5 cat videos to watch when you’re outsourcing your work to China

flying cat

By now, everyone has probably heard about “Bob” the programmer who got in trouble for outsourcing his job to China. “Bob,” a man in his 40s, was making six figures and paying programmers in Shenyang a fifth of his salary while sitting back at work surfing Reddit and watching cat videos. Yes, you heard right, cat videos. If you’re puzzled at how much time he whiled away watching felines on the web, you obviously haven’t been introduced to the wonderful (and addicting) world of cat videos. Here is sampling of what you’re missing out on. Warning: you will lose hours once you get started on them.

The cutest thing ever — a kitty munching on watermelon:

Maru, the cat that adores boxes:

The gentleman cat:

Talking cats will talk your ear off:

The one and only grumpy cat:

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