Pizza Hut Singapore offers pizza within a pizza

Fast food chains in Asia like to get creative when it comes to creating menu items, such as the Mega Mac. Pizza Hut in Singapore has introduced the Double Sensation as this month’s Christmas special. According to their ad, this pizza concoction consists of “two unique crusts, one stuffed with cheese sausage and another with 3-flavour cheese.”  And if that wasn’t enough, it’s “Topped with succulent smoked chicken and turkey ham and two tantalising sauces-Pepper Alfredo and Salsa.” Now that’s a lot of toppings.

The pies are around $21.75 for a regular-size 10″ and $27.49 for a large 13”. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Singapore. So if you’re in vacationing there this holiday season, be sure to try it out before the end of the month!



(Thanks, David!)

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