantha Thavasa. I swear these stores are everywhere in Japan and the company has branched into jewelry as well. These bags are a wee bit too fobby for my taste, what with the uber kawaii design, but the American branch seems to tone down the cutesy-ness. The fobby gal in your life would love this Samantha Thavasa fuschia tote ($485)!

IQQU beauty products — This line of beauty products was created by YouTube star and makeup guru, Michelle Phan. Not only are we a fan of her makeup tutorials but we love that her products beautify us the fobby way.  Our personal favorites are the Jasmine Rice Scrub ($15) and the Red Kabuki Brush ($23.99).

Read More…

Chinese artificial hymen will re-virginize you for $30

Now you too can get a made-in-Japan piece of hymen for $29.90 at Gigimo, a Chinese sex toy company. It comes in a little plastic packet, and it apparently spurts realistic blood. There has been a big outrage over the product in Egypt, a predominantly Muslim country where pre-marital relations can get you slayed in an honor killing. Some prominent religious figures are demanding the government intervene and prevent the import of this product.

Get yours here, if you must.


Asian posing 101: v-signs, hearts, and puffy cheeks.

Ever wonder what America’s Next Top Model would look like if the show were run by a fob?  For one thing, Tyra’s signature “fierce” pose would look a lot cuter.

nyan nyan Seo You Jin2

Everyone can do the famous v-sign, but now anyone can step up their fobulousity by mastering cute poses such as “Puffy Cheeks,” “Punch to the Face,” “Claws” and “Bang!”  Many thanks to my friend who discovered, a quirky website that describes itself as “The Definitive Guide to Asian Poses.”


Nelly loves us, too.

Wait a minute, sexy songstress Nelly Furtado is a fob?  While she’s known for her more popular songs like “Promiscuous” and “Maneater,”  Nelly Furtado’s 2003 album, “Folklore,”  features a tribute to immigrants who stick true to their roots:

I rock these bare feet like no one else can

My hands are dirty I like ’em that way

Shows who I am

I’m fresh off the boat

Fresh off the boat

Furtado’s music often reflects her multiculturalism, as she does in this half-English, half-Portuguese song.  Looks like Absolutely Fobulous might have an anthem of sorts!