7 Types of Masks to Fend Off the Beijing Smog

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And when you’re stuck in Beijing, slowly suffocating from the poisonous smog, you compensate by accessorizing with cute masks…right? Check out the collection of cool masks I found while surfing online:

The furry masks:


The  animal masks for cutesy girls:


The mask with a cool interior:



I don’t even know what this is:


Cheshire cat mask! I so want one!


The animal print mask. Rawr!:


The felt character masks:


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  • It was nasty when I visited. I think I developed a cough after 2 days from all that smog. I also felt sick in about a week…

  • emilyco

    Ugh, I can imagine!

  • It’s really bad. While in Korea you can see the smog coming over from China. It blows east and finds its way to CA too. Need a new global climate treaty now~!

    Way to make a fashion statement though…