Asian man handles annoying driver like a boss

OK, so we all know Asians don’t have the best reputation for driving. If you go to countries like Vietnam or China, street signs and traffic signals just don’t have any effect on the people behind the wheel. When you’re dealing with bad drivers, it’s hard not to have a little road rage sometimes. Most people honk, yell, swear, or give the lovely finger.

However, the man in this video uses a unique method, which I think is more effective. While I’m not sure why there’s a camera in the car following him, it looks like he was mad that the driver was tailgating him. Watch as he stops his car at the end of the on-ramp, gets out, and just stands there, giving the person behind him a long stare. He then casually gets back into his car and drives off, like a boss!

(Thanks, Danny!)

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