Better than Disneyland: Japan’s cat island

When I saw photos of Japan’s cat island, my jaw dropped. I thought to myself, this…is what dreams are made of.  It is definitelyway better than any Disneyland I’ve ever been to. Also known as Tashirojima, the tiny island is part of the Miyagi prefecture, and holds a population of about 100 people. Its feline nickname stems from the huge stray cat population, which is four times larger than its doting human population. Check out the awesome photos of the cats below. They are truly livin’ the life on Tashirojima — they get fed fresh fish by the fisherman, and prowl freely around the island. And get this, dogs are banned from this feline haven, too.

cat jumping

cat island

japan cats

cat island japan

cats on cat island

cat island feeding



Photos by Fubirai

LoveMeow via Buzzfeed

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  • These. Cats. Are. So. CUTE!

  • emilyco

    Too cute. I would like to take them all home!!!