Meet the Fobs


n13310002_32526702_7315Emily Nakano Co

I wear my fobbiness on my sleeve. For example, I flash the peace sign when I’m taking pictures, and I can also eat sushi and drink green tea every day. I blame my sushi addiction on my Japanese mom, but I do love xiao long bao, which are dumplings with soup in them (that stems from my Chinese dad!). I was born and raised on the sunny island of Singapore, lived in the sushi mecca Japan, battled winters in Chicago, and am currently making my home in San Francisco… for now!

Some clippies:

Kiplinger – What to do before you enter the Chinese job market

Bloomberg – Li Ning to Open 70 to 100 Stores in Southeast Asia by Year-End

The Chicago Journal – Profile of Kazuo Kawasaki, designer of Sarah Palin’s glasses

The Japan Times Newspaper – School bridges China-Japan gap

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Amy Nguyen

Once a small-town girl, growing up in the suburbs of upstate New York, I became assimilated into the fob culture and lifestyle when I embarked on my journey overseas at a young age, growing up in Tokyo and Singapore. Oh, and I’m Vietnamese if you haven’t already recognized from my last name. I have a fondness for foods that appear on “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” like pig ears and duck fetus. I’m a law school graduate who recently moved from Seattle to San Francisco to join my fellow fobs! I enjoy dining out at local eateries and of course, blogging.


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Suzie Leung

Maybe it’s my tendency to bargain for absolutely everything, or that nothing tastes complete without a good dousing of hot sauce, or that I only recently learned what a quesadilla is.  Either way, assimilation has always been a rather fluid concept for me…from birthplace England, to passport country Hong Kong, to hometown Singapore, to my newest home, San Francisco.

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