McCafes in France sell Macarons?!

McDonald's macaron

Macarons seem to have taken over cupcakes and fro-yo as the trendy dessert. I am absolutely obsessed with this sweet meringue-based French confectionery. However, for a tiny bite-sized dessert like this, they’re generally quite pricey, typically costing a little over $2 for one piece. Today, I discovered that macarons are sold at the McCafes in France, and they have for some time now!

Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten the opportunity to visit France and try out these “McDonald’s macarons,” but according to this review, they aren’t as flavorful and delicate as the ones you find at high-end macaron stores. But for half the price of what you would normally pay for a macaron, I guess you can’t complain.

Until they decide to bring macarons to the US McCafes, I guess I’ll have to stick to ordering McFlurries and apple pies.

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  • I wrote about it back in October 2011 some time when I visited Paris.

    They’re pretty decent for the price. I mean, compared to Pierre Herme or Laduree, they’re not the same of course, but they weren’t bad at all.