Lil’ Kim looks Asian with plastic surgery


If you’ve been wondering where Lil’ Kim disappeared to, it looks like she’s been spending some time at the plastic surgeon’s office. The 38-year-old American rapper recently returned to the public eye with a lighter complexion, fuller cheekbones, and a smaller nose. A quick glance at her made me think she was Asian. Does this mean she’s going to start rapping in an an Asian language soon?

(Thanks, Danny!)


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  • Well she did make a song with that K-Popstar Seven several years ago. Haha. Maybe she’s got love for that Asian flavor.

  • Kochigachi

    Funny, she doesn’t look Asian at all, more like Polynesian now.

  • Venus Transit

    I’m Asian and I even wonder, “Why does Lil Kim look Korean now? I guess She can be Lil Kim Kim now!”

  • Woah… Lil’ Kim turns into Lil’ Kimchi! Give her a perm and she’ll be an ajumma LOL.

    Cultural power flows from economic power and long-term civilizational trends. Now, we are entering the Second Asian Era of history, as history returns to its normal state: Asia dominates, and Western Civilization retreats to its regular role as minor regional player.
    Lil’ Kim’s embrace of the asian aesthetic will be remembered as the herald of this new age. Plastic surgery trends are fashion trends, and for most of the last few centuries up to the present, people desired to look european, as european societies were powerful and rich. With the economic trends, we’ll soon be seeing more people following Lil’ Kim’s example