Rich Chinese citizens doing the right thing


We see many millionaires and billionaires from China getting flack for doing outrageous things, like that guy who hired a team of people to smash his Lamborghini because he was so upset when he couldn’t get it fixed. So it’s refreshing to read positive pieces about the uber rich.

Recently, Yu Youzhen, a millionaire from Wuhan, was featured in the news because Yu had been working as sanitation worker  since 1998 as a way of setting an example for her children. She wakes up at 3 a.m. daily for work and only gets a day off each week. Yu explains, “I want to set an example for my son and daughter, a person can’t just sit at home and ‘eat away’ a whole fortune.”

The wealthy Chinese do-gooder trend seems to be on a roll. In a much sadder circumstance, a steel wire businessman and billionaire from the Zhejiang province, played the hero only to face a tragic end. Du Guanghua died after diving into a river about three weeks ago to try save an intoxicated employee who fell in accidentally.

Sad, but kinda makes you have a little bit of faith in humanity doesn’t it?

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