This Russian girl has Barbie’s face and Ken’s muscles

It’s such a dichotomy to see 17-year-old weightlifter Yulia Viktorovna Vins a.k.a. Julia Vins. Her doll-like face is a striking contrast to her rippling muscles. Well, this is definitely one girl who can hold her own if someone gets too fresh with her.

Apparently, it wasn’t her intention to become a professional power lifter when she first started working out — she just wanted to get stronger and become more confident. But it just so happened that she was awesome at the sport.

Julia Vins

Doll weightlifter

Russian doll weightlifter

Russian Julia Vins

Julia Vins


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  • Morgan Freeman

    Not attractive. Girl’s got more muscle than most men. Nothing feminine about that. Also, she’s Russian… that alone is a turn off.

  • DLO

    I think more asian women should also get ripped like her instead of perpetuating the “submissive” stereotype.

  • Monu Sharma

    love you yar

  • Monu Sharma

    really i am your fabulous fan
    n i wana meet you