Chinese create “salad towers” with Pizza Hut salad bars

Salad tower

I must admit, we Asians always take full advantage of the words “free,” “sale,” “deal,” and “buffet.” We’ve heard about the McDonald’s potato parties that went viral after Japan McDonald’s decided to offer a limited-time deal on french fries. Apparently there’s a “healthier” viral trend that’s been going on for awhile at China’s Pizza Hut stores. Because customers are only allowed to go to the salad bar once  (and with only one plate), the solution was to create “salad towers.”

Who would’ve known people could get so creative with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. A Japanese website recently posted a bunch of pictures showcasing these green works of art. Unfortunately, most of the salad bars have since been removed from the Pizza Huts. I’m guessing these teetering towers made the salad bars unsustainable.

salad tower


salad tower

salad tower

(Thanks, Joyce!)


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