Best idea ever? McDonald’s potato parties go viral in Asia

French Fry Party

Recently, this picture of Korean kids indulging in a french fry buffet went viral on the internet. The kids ordered $250 worth of fries at their local McDonald’s and piled the fried potatoes over a few tables.

Turns out, the idea of a potato party originated in Japan. Because of a deal in Japan that sold fries for a low 150¥ (or $1.60) from Oct. to Nov. last year, students started organizing potato parties. These gatherings are serious business: attendees will order crazy amounts of fries and are required to eat it all before they get to leave the table. Seems like one of the few occasions when eating your plate clean might be a very bad idea. Here are some of the pics that were tweeted around by Japanese kids:
Japanese potato parties

Mcdonald's Fry Party


Japanese Potato Party


Mcdonald's French Fry Party

Japanese potato parties


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  • I’ve done this with my friends when I was in a high school, but in a smaller scale than this…