Snuggle with kitties at Japan’s cat cafes

Wish you could come home to a cat, but your landlord won’t allow it?  Well, in Japan, “cat cafes” give animal lovers a place to pay for petting time.  Cats’ Time Cafe, for example, is one of many feline-friendly establishments in Osaka, catering to people who live in apartments that don’t allow pets.  For a fee of $9 per hour, you can spend some quality time with your furry friends.  Studies have shown that stroking pets reduces stress, so it’s no wonder that cat cafes are gaining popularity.

Our resident kitty lover, Emily, has actually been to one in Japan.  “It was extremely clean,” she says. “You can sit on a table, sip on coffee, and pet a cat while having a conversation with your partner.  I think it’s a pretty fun date place as long as you’re not allergic!”

Personally, I’m allergic to felines so these cafes would be my hell.  But apparently, there are also dog cafes!


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