5 reasons to slap on a pound of makeup to turn into a gyaru

One of Japan’s claim to fame is easily the gyaru, a type of subculture in Japan that has both men and women dressed to the nines; that is, if they were going to some sort of fashionable barbie slash anime character ball. Simply, it’s every beauty and fashion trend you know, done to the extreme. The word gyaru comes from the Japanese pronounciation of “gal,” but this special society isn’t just for women — plenty of men do it, too. I may sound derisive of it, but I actually think it’s really cool and just another example of the creativity thrumming in the young people in Japan.

Here are some pretty convincing reasons you should become a gyaru:

5) Because a regular hair weave ain’t got nothing on a on a gyaru’s do.

See the ashy blond locks curled to oblivion, the pouf that will make Bridget Bardot tear her hair out in frustration because she will never reach this epic poufiness perfection, and the frippery bits of lace, faux pearls, and ribbons weaved in and out of the locks.



4) They are the closest things to anime characters. 

Despite what you might think, quite a number of them are attractive in an inhuman way. Always loved the beauty of anime characters? Go get gyaru-ed up with circle lenses, fake lashes, a thick layer of foundation, and more.

pretty gyaru

3) They have made plastic surgery defunct.

Why cut up your skin, when all you need to do is just slap on a bit of makeup for a mega transformation? This way, when you just don’t want the attention and leers from pervy old men, you can just go bare-faced so that no one will notice you.

Makeup transformation


2) They are equal opportunity.

Hey, if you’re a dude and want to cake on some makeup and have blonde, mussed up hair, go right ahead! There’s no judgement, and gyaru girls tend to gravitate towards gyaru guys anyway.

gyaru guy

1) There are no limits.

Seriously, you can let your creativity run wild with your getup. Go as crazy as you want! In fact, there is a type of gyaru (yes, there are subcultures within this subculture!) called the ganguro that’s gyaru taken to the extreme with overly tanned skin (step aside tan mom), almost-clownish makeup, and bleached-to-the-max hair.


Seriously, no limits.

gyaru nails


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