Lotteria introduces burger for ramen lovers

Ramen burger

I love burgers and I love ramen, but never have I imagined combining them. Japanese burger chain, Lotteria, has joined forces with famous Japanese ramen restaurant, Menya Musashi, to create the unique ramen burger. Instead of your typical beef patty, this carb-overload menu item consists of seasoned ramen noodles that are grilled, topped with BBQ pork covered in sweet brown sauce, and placed between two buns spread with mayo. It comes with a side of fish broth to help wash down this fatty goodness, and the entire meal costs around $6.50.  Not enough? Pay an extra buck to get a second portion with more soup.

This special is available only from May 20 to mid-June. So if you’re in Japan, make sure to bring out your inner fatty and try it!


(Thanks, Fred!)


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